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Hello C64-Freaks,
I'm one of the German Admins of the
I mean, my English isn't good enough by half, but I try to write some articles here, too.

My interests by the C64 (and other Commodore computers) are programming in BASIC, using old hardware, collecting homecomputermagazines and computerbooks of the eigthies.

I life in Germany and was born in 1975. My first contact with the C64 are in december of the year 1985.
Today I use a PC, too.
Also I can't forget the good old times of the homecomputer C64...

Other informations about me on the

In the moment I'm a student and so i haven't got so much time for these very good project of C64-Wiki.

My first articles or translatings: 64'er, Ahoy! (Magazine), C64-Wiki:About, BASIC: LOAD, RUN_(BASIC), SAVE, Binary Number, Bit, C64, C64-Commands, Commodore Computing International (Magazine), Commodore Force (Magazine), Commodore Format (Magazine), Commodore Horizons (Magazine), datasette, RUN (Magazine), VIC-1541, Welcome


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