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Creatures II - Torture Trouble
Intro Screen
Game No. 494
Voting 8.00 points, 1 votes
Developer Coding: John Rowlands
Graphics: Steve Rowlands
Additional work: Andy Roberts
Company Apex Computer Productions, Psytronik
Publisher Thalamus, Psytronik
Musician Steve Rowlands
HVSC-File /blubb/blubber.sid
Release 1992, 2009
Platform C64
Genre Arcade, Platformer (Single Screen), Puzzle
Gamemode Single player
Operation Port 2Joystick Keyboard
Media Datassette Diskette
Language Language:english
Information Release 1.1
Forerunner: Creatures
aka Thang

Description[edit | edit source]

Creatures II - Torture Trouble is a puzzle platformer game developed by Apex Computer Productions and published by Thalamus in 1992. This game is the sequel to Creatures.

This game was released towards the end of the 8 bit era and only got released for the C64. It is considered one of the best exclusive games for this platform.

In the year 2009, it got released as a budget disk edition by Psytronik.


Life has been rather peaceful for the Fuzzy Wuzzy clan after Clyde Radcliffe disposed of the island's resident Demons who had kidnapped his best friends. Their torture devices were mo match for the might of Clyde and his flamebreath.

Clyde had since settled down with Bonnie, a very attractive Fuzzette who fell for him at one of the many 'fuzzy raves'. After several trip to the cabbage path, they were the proud parents of no less than nine cute little fuzzies. Life was just perfect... or was it?

Unbeknown to them, the land they discovered a few years ago and named 'The Hippiest Place in the Known Universe' consisted of no one but three islands. The few surviving Demons fled to these islands and began to construct bigger, better, and more ghastly torture chambers -- they wanted revenge.

The Demons decided to strike during the Radcliffe's anual trip to the beach, and while Clyde and Bonnie were 'walking' in the sand dunes, the sadistic demons mercilessly swiped their helpless kiddies. When Clyde returned, his children were gone -- the only thing left on the beach was a tiny pair of luminous Bermuda shorts.

On their way back to the village they found Chaz lying on the ground, bleeding and out of breath. He told them about the Demons , the new torture chambers, and that everyone in the village was gone. Chaz drew one last breath, closed his soft, pink eyes, and died. A tear ran down Bonnie's face, and Clyde felt a lump in his throat -- he knew what he had to do.

Design[edit | edit source]

Rather that being another scrolling platformer, this sequel is focus on the torture chambers and puzzle solving aspects from its predecessor. Here once again the player takes control of Clyde Radcliffe, who must rescue his children that were captured and locked in torture chambers by the Demons using on-screen objects and devices. Clyde can breath fire, collecting Magic Potions add new weapons to his selection; these can be obtained after destroying certain enemies (Unlike Creatures, where the player must collect magic creatures through levels for purchasing Magic Potions at a witch's hut).

Another differences from Creatures are the lack of horizontal scrolling levels and sound effects. These changes may have been disappointing for some fans. However, this sequel still mantains many aspects from its predecessor like the humour, cartoon style graphics, Heath Robinson situations, cheerful music, and of course, bloody torture scenes.

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The game is set across three islands, each one contains 6 sections: two Torture screens, two Interlude screens, a Demon section and a Island Hopping section. During levels, Bonus coins can be collected (five of them are rewarded with an extra life). In certain Torture screens, Clyde can have access to Hidden Bonus Rooms.

Torture screens[edit | edit source]

Here is where one of Clyde's children has been placed on horrible and unnecessarily complex torture devices created by the Demons. Here the player must figure out how to free his child before the time runs out (You surely want to see what happens, but it will cost you a life). Here the player can collect Magic Potions that are left behind by destroyed enemies, which add a new pattern to Clyde's weapon selection.

Interlude screens[edit | edit source]

Interlude screen 1: 'Funky Forest'

After completing each Torture screen, Clyde teams up with the rescued Fuzzy Wuzzy. They must use a trampoline to bounce a designated amount of Fuzzy Wuzzies to safety, which are being thrown by a monster at the top right of the screen over the edge. If the Fuzzy Wuzzies are bounced carefully, they can be used for collecting Bonus coins (Remember: Five Bonus coins,one extra life). Interludes may have a flying enemy, if it catches a fuzzy, you have to rescue him again.

Demon screens[edit | edit source]

Demon screen 2: The 'Phoenix' family

After completing the first four stages of an island, Clyde is imprisoned by the Demons. The player must kill three demons of increasing size by bombarding them with small Bugs, which are being secreted from Bug-O-Matic machines and must be kicked under the Acme Vaccum Machines.

Island Hoppin'[edit | edit source]

Island Hoppin'

After completing an island, Clyde must take his rescued children onto the next island. Clyde is the only one wearing Scuba diving gear and must transport his children while avoiding enemies. His path may be blocked by tiny islands. The fuzzies must be placed on the lefthand side of the islands and collected from the right. If a fuzzy is left too long on water, he will drown (These sections can be infuriating).

Hidden Bonus rooms[edit | edit source]

A Bonus room

Clyde can only access to these areas in certain Torture screens at certain point at certain time. Here the player must collect as many smilling nodding Bonus creatures as posible before time runs out. If Clyde touches any other creature, he will exit automatically from the Bonus room.

Hints[edit | edit source]

Controls[edit | edit source]

In game:

  • RUN/STOP  - Pauses the game (move the Joystick to continue).
  • Q  (from pause) - Quit.

Torture screens:

  • R  (from pause) - Restart the level (one life will be lost).
  • Joystick forwards - Jump.
  • Joystick left and right - Move left and right.
  • press fire button - Shoot current weapon. Holding the button for a second activates Clyde's flame breath (Note: You can only jump).
  • Joystick backwards then press fire button - Open weapon selection window. Use Joystick left and right to select a weapon, then release the button.

Interlude screens:

  • Joystick left and right - Move Clyde and his child left and right.
  • Holding press fire button then Joystick left and right - Tilt the trampoline left and right (Note: You cannot move while holding the button).
If a Fuzzy is bouncing to the left, tilting the trampoline to the right will bounce him straight up. If the trampoline was tilted to the left, the Fuzzy will bounce twice as far as usual.

Demon screens:

  • Joystick left and right - Move Clyde left to right.
  • forwards and backwards - Move the selected exhaust port up and down, where the bugs that have been sucked up will be launched from.
  • press fire button - Kick.

Island hoppin':

  • In all directions - Swim.
  • To collect a fuzzy from an island or the beach, Clyde must be at the top of the water and then touching the land. The fuzzy will jump on him, so be careful if there are flying enemies arround.
  • To deposit a fuzzy onto an island or the beach, Clyde also has to be at the top of the water and then touching the land.
  • press fire button - Move a fuzzy that has been deposited on an island to the other side.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Some weapons that were available on Creatures also appear here.

Icon Name Information Obtained at
Droppy Shoots down at a short distance. Start of the game
Wiggler Shoots in a zig zag pattern at a long distance. Torture screen 1
Fall Down Shoots straight down. Torture screen 3
Fall Up Shoots straight up. Torture screen 5
Curly Wurly Shoots in a curl pattern. Torture screen 6

Solution[edit | edit source]

Solving the Torture screens require being creative and quick. This section will try to explain how to complete them. Note that some instructions can be followed in any order.

Torture screen 1: Pressed by time[edit | edit source]

  • Kill the blue creature, it will drop a Magic Potion (Wiggler)
  • Hit the bomb and throw it behind the green monster.
  • Defeat the green monster (Wiggler recomended).
  • Activate the bomb with Clyde's flame breath.
  • Go down to the hole you made.
  • Select Wiggler at shoot at the switch behind the purple creature riding the bicycle, be prepare to dodge it when it runs.

Torture screen 2: It's snow problem[edit | edit source]

  • Move the rock close to the edge of the platform but do not throw it.
  • Jump onto the snow slippery, be sure to land on top of the bird.
  • Move the bird up tilting the Joystick left and right.
  • Now push the rock into the Acme Snowballs machine.

PD: After doing this you can access to the Hidden Bonus room. Get into the Snowballs machine and move to the right.

Torture screen 3: Acid antics[edit | edit source]

  • Move to the left quickly (Your horizontal position guides a creature on top of a raft on the acid river), also throw the frog onto the water (Also remember that your vertical position guides the frog on water).
  • Kill the monster inside the little cave over the cage, it will leave a Fall Down Magic Potion. (This monster takes a lot of hits to defeat, so you have to move constantly to the left of the screen, so the raft creature can save the Fuzzy that the big smiling creature is throwing at the acid river arround every 15 seconds).
  • Go down, next to the big smiling creature so the frog can grab a rock at the bottom on the water.
  • Go back to the cave and break the spot at the top that is under the sun.
  • Jump so the frog can throw the rock and you, be careful.
  • Now push the rock and let it fall on the big smiling creature's head.

PD: Now you can access to a Hidden bonus room that is at the right of the big smiling creature.

Torture screen 4: Meet Mr. Chainsaw[edit | edit source]

  • Just go up, hit the green monster with Fall Down to open your path. It will start to move, so you better keep it away from the cannon for now.
  • Destroy the snowmen, also kill the jumping blue monster, it's really annoying.
  • Push the snowball at the left onto the Acme ram machine.
  • Let the green monster get close enough to the cannon and push the snowball at the left onto the machine. Now physics will end the job.

Torture screen 5: Creepy chaos[edit | edit source]

  • Defeat the gigant frog at the right of the screen (ten hits will be enough). It will drop the Fall Up Magic Potion and a bird food can.
  • Move the bird food close to the bird and make it wake up.
  • The bird will start to eat the food, get over it and tilt the Joystick left and right to make it fly. Now you can reach a high platform.
  • Go up and let the ghost chase after you. Caution: it will throw thunders at you, be careful.
  • Go down next to the blue creature, now let it meet your ghost friend.
  • Select Fall Up and hit at the spot under the axe creature, it wouldn't mind.

PD: Now you can access to the Hidden Bonus room at the left from the walking creature.

Cheats[edit | edit source]

In the CSDb exists cracks with trainers.

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