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Title image from the game
Game No. 335
Developer Antony Crowther, David Bishop
Company Image Works
Publisher Image Works
Musician Antony Crowther
HVSC-File MUSICIANS/C/Crowther_Antony/Bomb_Uzal.sid
Release 1988
Platform Amiga, Atari ST, C64, MS-DOS, Super NES
Genre Arcade, Logic
Gamemode Single player
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}}
Media Icon disk525.png, Tape-icon.png
Language Language:english


Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
7.81 points at 16 votes (rank 134).
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C64Games 8 03rd July 2010 - "Super" - 2646 downs
Lemon64 7,9 03rd July 2010 - 63 votes 6,57 15th October 2010 - 7 votes
ASM 8/12 Issue 89/01
Zzap64 97% Issue 88/12


The aim of this logic game is to targetedly detonate all bombs and mines within a time limit. After the last detonation, Bomb Uzal needs to be on a secure field. There are altogether 130 levels. Per successful level you get an extra life. For every eight successfully solved levels you get a password at the end, so you do not have to start again anew each time.

Game elements[edit]

Ground fields[edit]

Bombuzal Tile 1 Normal.png Normal field is destroyed by an explosion.
Bombuzal Tile 2 Riveted.png Armour plate field this rivetted field stays even after an explosion.
Bombuzal Tile 4 Ice.png Ice field the pawn slides further until it meets the next ice-free field.
Bombuzal Tile 5 Dissolver.png Dissolving field after leaving this field it disappears.
Bombuzal Tile 3 Slotted.png Slotted field a bomb that lies on this field can be pushed along the slot.

Bombs and mines[edit]

Bombuzal Mine 1.png Mine If the pawn steps on a mine, the field and the pawn will explode!
Bombuzal Bomb 1.png small bomb First activate the bomb. Then leave the field and the bomb detonates and destroys the field. If there is another bomb at an adjacent field, there will be a chain reaction.
Bombuzal Bomb 2.png middle bomb It has a radius of one field more than the small bomb. Therefore it must not be ignited directly, but only in combination.
Bombuzal Bomb 3.png big bomb This one has again a bigger radius than the middle bomb. Therefore also this bomb must not be ignited directly.
Bombuzal Bomb 4 Swell.gif variable bomb The variable bomb constantly changes its size (small/middle/big). For the explosion the bomb size is valid that was visible at the first press on the fire button.
Bombuzal Bomb 5 A-Bomb.png A bomb All A bombs are connected to each other. If an A bomb explodes, then also all other A bombs detonate.

Functional fields[edit]

Bombuzal Feature 1 Switch.png Switch An additional field is switched on or off by activating this field.
Bombuzal Feature 2 PowerTemple.png Power field When an explosion reaches this field, it is stopped.
Bombuzal Feature 3 Spinner.gif Spinner This field pushes the pawn into a random direction.
Bombuzal Feature 4 Teleporter.png Teleport The pawn is teleported. During teleportation it is immune against explosions.


Bombuzal Droid Bubble.png Droid Bubble If it is activated it can be controlled. It only dies after a bomb/mine was ignited.
Bombuzal Droid Squeak.png Droid Squeak If it is activated it can be controlled. It dies after touching a bomb/mine.


Bombuzal Enemy Dexter.gif Dexter An enemy that moves clockwise along the fields (if possible).
Bombuzal Enemy Sinister.gif Sinister An enemy that moves anti-clockwise along the fields (if possible).


Level 1 - the game area from the bird's eye view.
Level 1 - the game area in alternative 3D display.
In the status display you see the following: * the current score * the lives left * the time bonus * the current level * the number of bombs/mines left

The game has a scrolling background, a title tune, numerous sound effects and speech output ("get ready" and "happy birthday").


Controls in the title screen[edit]

With a press on the fire button you get to the menu for the game mode.

  • Joystick forwards 2D Game: game in bird's eye view
  • Joystick backwards 3D Game: game in 3D display
  • Joystick left Restart: restart the game
  • Joystick right Continue: continue the game (last level from the last game)
  • press fire button start the game
  • C=  enter secret code to continue the game in a higher level

Controls in the game[edit]

  • In all directions move pawn into one of the four directions
  • press fire button keep pressed until the countdown has run out: activate bomb (bomb only detonates when you have left the field!)
  • press fire button press short: pick up or put down bomb (only possible on slotted field)
  • Space  show overview map (countdown continues)
  • C=  leave game


  • If you keep the pawn constantly on the move, the time will count down more slowly.
  • For complex levels the overview map might be helpful.


Level codes[edit]

Level Password Level Password Level Password
001 BOMB 008 RACE 016 RATT
024 LISA 032 DAVE 040 IRON
048 LEAD 056 WEED 064 RING
072 GIRL 080 GOLD 088 OPAL
096 SONG 104 FIRE 112 LAMP
120 TREE 128 SINK

Level maps[edit]

Level 1
Bomb UzalLevel1.png
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Level 11
Level 12
Level 13
Level 14
Level 15
Level 16
Level 17
Level 18
Level 19
Level 20
Level 21
Level 22
Level 23
Level 24
Level 25



Werner: "Surely one of the best logical games for the C64. By the big amount of diversity in the game elements, boredom is not to be coming up quickly. The password system also needs to be mentioned positively. I find the small, difficult levels especially successful. Big levels are a bit too complex despite the overview map. Unfortunately, when using the teleport fields you are not shown the target field, so you need to try out first. Despite the small deficiencies it is an excellent and fascinating logic game. 8.5 points!".

FXXS: "The optional overview map is too small to be really useful and the colour changes in the status line are at the beginning irritating but otherwise it is technically solid. 8 points."





Topscore of FXXS
  1. FXXS - 81.350 - 33 (11.10.2013)
  2. Werner - 40.070 - 23 (24.07.2010)
  3. Sledgie - 25.130 - 17 (24.07.2010)

#2 Werner #3 Sledgie
#2 Werner #3 Sledgie