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Hello C64-Freaks,

I'm one of the German admins of the
I mean, my English isn't good enough by half, but I try to write some articles here, too.

My interests by the C64 (and other Commodore computers) are programming in BASIC, using old hardware, collecting homecomputermagazines and computerbooks of the eigthies.

I live in Germany and was born in 1975. My first contact with the famous C64 (my first own computer) are in December of the year 1985 (Christmas Eve of course).
Today I use also a PC (desktop and notebook).
But I can't forget the good old times of the homecomputer C64...

Other informations about me on the

My Bachelor degree is ready, but now I study also for the Master degree...!

In the moment I'm a student and so i haven't got so much time for these very good project of C64-Wiki.

My first articles or translatings: 64'er, Ahoy! (Magazine), C64-Wiki:About, BASIC: LOAD, RUN_(BASIC), SAVE, Binary Number, Bit, C64, C64-Commands, Commodore Computing International (Magazine), Commodore Force (Magazine), Commodore Format (Magazine), Commodore Horizons (Magazine), datasette, RUN (Magazine), VIC-1541, Welcome

PS: I have written so much articles here...


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