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The 100 Games with the best Scores.

Pirates!Zak McKracken and the Alien MindbendersManiac MansionArchonThe Great Giana Sisters
Boulder DashTurrican IIBubble BobbleWinter GamesTurrican
International KarateLast Ninja 2Summer GamesImpossible MissionPrince of Persia
Summer Games IIIK+KatakisArmalyteElite
Defender of the CrownWorld GamesThe Last NinjaNeuromancerX-Out
LemmingsSpace TaxiRainbow IslandsFort ApocalypseWizard of Wor
Little Computer PeopleWizballMicroprose SoccerM.U.L.E.Creatures
Seven Cities of GoldGrand Prix CircuitDragon WarsRed Storm RisingThe Bard's Tale
Hard'n'HeavyWastelandMidnight ResistanceProject FirestartNebulus
California GamesBarbarian - The Ultimate WarriorCaren and the Tangled TentaclesParadroidHawkeye
EnforcerCrillionAlter EgoGunshipKnight 'n' Grail
KrakoutLode RunnerR-TypeLeaderboardArkanoid
The Way of the Exploding FistMafiaRodlandNewcomerUltima V – Warriors of Destiny
David's Midnight MagicThe Train – Escape to NormandyLaw of the WestTurrican IIIOils Well
H.E.R.O. Helicopter Emergency Rescue OperationBlue MaxBruce LeeImpossible Mission IISkate or Die!
Mr.Do!The SentinelPool of RadianceWizardMontezuma's Revenge
ScarabæusSphericalSpelunkerBombuzalTimes of Lore
Pitstop IIUltima III – ExodusSteel ThunderThe Castles of Doctor CreepTest Drive II
Tau CetiMission ElevatorJoe Gunn - Gold EditionUltima IV – Quest of the AvatarBuggy Boy
International SoccerRaid on Bungeling BayAtominoUltima VI – The False ProphetSinbad and the Throne of the Falcon

Only games with a minimum of 4 votes make it into the list. This list is updated every 24 hours.