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In the C64-Wiki a game article is an article about a C64-game. A game article is built in correspondance with a certain pattern, so all the articles are consistent. What this looks like can be seen as an example in the sample article. As a master copy for new articles serves the game example.


With the help of the SimpleVote-Function games can be voted for by all registered users. With these votings different TOP-lists are generated automatically, as for example the Golden Games.

Highscore Gallery:

Due to the uniform buildup also the highscore gallery is generated automatically.


Here you find the game portal or directly the list of all games from A-Z.

Articles with a little haziness[edit source]

The following articles did not pass the automatic checks of the C64-Wiki:

1942 3D Pinball 4x4 Off-Road Racing 5th Gear ACE: Air Combat Emulator A Bee C's A Journey to the Centre of the Earth A View to a Kill Advanced Space Battle Agent USA Agricola Airborne Ranger Airwolf Aldebaran Alien Alien Syndrome Aliens (Activision) Aliens (Electric Dreams Software) Alleykat Alter Ego Alternate Reality - The City Alternative World Games Amazon Tales Apeshit Apple Cider Spider Arcadia 64 Archon Archon II - Adept Arkanoid Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh Armalyte Artillery Duel Atomino Auf Wiedersehen Monty Axis Assassin Aztec Challenge B.C.'s Quest for Tires B.C. II - Grog's Revenge BMX Simulator Baccaroo Back To The Future Bad Moon Rising Balloonacy Banana Drama Bandits Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing BattleTech – The Crescent Hawk's Inception Battle of Britain Battle through Time Battleships Batty Beamrider Black Hawk Blagger Blue Max Bomb Jack Bomb Squad Bomberman C64 Bombuzal BoneCruncher Boom Booty Bop'n Rumble Boulder Dash Bounty Bob Strikes Back! Bozo's Night Out Brain Spasm Brickout Briley Witch Chronicles Bruce Lee Bruce Lee - Return of Fury Bruce Lee II Bubble Bobble Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom Buggy Boy Burger Time Burger Time '97 Burnin Rubber C-2048 California Games Caren and the Tangled Tentacles Castle Master Cauldron Cauldron 2: The Pumpkin Strikes Back Cavelon Caverns of Khafka Choplifter Cliff Hanger Clowns Clystron Coalminer Colossus Chess Combat School Commando Complex Congo Bongo (1983) Congo Bongo (1985) Cosmox Count Duckula - No Sax Please, We're Egyptian! Crazy Comets Creatures Creatures II - Torture Trouble Crillion Crillion '93 Crossfire Crystals of Zong Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine Dancing Monster Dark Caves David's Midnight Magic Decathlon Defender Defender of the Crown Deflektor Delta Dig Dug Dinky Doo Donald Duck's Playground Donkey Kong (Atarisoft) Doriath Double Dragon (Melbourne House) Dragon's Lair Dragon Wars Dragonsden Drelbs Dropzone Druid Dungeon Eagle Empire Eagle Eyes Elite Encounter Enduro Racer Enforcer Eon Eskimo Games Exolon Exterminator F-14 Tomcat Falcon Patrol Falcon Patrol II Final Fight Fire Ant First Strike Five-a-Side Soccer Flight Simulator II Flimbo's Quest Football Manager Fort Apocalypse Fortress (SSI) Frankie Crashed on Jupiter Frankie goes to Hollywood Frantic Freddie Frogger (Parker Brothers) Frogger (Sierra Online, Inc.) Frogger Arcade Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! Frogs G.I. Joe Galaxy (Kingsoft) Galencia Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot! Gateway to Apshai Gauntlet Ghostbusters Ghostbusters II Ghosts'n Goblins Ghouls 'n Ghosts Gianna Sisters Construction Kit Glider Rider Gold Quest Gold Quest 2007 Gold Quest 4 Gold Quest 5 Gold Quest II Gold Quest III Gold Quest VI Golden Axe Gorf Grand Monster Slam Grand Prix Circuit Green Beret Gremlins Gremlins – The Adventure Gribbly's Day Out Gryzor Gunship Gyruss H.E.R.O. Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation Hacker Hades Nebula Hard'n'Heavy Hard Hat Mack Harvey Smith Showjumper Hawkeye Heart of Africa Helikopter Jagd Henry's House Highlander Highnoon Hunchback Hunter's Moon Hyper Aggressive Hyper Duel Hyper Sports Hägar I, Ball IK+ IO – Into Oblivion Impossible Mission Impossible Mission II Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indiana Jones and the last Crusade Infiltrator International Karate International Soccer Into the Eagle's Nest Iridis Alpha Iron Horse It's Magic Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Jack Attack Jack the Nipper Jack the Nipper II – Coconut Capers Jet Set Willy Jim Slim Joe Gunn - Gold Edition Jumpman Jumpman Junior Jungle Hunt Jupiter Lander Kane Karateka Katakis Kennedy Approach Kettle Kickman Klax Knight 'n' Grail Krakout Kung-Fu Master Lady Tut Ladybug Las Vegas Casino Laser Zone Last Ninja 2 Last Ninja 3 Law of the West Lazy Jones Le Mans Leaderboard Lemmings Licence to Kill Lightforce Little Computer People Lode Runner Log!cal Lords of Conquest Lords of Midnight Lunar Leeper M.U.L.E. Madness Mafia Magic Madness Mandroid Maniac Mansion Manic Miner Marble Madness Mario Bros (Atari) Mario Bros (Ocean) Match Point Maze Mania Mechanicus Mega Apocalypse Mega Tetris II Memory Manor Metal Warrior Microprose Soccer Midnight Resistance Mikie Miner 2049'er Mission Elevator Montezuma's Revenge Monty Mole Monty on the Run Moon Patrol Moon Shuttle Moonsweeper Mountie Mick's Deathride Mr.Do! Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory Ms. Pac-Man Murder on the Zinderneuf NATO Commander Nebulus Nemesis (British Software) Nemesis (Konami) Neptune's Daughters Neuromancer Newcomer Nibbly '92 Nick Faldo plays the Open Night Mission Pinball Oils Well Ollie's Follies Olympic Skier Omega Race One on One: Julius Erving and Larry Bird Operation Wolf Out Run (EU) Out Run (US) POLAR BEAR IN SPACE! PP Hammer Pac-Land Pac-Man Pacmania Painterboy Paperboy Paradroid Park Patrol Pengo Pharaoh's Curse Phobia Pinball Spectacular Ping Pong Pirates! Pitfall Pitfall II Pitstop Pitstop II Platoon Plekthora Pole Position Pool of Radiance Pooyan Popeye Poster Paster Prince of Persia Project Firestart Project Stealth Fighter Psi 5 Trading Company Puzzle Bobble Puzznic Q*bert R-Type R.M.S. Titanic R1-D1 Unit Attack Rabbit Pie Radar Rat Race Raid on Bungeling Bay Raid over Moscow Rainbow Dragon Rainbow Islands Rally Speedway Ranarama Red Storm Rising Return of the Jedi Revs+ Rick Dangerous Road Runner Robin of the Wood Rocket Roger Rodland Sabre Wulf Salamander Sammy Lightfoot Sanxion Save New York Scarabæus Seven Cities of Gold Shadow of the Beast Shamus Short Circuit Shotgun Sim City Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon Skate or Die! Skramble Snare Snokie Snoopy Solomon's Key Son of Blagger Space-Pilot Space Battle deluxe V2.3 Space Harrier Space Pope Space Taxi Spelunker Spherical Spike Spindizzy Split Personalities Spots Spy Hunter Spy vs Spy Squish 'em Star Wars (Domark) Star Wars (Parker Brothers) Starquake Steel Thunder Stellar 7 Stix (Supersoft) Stormlord Street Fighter (Go!) Street Fighter (US Gold) Street Fighter II Street Sports Baseball Street Sports Basketball Street Surfer Strike Force Cobra Stunt Car Racer Suicide Voyage Summer Games Summer Games II Summer Olympiad Super Cycle Super Nibbly Super Pac-Man Super Pipeline 2 Survivor Sword of Fargoal Tapper Tarzan Tau Ceti Tazz Terminator 2 Test Drive Test Drive II Tetris Th!nk Cross Thanatos The Bard's Tale The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight The Castles of Doctor Creep The Empire Strikes Back The Games – Summer Edition The Games – Winter Edition The Goonies The Great Giana Sisters The Heist The Last Ninja The Living Daylights The Movie Monster Game The Newzealand Story The Rats The Sentinel The Tomb of Dracula The Train – Escape to Normandy The Trap Door The Untouchables The Way of the Exploding Fist Theatre Europe Thing on a Spring Thrust Time Fighter Times of Lore Tooth Invaders Trailblazer Transformers Transformers: The Battle to Save the Earth Trash Course Trashman Trollie Wallie Turrican Turrican II Turrican III Turrican III Preview U-101 Uchi Mata Ultima III – Exodus Ultima II – The Revenge of the Enchantress! Ultima IV – Quest of the Avatar Ultima I – The First Age of Darkness Ultima VI – The False Prophet Ultima V – Warriors of Destiny Uridium Uuno Turhapuro Muuttaa Maalle Vendetta Vixen Warhawk Wasteland Water Polo Wavy Navy West Bank Winter Camp Winter Games Winter Olympiad 88 Wizard Wizard of Wor Wizardry (The Edge) Wizardry I: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Wizball Wonder Boy Wonder Boy in Monster Land World Games X-Out Yie Ar Kung-Fu Yie Ar Kung-Fu II Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders Zamzara Zaxxon (Sega) Zaxxon (Synapse) Zeppelin Zoo Mania Zorro Zynaps subLOGIC Scenery Disks

Articles completely okay[edit source]

The following articles passed the automatic checks of the C64-Wiki:

Checklist for game articles[edit source]

Here an overall check of all game articles for missing data is made. 
(e.g.: number of players missing, cover missing...)