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The special key <RUN/STOP> or RUN/STOP  is used on Commodore computers as the C64/128/116/16, PET, VC20 or Plus/4 to break a running program or starting procedure, as for example loading data from a datasette or listing a BASIC program. The effect resembles the BASIC command STOP. Broken BASIC programs can be restarted by using the BASIC command CONT, if the program is unchanged. RUN/STOP  can only be used with BASIC programs, which aren't protected by any software protection measures, by which the effect of the RUN/STOP  key has been deactivated or the key has been reprogrammed for other purposes, e.g. as pause function for a game or to abort long conversion processes in applications.

Further functions of the RUN/STOP  key in combination with other keys are:

  • By pressing key RUN/STOP +SHIFT  together the command LOAD is executed and the message "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE" appears on the screen. Now a program can be loaded by pushing the button <PLAY> on a datasette. After loading the program will be started by automatically executed RUN command.
  • By pressing the key RUN/STOP +RESTORE  simultaneously a program can also be broken, with this the power-up mode is almost restored again. This e.g. helps, when the Keyboard has been switched off or the key RUN/STOP  has been deactivated. After that, the locks are removed.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Deactivate RUN/STOP: POKE 788,52
  • Switch on with POKE 788,49