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Short Information[edit]

  • Name: Stefan Egger
  • Day of birth: 12.7.1989
  • Living in: Vienna


  • Computer (Commodore/Amiga, Internet and Homepage)
  • make virtual pictures
  • Sony PSP
  • Cars (Audi and Lamborghini)
  • Collect models (Cars and Trains)
  • Ships (Titanic and Queen Mary 2)

My Commodore-Computer[edit]

3 C64
1 C128-D
2 Amiga 500
1 Amiga 600-HD
1 Amiga 1200 with Blizzard 1230-IV (68030 with 64 MB Fastram)

Currently I use: C128D, A1200 and the CDTV.

Commodore story[edit]

My father bought a brown C64 in 1986. He also bought a 1541-II floppy and a Datasette 1530. Later he bought a C64c from my uncle with a lot of expensions (for example the Final Cartridge III) My father told me that I started playing C64 games when I was 4 or 5 years old. 1998 we put the C64 away because I got a PlayStation 1. But in 2003 we bought the white C64 G on a flea market. It was very cheap. So I had a C64 back to play with! 2003 I got an Amiga 500 with expensions (for example the 1084 monitor) and a lot of gamedisks for free. In 2004 I bought another A500 and an A600 HD in excellent condition too. 2006 I got an A1200 with Blizzard 1230-IV and a C128-D. 2007 I enhanced the A1200 and now I have a DVD-Rom as well as a 40 GB Harddisk and 64 MB of Fastram. I have a lot of WHDload games and it's the perfect game-machine now.

My favourite computer[edit]

I think the CDTV is a very innovative and cool-looking computer. Also I think that the A4000 and A4000T are very powerful. I own a CDTV but I'm searching an A4000.

My Commodore-Projects[edit]

  • Since 5th May 2004 my homepage is online.
  • Since August 2007 my PDF Magazine SCACOM.Aktuell started.
  • Since 24th Decemer 2007 my PDF-magazine English.SCACOM started.

My Homepage[edit]

On the main page of you can go to the pages of SCACOM (German and English translation) and the magazine-pages of SCACOM Aktuell and English SCACOM. You can download all the SCACAOM-magazines as well as a deck of cards with Commodore-computers and other stuff too. Please write a small massage in the guestbook!


I started the PDF-magazine for all Commodore and Amiga fans called SCACOM. The English version is called English SCACOM. For further informations about SCACOM please visit our SCACOM Article in C64 Wiki or go directly to our new homepage

Support SCACOM[edit]

Who can help? Everybody! Please send your text to me with your computer story or pictures!

SCACOM-articles in C64-Wiki[edit]

After some time we upload some articles to the C64 Wiki, so we also support C64 Wiki!


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