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Psytronik Software
logo main.png
Founded 1993
Headquarters UK
Manager Jason Mackenzie (Founder)
Key People (choice) Trevor Storey
Sector Computer games

The British game company Psytronik Software still develops and publishes various software for the C64 and other Commodore computer systems such as the VIC20, C16 and Plus/4, as well as for other computer systems such as the PC, Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum.

The games are released in various budget and premium editions on cassette and floppy disk.

The commercial software label Psytronik Software was founded in 1993 by Jason Mackenzie (aka "Kenz").

C64 Games (selection)[edit | edit source]

Level of "Creatures" (re-release).
Level of "Knight'n Grail".
Titel screen from "Phase Out".
Spielszene from "Soulless".
Animation from "Joe Gunn".
Animation from "POLAR BEAR IN SPACE!"

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Games collection

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