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Title image from the game
Game No. 446
Developer Christian Gleinser (alias ZeHa)
Publisher Dr. Wuro Industries
Musician Christian Gleinser
HVSC-File /GAMES/S-Z/Shotgun.sid
Release 2016
Platform C64
Genre Shoot'em Up
Gamemode up to 4 players (simultaneous)
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Media Icon disk525.png
Language Language:english


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Shotgun is a death match game for 2 to 4 players. The characters run around in one of 7 selectable arenas and collect guns in order to shoot their opponents. Each gun carries three bullets of ammo. Collected guns re-appear after a few seconds on their place of origin. It is not possible however, to collect more than one gun at the same time.

Once a player achieves the required score of 20 kills (or whatever has been configured in advance), the match is over and a score table is displayed. After that, the next match can be started.

The game supports the classical games 4-player interface, it is however also playable as a 2-player game if the interface is unavailable. It was nevertheless designed explicitely as a 4-player game and it provides the most fun in this mode.

Since version 1.1, the game also supports the SuperPad64 adapter.


Simple fighting arenas, in which the player can see guns and also some flowerpots to cheer things up, along with a nice music soundtrack.

Arena A in "blue" color scheme.
Arena D in "brown" color scheme.
Arena E in "grey" color scheme.

X-Mas Edition[edit]

On the first Sunday of Advent of the publishing year (27.11.2016), an "X-Mas Edition" of Shotgun was released. This version is basically identical with the original version, however the characters have been replaced by Santa Claus figures and the flowerpots are now Christmas trees. Also, there are two additional color schemes ("icy x-mas" and "cozy x-mas") and the bonus map "Arena H".

Since version 1.1, the X-Mas mode is permanently integrated into the game and can be activated via a cheat code.

Arena A in "icy x-mas" color scheme (SHOTGUN X-Mas Edition).
Bonus Arena H in "cozy x-mas" color scheme (SHOTGUN X-Mas Edition).



The game is controlled using 2 to 4 joysticks using a 4 player interface or the SuperPad64 in the user port or one joystick in port 1.

  • press fire button: running
  • press fire button: shoot
  • RUN/STOP : abort the game


In the main menu the following options can be adjusted using the keyboard:

  • P  - Players (number of players): 2 to 4 (default: 4)
  • O  - Objective (number of kills to win the match): 10 to 50 kills (default: 20)
  • A  - Arena (map in which the match takes place): A to G (default: A)
  • C  - Color Scheme (colors of the walls and plants): blue, brown, grey (default: blue)
  • M  - Music: on / off (default: on)
  • Space  or fire: start the match

Since version 1.1, the main menu is controlled via joystick instead of keyboard.



None known.


H.T.W: "Mit vier Spieler ist das Game extrem witzig. Sehr interessant auch wenn einer nicht aufpasst und will jemanden erschießen ohne dass er Munition besitzt. Auch die Maps wo sich alle Pistolen im Innenraum befinden sind interessant, da man hier wirklich "campen" kann und sich die anderen nicht so leicht ihre Pistole holen können. Fazit: Sehr gutes Spiel für den CGA-Adapter".



"Cover" "Cover"

For the "Boxed Version" of the game, 2 different cover images exist, which can be chosen by the customer by flipping around the cover inlay of the plastic box.


No highscore possible in this game. The winner has always the score chosen in the settings when winning.