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In this article the voting of the C64-Wiki is described.

You can give a voting from 1 to 10, whereby 1 is the worst vote and 10 the best. The texts of the title originate from the votings of the website www.c64games.de.

To refine the whole thing our technician has given explanatory information for the corresponding voting rank.

In the list of the TOP games and the FLOP games you quickly get an overview about all rated games.

very bad (voting 1)[edit]

Lousy: The loading of this software is a waste of time and will definitely make you unhappy.

bad (voting 2)[edit]

Nearly grotty: The loading of this software is only justifiable if you want to scare someone off or you want to amuse yourself in a perverse way.

poor (voting 3)[edit]

Bearable: You can try and load it and look at it, but you quickly lose interest in it.

reasonable (voting 4)[edit]

A bit better than bearable.

medium (voting 5)[edit]

Average: Not a bad thing, but somehow not really outstanding.

good (voting 6)[edit]

A bit better than average: Some aspects deserve benevolent consideration.

very good (voting 7)[edit]

Good software: Very enjoying.

super (voting 8)[edit]

Very good software: Lots of fun. No serious objections.

top (voting 9)[edit]

Once a very good software: Merely slight flaws prevent the achievement of the full points.

highlight (voting 10)[edit]

Absolutely brilliant: You shouldn't miss that. A software, which you can get stuck to. Reference for all other programs of this genre.