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Title image from the game
Game No. 454
Developer Christian Gleinser (alias ZeHa)
Publisher Dr. Wuro Industries
Musician Christian Gleinser
Release 2017
Platform C64
Genre Miscellaneous
Gamemode up to 4 players (simultaneous)
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Media Icon disk525.png
Language Language:english
Information * Freeware
* Download: Website
* Boxed version with printed manual and diskette is available recently.


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Frogs is a 4-player frog pond game for 2 to 4 players at a graphical designed frog pond with cool party music. There are 3 game modes with different tasks to solve. Lily pads are very dangerous, because sometimes they dive down...
...also the players themselves should should be carfeul where their frogs jump.

The three game modes (jobs):

  • Countdown: The players must push the opponent's frogs (each 1 point) into the water. The player with the last frog left wins. Here the end score is counting downwards!
  • Battle: The players must push the opponent's frogs (each 1 point) into the water. The first player who reaches the end score, wins.
  • Bug Hunt: The players must collect the previoisly set score of random appearing bugs (each 1 point). The first player who reaches this score, wins.

The game supports the classical games 4-player interface, it is, however, also playable as a 2-player game if the interface is unavailable. It was nevertheless designed explicitly as a 4-player game and it provides the most fun in this mode.


An interesting designed frog pond (level or pond A - F) with good animated, happy frogs.

Pond B with 4 frogs or players.
Pond C with 2 frogs.
Bug Hunt with 2 players.


Game over - end animation.


The game is controlled with 2 to 4 joysticks using a 4 player interface in user port or one joystick in port 1.

  • RUN/STOP  Abort the game


In the main menu the following options can be set using the joystick:

  • Players: 2 - 4
  • Game Mode: Countdown, Battle or Bug Hunt
  • Score: 10 to 50 (in 10 steps)
  • Pond: A - F (level selection)
  • Music: on/off
  • Start Game



None known.


Jodigi: "A funny 'push a frog into the lake game' for a few friends in a nice meeting..."




The author said, there are eastereggs inside. If you found one, please tell us here about that.


No highscore possible in this game. The winner has always the score chosen in the settings when winning.


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  • CSDb KD+C128-Fix (Laxity)