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The 100 Games with the best Scores.

Pirates!Zak McKracken and the Alien MindbendersManiac MansionBoulder DashArchon
The Great Giana SistersBubble BobbleTurrican IIRed Storm RisingLast Ninja 2
Winter GamesPrince of PersiaTurricanInternational KarateIK+
Summer GamesImpossible MissionKatakisSummer Games IIArmalyte
The Last NinjaEliteLemmingsWorld GamesDefender of the Crown
NeuromancerM.U.L.E.X-OutThe Bard's TaleSpace Taxi
Rainbow IslandsFort ApocalypseWizard of WorLittle Computer PeopleWizball
Microprose SoccerSeven Cities of GoldDragon WarsGrand Prix CircuitCreatures
Hard'n'HeavyWastelandCalifornia GamesProject FirestartNebulus
ParadroidBarbarian - The Ultimate WarriorCaren and the Tangled TentaclesHawkeyeEnforcer
CrillionMidnight ResistanceAlter EgoKnight 'n' GrailKrakout
Lode RunnerSkate or Die!LeaderboardArkanoidThe Way of the Exploding Fist
Ultima V – Warriors of DestinyDavid's Midnight MagicThe Train – Escape to NormandyMr.Do!Oils Well
Turrican IIILaw of the WestThe SentinelPool of RadianceImpossible Mission II
H.E.R.O. Helicopter Emergency Rescue OperationMontezuma's RevengeBlue MaxScarabæusBruce Lee
SphericalSpelunkerTimes of LoreWizardPitstop II
Ultima III – ExodusSteel ThunderTest Drive IITau CetiMission Elevator
Joe Gunn - Gold EditionUltima IV – Quest of the AvatarBuggy BoyRaid on Bungeling BayAtomino
Sinbad and the Throne of the FalconBombuzalUltima VI – The False ProphetInfiltratorThe Castles of Doctor Creep

Only games with a minimum of 4 votes make it into the list. This list is updated every 24 hours.