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Developer Christophe Kohler
actual Version 1.2
Release 01.01.2008
Platform Sony PSP
Operation Buttons
Language Language:english
Information VICE porting for PSP

The C64 Emulator VICE was converted by Christophe Kohler for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and is called PSPVice. Several versions have existed since 2005. The current is version 1.2.

Functions (in v1.2)[edit | edit source]

Version 1.2 has the following features:

  • Sound
  • Different CPU speeds (up to 333 MHz)
  • C64 style keyboard
  • Different video modes (full screen, stretched, no border, normal)
  • Antialiasing
  • Analogue stick support
  • Stereo sound & echo effect
  • True drive emulation
  • .TAP, .G64, .D64, .T64, .PRG are supported
  • ZIP files are supported
  • Make an snapshot
  • Good file browser with screenshots and information about a game
  • Selectable font in menu
  • Palette support (vice format .vpl)
  • Shortcuts for important C64 commands
  • 2 Player on one PSP option
  • Rapid fire support
  • GameBase64 Format (V05) is supported

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

Standard C64 screen on PSPVice

The normal keyboard
Keyboard with Commodore graphic symbols

The game Great Giana Sisters on PSPVice

Screenshots were shot with Screenshot plugins from a PSP Screen

Interview[edit | edit source]

An interview with Christopher Kohler, the developer of "PSPVice", was carried out by the SCACOM team. The article is in English, SCACOM issue 1 (December 2007). The interview was conducted by Stefan Egger.

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