High Voltage SID Collection

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The High Voltage SID Collection is First, a collection of computer music, which is played with on a SID chip (a MOS Technology SID 6581/8580 SID), which is built into the Commodore home computers: C64, C128 and CBM-II series. Second, it is the name of the project to collect these fantastic old computer music and save it for the future.

Team[edit | edit source]

The team of the HVSC hasn't only the mission to insert new songs in the collection, but also to eliminate doubled listed songs, search unknown composers of SID music, and to find songs, etc. While the team members have changed over the years, it is meaningful to visit the official website (see Links below).

At the moment, active members are:

  • Stephan Schmid (Steppe)
  • Peter Sandén (Yodelking)
  • David Greiman (The Shark of INC)
  • Jan Diabelez Arent Harries (Rambones)
  • Adam Lorentzon
  • Andreas Varga (mr.sid)
  • Inge Høie Pedersen ("448")
  • Laust Brock-Nannestad
  • Simon White
  • Mariusz Mlynski (Magnate)
  • Chris Abbott
  • Wilfred Bos
  • Mariusz Rozwadowski (Ramos)
  • Stefan Wolff (Jox/WOW)
  • Rafal Szyja (Raf/Vulture Design)
  • Emiliano Peruch (Ian Coog)
  • Sebastian Sprenger (Professor Chaos)

Links[edit | edit source]

WP-W11.png Wikipedia: The_High_Voltage_SID_Collection