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Welcome to the C64-Wiki!

This wiki tries to collect all knowledge and information about hard- and software for the C64.

The German C64-Wiki was started in April 2005 by Sledgie and at first the idea was to create a C64 online game guide. After a few weeks and many articles later, the first articles about applications, coding languages and companies were written and the game guide was about to become a C64 encyclopaedia.

The German C64-Wiki got very popular among many German C64 freaks and users, and by-and-by international C64 users visited us. So by the end of 2006 the time was ripe to start an English C64 wiki, too.

If you are a C64 user or freak, or know some other information about the C64 or other homecomputers available from the 1970's to 1990's, you could write about these. Alternatively you can help us by translating German articles (currently about 3,000) of the German C64-Wiki into English.

You can get an overview of all Articles in the C64-Wiki-Portal.