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A multiplayer interface is an interface for additional standard joystick ports. The interface must be plugged into the user port or control port and extends the computer to 2 or 8 additional joystick ports generating a total of 4 to 10 joysticks that can be used simultaneously. These are not usually compatible with each other and need to be supported by the game.

For the C64/128 a selection of interfaces and games exist, which are listed below. One interface and game for the VIC 20 also exists, called 8 Player Panic which supports up to 9 players simultaneously.[1]

4 Player Interface Using WinVICE[edit | edit source]

Protovision adaptor by Individual Computers
  • VICE v2.4, v3.1 supports the following adaptors:
    CGA - (Classical Games / Protovision), PET, Hummer, OEM, HIT - (Digital Excess / Hitmen), Kingsoft, Starbyte
  • Selectable via "Userport Joystick Settings".

Pictures of other Multiplayer Interfaces[edit | edit source]

Singular Crew (CGA+D&H+D&H2)

Multiplayer Interface Games[edit | edit source]

These games support a multiplayer interface:

Title Year Description # Joysticks Adaptor adapted by VICE
Tie Break 1990 original 1-4 S Starbyte x
Bug Bomber 1992 Bomberman clone 1-4 K Kingsoft x
Bomb Mania 1997 Bomberman clone 2-4 C Protovision x
Bomb Mania patch 1998 Bomb Mania (1997) patch 2-4 C, N Da!NyL x
Space Balls 1998 original 2-8 B Pantorotto
Quadris 1998 Tetris clone 1-4 C Protovision x
Bomb Mania patch 1999 Bomb Mania (1997) patch 2-4 C, D DXS & HIT x
Pac It (Demo) 2000 Pacman clone 1-4 C Protovision x
Quadtron 2000 Snakes clone 2-4 C Protovision x
IK+ Gold 2001 International Karate + (1987) hack 1-3 C, D, N The Dreams x
Thrust Gold 2001 Thrust (1986) patch 1 N Ninja/The Dreams
Snakes 4 Snakes 2002 Snakes clone 2-4 C Protovision x
Rampage Gold 2003 Rampage (1987) hack 1-3 C, D, N The Dreams x
Grubz (preview) 2004 Worms clone 2-4 C Singular Crew x
Hockey Mania 2004 original 2-4 C Protovision x
Marble Madness (Nostalgia-Version) 2004 Marble Madness (1986) hack 1-4 C Nostalgia x
Phong 2004 Pong clone 1-4 C, N Instinct/Triad x
Amazing Maze 2005 Amazing Maze (1983) hack 1-3 C Triad x
Team Patrol 2005 original 2-4 C Protovision x
Tour de France 2005 2005 original 2-4 C Hack n' Trade x
Tanks 3000 2006 original 2-4 C Protovision x
Garrison (Nostalgia-Version) 2007 Gauntlet (1986) hack 1-4 C, D Nostalgia x
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (Nostalgia-Version) 2007 Super Off Road (1990) hack 1-3 C, D Nostalgia x
Alone in the Green 2009 original 1-4 C Edikles x
M.U.L.E. (Peiselulli-Version) 2011 M.U.L.E. (1983) hack 1-4 C Peiselulli c
Space Lords 2011 Pong clone 1-4 C x
Square Attack 2011 original 4 C Prof. Pi^2 x
Icon Run 2012 original ?-4 C Evil Joe x
Bomberland 2013 Bomberman clone 1-4 C Samar Productions (SMR) x
Octron 2013 Tron clone 2-8 C+C enthusi of Onslaught x
Schlimeisch Mania 2013 Snakes clone 1-8 I Unreal
Race 2014 Car race original 1-8 C, I, P Sokrates x
Kim Pong - the Fair and Democratic Tele-Football 2015 Pong clone 1-4 C Technische Maschinenfabrik x
Jam It 2015 Basketball original 1-4 C Throwback Games x
Snafu'64 2016 Snafu clone 2-4 C Megastyle x
Tiger Claw (C64 in Pixels Edition) 2016 original 1-4 C Lazycow x
Shotgun 2016 original 2-4 C Dr. Wuro Industries x
Frogs 2017 original 2-4 C Dr. Wuro Industries x
Race+ 2017 Car race original 1-8 C, I, P Sokrates x
Zatacka 2017 Tron clone 2-4 C Rabenauge x
Schlimeisch Mania II 2018 Snakes clone 1-8 I Unreal
The Walking Death 2018 original 2-8 I Unreal
Mashed Turtles 2018 original 2-8 C, M, I Angelsoft x
Space Moguls 2018 original 2-4 C, I, P Protovision x
Dice8 2018 original 2-8 I, M Unreal x
Bruce Lee - Return of Fury‎‎ 2019 Bruce Lee clone 1-4 C Protovision x
Straight Up 2021 original 1-4 C, P Dr. Wuro Industries x

Adaptor: S = Starbyte, C = Protovision / Classical Games (CGA), D = Digital Excess & Hitmen (HIT), N = Ninjas SNES pad, K = Kingsoft, B = Space Balls, I = Inception, M = Multijoy, P = SuperPad

Description: original/clone = new implementation, patch = patch for existing game, hack = not authorized release based on an existing game

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