Joe Gunn - Gold Edition

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Joe Gunn - Gold Edition
Title screen of game ("Joe Gunn" and "Joe Gunn Gold")
Game No. 6
Voting 7.95 points, 22 votes
Developer Georg Rottensteiner, Paul Pridham, Howard Kistler
Company Psytronik Software
Publisher Cronosoft
Musician Thomas Petersen
Release 2009 (2007)
Platform C64
Genre Adventure, Jump'n'Run
Gamemode Single player
Operation Icon Port2.pngJoystick
Media Diskette
Language Language:english Language German
Information earlier versions :
Joe Gunn (2007)
Joe Gunn Gold (2007)

Description[edit | edit source]

Joseph J. Gunn (shortly Joe Gunn), most important archeologist, makes the discovery of his life after a search full of privation in the vast infinity of the Egyptian desert. A forgotten pyramid. This could be the long lost tomb of the "Crocodile King"! Gunn remembered that yonder had been mentioned in connection with Anubis, a ban and a seal, however nothing can be found about him in the history books due to mysterious reasons. The wind blows stronger and changes to a storm, a sand storm will soon be coming and Gunn willy-nilly will have to try to enter the pyramid. As he is standing in front of the entrance he sees a skeleton in a pit holding a scarabaeus, which he takes. It fits exactly into the opening in the wall. The entrance opens... and for Joseph J. Gunn a long and dangerous travel through this mysterious pyramid begins...


Control is done by joystick in port 2:

  • Joystick left/right: move Joe left/right
  • Joystick up/down: climb ladders up and down
  • Button + joystick left/right: jump to the left/right, hold on to or let go from spurs.
  • Button + joystick up: use item (keep fire button presse and set desired item by joystick forward/backward)
  • Button + joystick down: examine
  • Joe Gunn can also move along certain sections of the ceiling and ropes.

Design[edit | edit source]

... an animation from the beginning ...
... another animation from the game ...

  • multi-coloured 2D graphics
  • single screens, which are switched when crossing the screen border
  • music during the whole game

Hints[edit | edit source]

  • Pick up everything you can.
  • Examine everything that looks only a bit conspicuous.
  • Don't forget, that some unlucky forerunners have found an item once and again.
  • Examine the skeleton and pick up the scarab. Use the scarab on the opening in front of the door to open it.
  • In the room to the right jump on the center platform and step on the hidden switch to open the door.
  •, search, search!

Items and their meaning[edit | edit source]

Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Crowbar - opens grates
  • Hammer - crashes brittle stones
  • Cowhide - this once belonged to Indiana Jones

Artefacts[edit | edit source]

  • Scarabaeus - opens doors
  • Rosetta Stone - translates hieroglyphics
  • Sceptre - opens secret passage to the Book of the Dead
  • Book of the Dead - awake mummies
  • Book of Living - mummies sleep
  • Amulet of Ra - destroy stone statue, defeat Anubis
  • Alabaster flute - hypnotizes snakes
  • Rubin Ankh - you need it for the Feather of Horus
  • LapisLazulis Ankh - you need it for the Feather of Horus
  • Sun Disk (4x) - opens the way to Anubis
  • Mummified heart - opens the way to Anubis
  • Feather of Horus - opens the way to Anubis

Treasures[edit | edit source]

  • Sun masks (10x) - treasures
  • Golden scarabaeus - opens secret passage
  • Triangle-shaped machine - a treasure

Solution[edit | edit source]

Level maps[edit | edit source]

Map of the original version
Map of the Gold Edition

Minimum solution[edit | edit source]

(Valid for all versions of "Joe Gunn")

1. "The Entrance"

  • climb down the ladder and at the skeleton pick up the scarabaeus ("Scarab").
  • jump over the pitfall and climb up
  • put the scarab into the "empty socket" and the door opens

2. "Hidden Switch"

  • east
  • jump until the middle of the room and the door opens

3. "Servant Graves"

  • east, east, jump to the „empty socket" with long jump
  • use the scarabaeus (the door in the room with the 3 switches opens)
  • east, pick up the Rosetta Stone ("Rosetta Tablet" in the lower right.
  • with the help of this stone, the hieroglyphics on the grey plates can be read.
  • west, west, south, south (right ladder), east, in one of the 6 coffins there is the "Sceptre“

4. "The Throne Room"

  • west, north, east, memorize the three signs (exit is still locked)
  • west, south (left ladder), change the three empty sockets to the memorized signs with the scarabaeus. (exit opens)
  • west, place the sceptre into the empty hands ot the sitting statue (passage downward opens)

5. "Chamber of Darkness"

  • south, take the "Book of the Dead"

6. "The Shaft"

  • north, north, east and take the "Crowbar"
  • west, south, east, north, east, east, east
  • in the "Gold-Version" use the crowbar at the wall, east

7. "Pit of Death"

  • south (fall down till the end)
  • at the right skeleton pick up the Ra amulet

8. "Chamber of Darkness"

  • west, then you walk over a stone (in the middle, a bit to the right) and an exit gets visible
  • pick up the ("Ruby Ankh")
  • west, north, stand at the rightmost end and use the "Book of the Dead"
  • lure the mummy to the bottom until it presses the switch
  • west, (hint: "First Four then One"), jump once and press switch, west, jump four times and press switch => door opens
  • west, press switch, door opens
  • at the lower right climb into the secret passage, east, press lower left switch, then the switch next to the snake, the exit opens, east, east, take "Earth Seal", west, west, west

9. "Guarded Corridor"

10. "Forgotten Tunnel"

  • east, south, east, north, north, west, west, west, use "Alabaster Flute"
  • walk through snake and pick up the "Air Seal"
  • east, east, east, east, east, use „Alabaster Flute" and take the "Water Seal"
... Fire Seal ...

11. "Anteroom of Ra"

  • west, west, north, north, west, explore room, lure the mummy into the spear trap (exit opens)
  • north, east, use "Alabaster Flute" and jump before reaching the grey stone (the trap doesn’t activate)
  • pick up the "Fire-Seal"
  • Caution: If you have collected the Fire Seal and die afterwards in the trap, you will also lose the Fire Seal!

12. "Big Hollow"

  • west, south, east, south, south, south, east, east, east, east, south (fall down to the end)
  • east, east, south, east and pick up the "Piece of Sun Disk"
  • south, pick up the "Lapis Lazuli Ankh" at the skeleton

13. "Construction Site"

  • west, north, east, north, west, west, west, west, north, west, west, west, south
  • press the lower left switch, climb up, use "Alabaster Flute" and pick up "Piece of Sun Disk" at the skeleton
  • jump to the left and press switch (exit gets free), east, south
  • the "Crowbar" opens the lid, south
  • take hammer at the left skeleton
  • right of the right ladder activate the stone block, pick up "Piece of Sun Disk") at the vases

14. "Seal Chamber"

  • n, north, west, the hammer at the upper left rim (exit gets visible)
  • west, north, north, pick up the "Book of Living"
  • use the scarabaeus at the two grey columns and again at the top
  • east, east, north, east, east, east, east
  • south (land on the stone), west, west
  • place the Lapis Lazuli at the upper left, at the upper right place the "Ruby Ankh" => exit is free
  • pick up the "Feather of Horus"

15. “Chamber of Balance"

  • east, east, south, east, north (several climbs are needed), east
  • put scarabaeus into empty socket (secret door opens further ar the bottom), west, south, east, take "Piece of Sun Disk".
  • south, south, south, east (only possible with combination run-jump-run), south
  • lure mummy into the switch, then use the “Book of Living" (mummies are no threat any more), south
  • put the "Feather of Horus" on the right scale

16. "Crocodile Kings Tomb"

  • west, west, at the vases pick up the "mummified heart"
  • east, east, put the "mummified heart" into the left bowl (exit opens)
  • east, lay down the four "Pieces of Sun Disk") at the provided places
  • lay down the four seals at the provided places
  • use the Ra amulet, west

17. "Chamber of Ra"

  • north, north, west, north, west, north, east, north, west, west, west, west, north, west
  • west, west, north, east, north, north, north, north, west, north, east, north
  • use the scarabaeus in the "empty socket"

18. The end

  • South, west, south, east, south, south, west, west

... the perfect ending in the "Gold-Version"
... the perfect ending in the "Gold-Edition-Version"

  • For an alternative ending do not enter the Chamber of Ra. This ending is a bit less pleasant.

Walkthrough by alwyz/udi[edit | edit source]

  • Walk to right, pick up scarab in pile of bones, use scarab in the socket, open door, walk into next room.
  • Jump to middle beam, as you walk across it, it will open the door, walk to next room.
  • Fall to floor area, walk down stairs, Jump off to right, go down stairs on right side of screen, walk left, down again, off to room to the right. You are in the servant graves. The only thing you need here is the Sceptre, it is in the upper right tomb.
  • Walk back to room, get to floor area, 3 symbols and sockets on the wall below, change the middle one to Ankh symbol (same symbol as on the left) using the Scarab.
  • Walk left to stairs, walk to top, pile of bones on top of area has Crowbar, pick it up, drop down to floor again, walk left to sitting king in chair in The Throne Room. Use the sceptre, unlock secret passageway, and walk down stairs
  • pick up book of the dead, walk to right, jump into wall, find secret passageway, walk to end pick up Earth Seal, walk back to Throne Room.
  • Walk to right stairs, climb first level of stairs, jump to right to stairs on right, jump over to area on right near the top, keep walking right into new area. 3 screens of bats and boulders await, easily avoidable.
  • Get to screen "The Shaft", pick up golden mask, fall in pit.
  • In pit of death, pick up ra amulet in pile, climb to left. In the next room, walk on all the different levels, one area will magically open exit on left. When you get near the pile of bones, BE CAREFUL, spikes are on the ground and will shoot up. Jump over them, onto the pile of bones. Pick up ruby Ankh
  • Next room. Walk up, avoid boulder, next room, walk up, jump over spike hole to right, use book of dead, it makes the mummy walk toward you, angle yourself down the stairs to keep the mummy following you until it falls and triggers the doorway. (play with this, you'll see what I'm talking about)
  • Next room.Jump over 1st floor trigger, TRIGGER THE SECOND ONE. Jump over 3,4,5.
  • Next room. Jump over all but the 5th one. TRIGGER THE 5TH ONE.
  • Youre back in the chamber of darkness, trigger the floor thing, fall down into new chamber.
  • Play with the floor triggers on the bottom left to make it so that you can get to the pile of bones and then to the floor trigger without getting hit by the snakes. Get the piece of the sun disk. Move to next room on the right.
  • Fall to bottom, use crowbar to open the bottom up, get the hammer, get the piece of the sun disk, hammer the floor on the lower right to break up 2 blocks. walk back up.
  • Go to right on floor level. Look for empty socket. Use scarab. Climb up, jump over to room on right from area that scarab lifted up. Trigger the floor plate in the screen. On the top right, you can grab the ceiling and climb over to the left. Just push up.
  • Go to top room on the right that you just opened. Grab golden mask. Walk back to first room with 2 snakes in it. On top level go to far left. Use hammer to open wall.
  • The next 2 rooms. Navigate through the mummys and snakes. Not too hard. Be careful.
  • Next room. Pick up book of living. Look for 2 empty sockets in columns. Use scarab. Climb to top, Use scarab in socket at top.
  • Get back to throne room. Congrats, you've navigated a major chunk of the game. Now, an even bigger one coming up.
  • Climb up, find a room to the left we haven't entered yet. A guarded corridor, use the Ra Amulet to make the dude disappear. In the next room jump over both pits, grab the flute. (You can use this flute at any time to make the snakes immobile for a few seconds and you can also walk through them when they freeze.)
  • Go back to the right, up the long staircase to the room above with the bat in it, jump to the room on the right. Jump continuously (holding down the fire button) til you reach the other side, use the scarab on the keyhole, jump through the wall and into the forgotten tunnel, use the flute when needed, grab the tablet (this will let you read the hireglyphics) and seal, walk back
  • Repeat the step that gets you over to the pit of death.
  • In the pit of death, climb to the right this time.
  • This is a big room with lots of stuff. Lets take it step by step. Jump to the right as far as you can, landing on every big block you can, jump on the floor trigger, jump to the left and up, getting you to a staircase that takes you up as high as you can go on this level. There will be 3 mummy graves/tomb things you can go through, use the scarab on the 3rd one, hear the rumble, walk back to the left. Before you go back down the stairs, jump into the wall, climb through the secret passageway, and grab the golden mask
  • Go back to the right, down the stairs, jump on the blocks to get you back to the right again.
  • A new area has opened up, grab the sun disk piece. Go down, notice the path to the right, this is the exit, we're not ready to go here yet, just make note of it.
  • To the left is a pile of bones, grab the sun disk from this pile. Now fall down to the ground, go to the right and grab the ankh from the pile of bones, walk back to the left and up to the passageway on the left one screen above. Grab the golden mask (you should have 5 by now)
  • Now go to this exit, there are plenty of spikes ready to shoot up from the ground. Be mindful of these, get to the top and walk to the right. You wont hear or see any change, but this will disable one of the sets of spikes that will let you walk to the next screen up one level.
  • You can now use the book of living to turn off the mummys and make yourself immune to them.
  • Between the wires and climbing the rocks, this screen is easy.
  • Use the triggers on this next screen to get the boulder to drop and hit the floor trigger on the bottom right. Make sure the boulder is to the left when you trigger the holes and it will fall in quite nicely.
  • On the next screen, use the hammer all over this room until you pick up the golden mask (6)
  • In the pile of bones, grab the whip on the left, indy!
  • to the left, grab the golden mask (7), then back to the right again, get on the first staircase and scale it back to the room that drops into the pit (the shaft). Position yourself over the middle set of bricks in the wall, and drop.
  • Jump to the left room, turn on the book of dead, let the mummy trigger the floor. And get ready to go in the room on the left. Make sure you have the 2 ankhs that we picked up and walk in.
  • You will not be a slave to such threats! Use the ankhs and the flute to get through the room, pick up the feather that appears on the lower left, and go back to the right, drop down in the pit, and climb back to the right area.
  • Scale all the way to the left and trace back to the start of the game. Way back to the beginning outside, and go left. There will be an air seal outside in a pile of bones you can get now that you have the flute.
  • Back inside, past the hidden switch, to the top room with the 3 snakes. Ready for action? Use the flute, jump to the left, hear the rumbling, now head to the room to the right, the rumble caused 2 platforms to appear. Careful of the bats, jump across, up the stairs, to the room with the boulder coming at you down the stairs.
  • Make sure you time this room out good. Run fast. As soon as you jump up the first block, jump to the right, this will allow you to hang out in a secret area just as the boulder is coming down. Now go up the stairs, to the room, grab the golden mask (8), back down, trigger the floor switch that will allow you to jump over the boulder once you get down. Easy enough. Back to the room with 3 snakes. We still need the fire seal.
  • Go to the ladder at the top of the screen, get through the room with the 2 bats, realtively easy to navigate. In the next room, to the left, you'll see a series of caves, walk through them as doors and walls open up. When you get to the top, use your book of the dead (if it's not already on) and have the mummy walk down and then go back and have the mummy walk to the spikes to open up the top. At the top, to the right, there's a room that you need to navigate right or you're dead. When you get to the of the mini moutain of blocks, be sure not to walk on the top level. Climb up there to the Anteroom of Ra, use your flute, and jump across, now get the fire seal from the pile of bricks, walk back, grab the mask. Back down the stairs, back to the shaft area, drop down to the pit of death, and back to the right.
  • Back to big hollow, back to ground level, look for the stairs at the bottom of the screen in big hollow. This is a tricky area. You can beat the boulder only if you jump while running to the right about one brick/block away from the ledge. This jump will get you to fall straight down, keep pushing to the right and you'll get through before the boulder closes the chamber.
  • You can now use the book of living to turn off the mummys and make yourself immune to them.
  • On the next screen, turn the book of dead back on to get the mummy to trigger the floor trigger, then turn the book of living back on again.
  • End up on the chamber of balance, go to the left, grab the heart. Put the feather and the heart in the scale.
  • Walk to the right. Put the four different pieces of the sun disk in the 4 disk shaped holes. Each one corresponds to a specific disk, so try them all to get it right. The door will open, and you'll need to be prepared with all 4 seals to activate the 4 seals. Then use the RA Amulet!!
  • Now get the hell out of dodge. You have 8 golden seals, you've messed with history enough, your ego is satisfied, what you waitin for, boy? Get on with it. Get out of big hollow the same way you did before. To the right, through those passageways that go north. Back to the anteroom of RA - the room you got the fire seal from. Go up the ladder which now appears and use the scarab to make the pyramid vibrate.
  • Now leave the pyramid the way you came in, to the start of the game.

Rock on

Cheats[edit | edit source]

From the version Joe Gunn Gold (27-8-2007), the game contains a trainer for unlimited lives, which can be activated in the title screen with F1.

Voting[edit | edit source]

Voting of the C64-Wiki-User (10=the best Vote):
7.95 points at 22 votes (rank 110).
You need to be logged in to cast a vote.
C64Games 8 12th August 2007 - "super" - 7 downs

Reviews[edit | edit source]

Logan: "The retro graphics and the tricky puzzles make it - in my opinion - the Game of the year 2007. And with the Gold Edition Endurion has topped it again. High-class game. 10 out of 10 points."

Robotron2084: "A really outstanding, professionally accomplished game, where every player inevitably mutates into a wannabe archaeologist. Excellent cleverly devised puzzles and lots of meanness make Joe Gunn a real arcade adventure hit. And the title hero is a popular figure anyway. More of this soon, please! 8.5 out of 10 points."

H.T.W: "An action adventure" (with emphasis on adventure) which fascinates one amazingly fast. The many puzzles, which never get unfair as you get enough hints on the stone plates, provide you with many hours of fun and the controls are easy but surprise with special moves, as e.g. moving along at the ceiling, in the later course of the game. The many switches and other possibilites which change the buildup of some rooms and thus enable you to go on are close to ingenious. That the whole game is embedded into a plot (the renewing of the seals, the following "end fight" and the flight from the pyramid) is sort of the cherry on the cake. I also like the graphics and the background music, especially the animation of Joe Gunn is more than successful. Conclusion: For me a game with a quality above average that I can recommend to everyone. Now I just want to know if this new item that Joe Gunn has found in his Gold Edition is really a rotor, this could make up associations...

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are three different versions

  • Joe Gunn - is only available in English and is the original version. In this you can find only 9 golden masks and there are also some bugs.
  • Joe Gunn Gold - this is available in German and in English. The earlier version from 19-08-2007 contains only a few small bugs which do not cause a crash. These were fixed in the version from 27-08-2007.
    - You can find 10 golden masks.
    - The iron grate has been included, so the game cannot get unsolvable (without crowbar in the lower part of the pyramid)
    - The typing error "Rest in piece" was fixed ("Rest in peace")
    - VIC and SID are initialised.
    A small bug is still there: With Shift+Commodore you can toggle the character set in the game, so that you only see "garbage".
  • Joe Gunn Gold Edition - this is sold by Psytronik and Cronosoft and has two additional secret rooms where an artefact can be found, which maybe is needed in the second part of Joe Gunn (release date still unknown).

Title image by Endurion
Title image from the comercial version


Cover Psytronik version
Cover Cronosoft version

Highscore[edit | edit source]

Topscore of Werner
  1. Werner - 10 golden masks (25.08.2007)
  2. DrCreep - 9 golden masks (13.08.2007)
  3. H.T.W - 6 goldene Masken (10.10.2011)

#2 DrCreep #3 H.T.W
#2 DrCreep #3 H.T.W

  • This highscore list is valid for all versions, if you want to reach the first place you need to play through the current version wink

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