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Contributions, that the users of a Wiki write, are called articles. A new article for the C64-Wiki is created or best edited, as you use our Empty article. How this works, was already explained to you by means of a game article step by step. Additions and corrections of mistakes are -as in all Wikis- also wanted in the C64-Wiki.

Articles about other topics (applications, interviews, hardware ...) can be created freely (if necessary you can of course use the Empty article. For this you just type the name of the desired article into the search field (menue on the left) and then (if there is no article found) design the article by clicking create this page.

Creating game articles[edit source]

  1. Copy the source text of the Empty article into the TXT-file (click on "edit", mark everything and copy and insert into any text editor).
  2. Now you add the data of the game you know and other things (e.g. your critics, you as an author,...) The number of the article (as shown in the game portal, see 3) belongs to the "author section" of the empty article.
  3. In the Game portal you choose edit (top right).
  4. In the Wiki-editor you enter the name of the new game in the same form as the other entries (just copy an existing entry, paste it after the last game and change the name of the game) and save the changes ("save page" beneath the editor window).
  5. Now you click on the red entry of the new game and you get to the new and completely empty article (this is also a Wiki editor window).
  6. Here you insert the finished text file from 2. and save it as described in 4.
  7. That's it.

Editing game articles[edit source]

Editing is activated by choosing "edit" in the menue at the top of the page of the game article. You then change in the Wiki-editor, what you would like to have changed. In the Summary line (bottom) you should shortly state what you changed. With the Show preview button (below the editor window) you can check before saving what your changes look like. The changes get only active when you press the "Save page" button.

Uploading images[edit source]

Uploading images is only possible as a registered user. The upload is done with the special function 'Upload file' in the toolbox on the left.