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Type: Datasette
Producer: Commodore
Released: 1978
Discontinued: 199?
Info: differents models and designs

The datassette (or datasette) is Commodore's fancy name for a modified cassette tape recorder for use as a data medium; a data-cassette recorder. It connected via the Cassette Port. Commodore sold them under the model designations C2N or VIC 1530, designed for use with the VIC-20, C64 and PET and CBM 2000/3000/4000/8000/9000 models.

For the C16/116 and Plus/4 machines, Commodore marketed a third datassette type, the Commodore 1531.

A datassette is simple to use and a popular storage device amongst beginners. While datassettes are cheaper than a disk drive, the data transfer is very slow (~60 - 70 bytes/s), although higher transfer rates can be achieved with fast loaders (up to ten times more).

The datassette has its own cable permanently attached to it, carrying both data and the power needed for the unit. This cable connects to the datassette connector (square; 12-pins, with underparts 8 : 4) at the C64. The datassette accepts standard cassette tapes, and a 90-minutes tape (45 minutes on each side) will hold on the order of 150 kilobytes on each side if no compression or fast loader is used.

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