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Only links to websites about the topic C64, please. New rubrics can be started, if needed.

C64-Game Sites[edit source]

General Game Sites[edit source]

German site, many games and a forum
English site with over 18.800 games, reviews, sids, forum, etc.
English site with many games and user-votes, reviews, sids, interviews, forum, chat, links
English site with many games and everything that belongs to it
English site with a Collection of "Games That Weren't" - project of Frank Gaskin
Hungarian site with many games and information, sids
English site with games, demos, sids (31.000 releases, 11.000 sceners, 3.500 groups)
German and English C64-games with videos (DivX), which are complete played.
German Site with over 250 longplays form the German computermagazines like 64'er, GO64!, ASM, RUN, Power Play, Happy Computer, solutions and diskmags for C64- and Amiga.
From videogame collectors to videogame collectors...
Arnold C64 Games FTP is back online...
Over 25,000 titles for download, play online and includes docs, manuals and advertisements

Cracker Groups[edit source]

English Site about a German Cracking Group Remember64 (Jack Alien & HOK) with over 360 games, solutions and trainer-modes

Game Genres[edit source]

English site of nice software

Single Games and Game Series[edit source]

Last Ninja-Serie. (english)

C64 Forums[edit source]

American site that focuses on the underground use of 8/16-bit computers in the 80's and early 90's
German forumsite for home computers (C64, Amiga, VIC20, etc)
German forumsite for the C64
Finnish forum for the C64 and Commodore. Also small area for international users in english.

C64 Design[edit source]

Commodore-KDE-Bootsplash (Linux)
KDE-Theme (64er design)
C64-Wallpaper (Linux)

C64 Charts and Internet Radio[edit source]

Short: All kinds of SID Tunes in all remixversions (Metal/Techno/Drum&bass/Reggae/Symphonic etc.)
Online-Radio, which plays SID-Remixs
Online-Radio, which plays SIDs & SID-Remixs
German retro radio with many C64-Remixs, see the article Radio Paralax Language German
Old school game and demo music. Plenty of C64 tunes, also includes other retro machines.

C64 User Homepages[edit source]

Various collected stuff, links, game section with preferred games
Homepage of Richard Bayliss with all his work (projects, games, etc.)
All technical details of a C64.
Private homepage of DonChaos with a cover-collection of C64-magazines (64'er, RUN, Computronic,...)
Private computermuseum and more (handbooks, hardware bricolage, ect.)
Peter Dassow's Site - Detailed description of C64-CP/M-Cartridge, with its help you can run old programs like Wordstar.
Many info about C64/128 and Commodore computers
Gregory Alekel's Commodore Stuff - Projects and other Commodore ideas.
Many interesting links to other CBM-websites. Add your own C= site.
This website is hosted on a Commodore 64 built in 1982 !
Website by Janek Winz with some articles about Commodore PET 2001, Commodore C128, C64, Airborne Ranger, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, Maniac Mansion and scans of the magazine 64'er.
Website on C64 reverse engineering. Current content includes a Boulder Dash disassembly, an article on scoring the Boulder Dash theme music, and some other stuff (not much other stuff as yet).
Commodore 64 Technical Articles
A banner free, ad free file sharing system for the Commodore computer. Supports D64, tapes, and NIB images.

C64 Constructions Kits[edit source]

Website about SEUCK with detail discriptions.
Articles about SEUCK of the German game magazine Powerplay. Shoot Em Up Construction-Kit for programming own C64-games.
With Garry Kitchen's GameMaker can be written your own animated C64-Game (handbook and many examples)

C64 Disk/Electronic mags[edit source]

The official German Website of the German Diskmag for C-64 and C-128.

C64 Papermags[edit source]

The CeVi-aktuell is a German C64-Scene-Magazine, that monthly as free PDF can be downloaded.
The GO64! is a monthly C64-Magazine in the Company CSW and is the unofficial follower of the famous German Magazine 64'er.
Lotek64 is an free german magazine for game consoles and homecomputers. The mag appears four-times in the year and some of the topics is the C64, because the C64 is seeling over 17 millions-times world-wide.

C64 Emulators[edit source]

Official VICE-Website with actual VICE-versions (WinVICE 2.3 from 26. February 2011)
Official Emu64-Website with actual Emu64-Versions (German homepage)
Homepage for PSPVice.
Official CCS64-Homepage with actual CCS64-Versions
C64-Emulator for the Macintosh
The Official Frodo Home Page.
C64 Emulator based on a retro computer CX16 which is a revisit to the C64.

C64 Workshops[edit source]

German first steps about the C64. How can i started with the C64?

Other Sites[edit source]

  • Shining 8 The Story : Documentation of the German C64 Scene in 80-decade.
    Doku, German, 152 MB, ca. 30 Min., DivX-encoded.
Link-Collection (Companies (18), Directories (11), Emulators (17), FTP-Sites (14), Galeries (12), Games (76), Groups (124), Hardware (12), Magazines (39), Misc (67), Music (36), Parties (39), People (88), Tools (26))
Fan-site about the German homecomputermagazine like ASM, Happy Computer, Power Play, 64er, INPUT 64, RUN and many more.
  • iDocC64 Language:French Documentation in French for C64.

New Products[edit source]

Jim Drew's website - Supercard Pro, Emulators, & awesome new stuff for your Commodore.
Jim's store for new hardware.
Dealing with IEEE-488.
Dealing with connectors.

Other Wikis & Retro Clubs[edit source]

German club for old homecomputer
German beneficence for old homecomputers in a wiki.
Small english wiki for programming of C64
Small wiki for modify the C64DTV
Another english wiki over programming the C64.
Small C= programming wiki of Scott (xlar54)
Homepage of the C64 Club aka the Commodore Computer Club and Users Group - Vancouver, WA - USA
PDXCUG is a small group of Commodore enthusiasts, located in the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area
British museum of computing

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