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Dear visitors,

welcome to the guestbook of our international C64-Wiki project. To make an entry, just edit the page, add your text at the top, and press the "Submit" button, done! I hope you have lots of fun browsing through this wiki and maybe taking part in it.

Greetings the C64-Wiki-Team & Sledgie

PS: Please use this guestbook only for entries in English. For German visitors there is a German guestbook in the German project of the C64-Wiki. Thank you !

The Guestbook[edit source]

Jodigi[edit source]

What pages are missing? Can you help us by writing?

Probably not while being rate limited. :-) ----- grintalk 11:07, 12 February 2023 (CET)

WIODRO 30 Nov 2019 19:58[edit source]

Page's forgotten, but kinda cool!

Remavas 2017-08-30 11:47[edit source]

Awesome website, I use it for programming VICE. Much material in an easily readable and pleasing format. Thank you C64-Wiki!

1234maxcom 04.06.2016 11:00:00[edit source]

This is lovely, it take me back to 1983 when I got my first 64. I got little time in our days.However I just got myself CBM. And I am currently looking for Good 64 !

jdinfinity 25.01.2011 21:09:24[edit source]

Just want to say hello and I enjoy the wiki page you've set up. I look forward to creating an author account soon and writing a few articles on games here in the near future. I grew up with the C64 in the mid-1980s and first learned how to program in basic and pascal on this system. Also, as a result, I became a video game addict because of this damn computer and am still playing its games on emulators to this day. Ahh....64, the penultimate nostalgia for vg-addicts.

Camailleon[edit source]

Hi jdinfinity, thank you! It would be great to have your help here. (WilliamRoberts) 19.11.2009 10:05:36[edit source]

A great start! I was looking for nice details on the various cart based drive replacements, and found this site. The German portal is very impressive, detailed information and current. One note, on the english pages, it should be VIC, not VC on all the names.

Jodigi[edit source]

Thanks for this informations. You can help us, when you have got some time...

Jodigi 09.04.2007 15:00:32[edit source]

Dear visitors,

You can tell us your opinion of this project about the C64 and the C64-Wiki. The guestbook is opened.

Yours sincerely Jodigi