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Miscellaneous of C64.

Miscellaneous (A - Z)[edit]

Miscellaneous (A - Z)

About things and knowledge about the C64.

Events & Exposition[edit]

Events (A - Z)

  • U.S. - Commodore Vegas Expo - short CommVEx

Workshops about the C64-Wiki[edit]

Test articles[edit]

On this C64-Wiki pages newbies can test this wiki:

C64-Wiki Course - Article of course participants[edit]

This area is reserved for the participants of the C64-Wiki course (see above "How do I write..."). Here every participant can add below an article of his choice. The author of the C64-Wiki course led the way and has already placed his article here.

C64-Wiki rule book and spectrum of opinions[edit]

Certain things should be regulated uniformly or an opinion about open questions should be collected:

Special sites of the C64-Wiki[edit]

Games and Rating[edit]

C64-Wiki intern[edit]

News Archive[edit]