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Title screen from the game
Game No. 464
Voting 7.94 points, 17 votes
Developer Chris Gray
Publisher US Gold
Release 1986
Platform C64
Genre Flight (Military)
Gamemode Single player
Operation Icon Port2.pngJoystick + Keyboard
Media DisketteDatassette
Language Language:english
Information Follower:
Infiltrator Part II - The Next Day

Description[edit | edit source]

The background story

... Prepare for Takeoff
... Top Secret

Arriving on your moderate contry estate/training field/experimental airplan checking station, you read an especially coded note, that was left for you by an agent (you were lucky, because your thesis included combinatory math and cryptography!)

Message for captain Jonny "Jimbo Baby" McGibbits/AKA The Infiltrator STOP
Concerning: End of The World (finally) STOP
Captain STOP We need you STOP The World is about to end STOP Only you can save us STOP The Wizbang Enterprises Gizmo'TM' DHX-1 attack helicopter is on its landing place STOP The crazy scientist needs to be stopped STOP Stop him by all means STOP Attached is a Gizmo'TM' flying manual, secret code notes and other information for the mission STOP Weapons, film (development prepaid and envelope enclosed) and McGibbit's guidelines to the ground premises infiltration (pocket edition) STOP
Good Luck Jimbo Baby - The World's future is in your hands STOP
Brigadegeneral Bunson "Old Blood`n`Guts" O`Shaughnessy

"What else is new" is what you say as you gather your stuff and go to the waiting Gizmo. "The cardiac surgery needs to wait this afternoon. I hope the patient can cope with this." And while whistling the tune for your new tv series you start for rescueing the World. . . All your missions start at the home base that lies just outside of your country border. At the site you are informed about the target of your mission right before the takeoff. You need to successfully steer your helicopter from the home base through the hostile air space and reach one of the premises of the crazy scientist, to accomplish the ground mission that you were given during the information talk. Altogether, there are three missions to accomplish. If gets more difficult each time, corresponding to your rising abilities and your worldwide reputation. Good luck! !

Design[edit | edit source]

... been too uncareful ...
... time to get changed ...

An action flying simulation with arcade adventure elements. In the base you need to camouflage and feint. There are altogether 3 missions whereby the next is only availabe when the previous was solved. Very good graphics, but long loading times.

Hints[edit | edit source]

Flying Manual[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Wizbang Family. You should feel rather well at the moment. You have just bought the Whizbang Enterprises Gizmo DHX-1 Attack Chopper. Here at Whizbang we simply call him "The Snuffmaster". Again, very welcome to the family. You will like it. Your new Whizbang Gizmo DHX-1 Attack Chopper is equipped with the following Whizbang features:

  • Twin drive engine Whizbang Whirler'TM' with turbine thrust up to a speed of over 450 knots.
  • Four Whizbang Waster'TM' heat-seeking air-air-missiles.
  • Two 20mm automatic cannons Whizbang Whizzer'TM'.
  • Magnesium flares against heat-seeking missiles.
  • Chaff caster against radar missiles.
  • Turbo booster Whizbang Whomper'TM'.
  • Ultra-high developed radio communication unit.
  • Modern computer-controlled direction, steering and recon equipment.
  • Silent flying mode Whizbang Whisper'TM'.

Start[edit | edit source]

... the start

When you enter the cockpit of your Gizmo, you will face ultra high developed operating controls. Through the wind screen you see your home base. Below the wind screen your hands that hold the control stick. Maybe you want to start after you have looked at your manicured hands. For this you do the following:

  1. Switch on battery by pressing the key B  .
  2. Switch on computer and communication unit by pressing S  . With this all computer screens are switched on and at the top of the display the warning lights appear.
  3. Switch on motor ignition by pressing the key I  . The engine has only enough power after reaching the 2300 r/min.
  4. Pull back joystick, until you have taken off from the landing mat and you see the landscape with the mountains in the distance.
  5. Press fire button (You notice that your right hand on the display notices that), and push the joystick forwards to accelerate.

Whizbang Enterprises - pride, tradition and the highest employee mortality rate of all enterprises in the free world.

The controls[edit | edit source]


The joystick controls all movements of the helicopter.

  • Joystick backwards Pull joystick backwards to rise
  • Joystick forwards Push joystick forwards to lower
  • Joystick forwards and press fire button To speed up keep fire button pressed and push forwards
  • Joystick backwards and press fire button To slow down keep fire button press and pull backwards
  • Joystick left For incline to the left push joystick to the left
  • Joystick right For incline to the right push joystick to the right
  • Joystick right and press fire button To turn to the right, keep fire button pressed and push to the right
  • Joystick left and press fire button To turn to the left, keep fire button pressed and push to the left
  • press fire button To fire the selected weapon (also flares, chaff) keep joystick in neutral position and press fire button


Is used to steer all functions in the helicopter:
B   switches on the battery
S   switches on the computer and the radio communication unit
I   switches on the ignition
G   unlocks the cannons
R   unlocks the heat-seeking missiles
F   positionss the flares for use
C   positions the chaff for use
H   switches on the head-up display
W   switches on the silent mode
*   changes the view to the communication unit
T   changes view to the computer terminal
+   switches on the turbo booster
-   switches off the turbo booster

The Space   key has the following functions:

  • switches off the weapons on the cockpit screen
  • switches back to the cockpit view from the communication screen
  • switches back to the computer terminal from the status display or the tactical map screen

Displays in the cockpit[edit | edit source]

... the cockpit displays
(1) = Battery temperature (11) = Computer terminal
(2) = Display head up (12) = Missiles
(3) = Speed gauge (13) = Chaff caster
(4) = Incoming missile (14) = Silent mode on
(5) = Flares (15) = Fuel gauge
(6) = Cannons unlocked (16) = Turbo booster display
(7) = Radio communication unit (17) = Altitude meter
(8) = Rev meter r/min. (18) = Automatic direction finder
(9) = Artificial horizon (19) = Oil temperature gauge
(10) = Compass (20) = Different warning lights

Artificial horizon (9)

Artificial horizon

The artificial horizon indicates your position with the help of the positioning of the horizontal line in relation to the stabilization point. Also the degree of inclination is given and whether you are in descent or climb. The speed of the descent or climb is also shown by the artificial horizon. When the artificial horizon in the gauge is flat and in the middle, you are flying straight and horizontally.

Compass (10)


The compass shows the direction of the Gizmo in degrees, in analogue and digital format. The scale is exact in steps of 23 degrees. The digital measured value has a narrower tolerance.

Fuel gauge (15)
The horizontal line shows indicates the fuel that is left. The tank is empty when the red line disappears.

Oil and battery temperature (19, 1)
These two lines at the upper part of the screen show the temperature of battery and oil. When the line reaches the red zone, the heat is critical, the temperature warning lights flash and a warning signal sounds until you lower the heat (by throttling the speed to lower the strain on the battery or by switching off the turbo loader to save oil).

Warning lights (20)
E Engine damaged
B Battery overheated
O Oil overheated
F Fuel supply low
A Altitude below 200'
R too low revs in the engine or the rotors
The warning lights notifiy you about severe conditions that need to be resolved. You have a certain direct control over the warning lights B, O and A. The lights E, F and R refer to problems that cannot be corrected during a flight. In these cases you should reach your destination as quickly as possible to avoid further damage during an air fight.

Speed gauge (3)

Speed gauge

This scale shows the corresponding flyign speed of the Gizmo in knots. The digital display below the scale shows the same information. The top speed is 450 knots (without turbo loader switched on).

Automatic direction finder (18)

Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)

The automatic direction finder (ADF) helps you to arrive at the right destination. You best programme it instantly after the start. Once it is programmed, the ADF always points to the destination. When you move forwards and the ADF points straight, you finally reach your destination no matter what direction is shown in the compass. During the flight, the ADF does of course turn and adjust to the direction of the Gizmo. The ADF does only move if you turn the helicopter or if you incline into the curve. To correct the direction of your helicopter so that it is pointing to the destination, you can either turn the helicopter (to make small adjustments) or incline the machine to make more drastic changes in direction.

If the ADF flashes then it was not properly programmed at the communication terminal (see Landing). The ADF flashes and turns heavily when the destination has been reached. Then prepare for landing.

This is what Jonny McGibbits, super helicopter pilot who is known worldwide as the Infiltrator, has to say about the new Gizmo'TM' DHX: "Great, I love these seats. Do I get paid for this?"

Altitude meter (17)

Altitude meter

The altitude meter shows the corresponding height in feet. The scale is divided into 60-feet sections. So you better use the digital display which is more accurate. Each time the pointer passes the 12:00 it registers 1000 feet. The maximum altitude is limited to 8000 feet. If your altitude drops below 200 feet, the warning light for low altitude and the alarm signal will switch on.

Display r/min (8)

Rev meter

The display for r/min (revolutions per minute) shows the speed with which the rotor blades turn. Helicopter rotor blades do not accelarate or slow down to keep a constant speed, as the movement is only produced by the inclination of the rotor blades. The board computer system controls the revolutions per minute and keeps them on a constant level. 2000 r/min are the optimum.

Before the revolutions speed has not reached or exceeded the optimum value, you will not be able to fly. Then the start alarm sounds until the Gizmo has taken off.

Missile warning lights (4)

Missile warning lights

The missile warning lights left to the dashboard flash and show that a missile is approaching your Gizmo. There is also a warning siren. When the light R is switched on, a cruise missile approaches the Gizmo, and for camouflage you need to use chaff. When the light H is switched on, a heat-seeking missile is approaching the Gizmo and you need to use flares for camouflage.
When the warning light
R is alight, instantly press key C  , then press the fire button
When warning light
H is alight, instantly press key F  , then fire button.

Dweezil McGibbits (who is not related to the Infiltrator), president and director of the Whizbang has the following to say about the new Gizmo'TM' DHX-1: "The courts decided that we are innocent concerning all charges of negligent construction! I hope the judge likes his new house in Hawaii. . . "

Armament[edit | edit source]

The next four weapons are represented by push buttons, they flash when they are switched on. They can be found at the lower right in the cockpit. After unlocking, they can be used by pressing and letting go of the fire button. Each weapon can be damaged or put out of operation by hostile fire.

Cannons (6)
The Whizbang Whizzer'TM' cannons, calibre 200mm are unlocked by pressing the key G  . An enemy in the crossline of the HUD (Head-Up-Display) can be damaged or destroyed when you aim for it. You have unlimited amount of ammunition.

Missiles (12)
By pressing the key R   (rocket) the Whizbang Whaster'TM' heat-seeking air-air-missiles are unlocked. If you want to hit an enemy, it needs to be visible but not in your crossline. Each mission is limited to 4 rockets.

Flares (5)
By pressing the key F   the flares are unlocked. They are used as camouflage against the heat-seeking missiles of the enemy. The flares, which are made of magnesium, pretend that the flares are your exhaust.

Chaff (13)
In contrast to the heat-seeking missiles, you protect yourself against the enemy's guided missiles by throwing chaff during the flight, by which a wrong image of the Gizmo is created. By pressing the key C   chaff is thrown down.

As children's love towards a pet - we also use love and care and take over a certain responsibility for each Whizbang Antipersonnel Mine.

Further features[edit | edit source]

Display HUD (2)
By pressing the key H   the sign HUD appears (Head Up Display). By using most modern technique, the computer-created crossline of your cannons appear above your windscreen. You can use the crossline to position your cannons on a target. After unlocking the cannons, you should hit every item that is within your crossline. Missiles do not use a visible target tracking, so you can switch off the HUD, if you like, by pressing the key H   again.

Turbo Booster (16)
Press the key +   to switch on the Whizbang Whooper'TM' Turbo Booster. Press the key -   to switch off the turbo booster. During this the oil heats up very fast, so this button needs to be used carefully. When the turbo booster is switched on, the turbo display at the right of the dashboard switches on. The turbo can lose its function when it is hit by a hostile shot.

Silent Mode (14)
By pressing the key W   the Whizbang Whisper'TM' is switched on (standard equpiment of your Gizmo'TM' DHX-1). With this your Gizmo effectively works without any noise. The silent mode can be switched on when you try to make a secret landing as otherwise hostile ground folks could become aware of the noises of your helicopter. When you have switched to silent mode, the display light at the right of the dashboard will light up.

Assuming you want to interrupt the game and make a small pause after all this excitement: For this you either switch to the computer terminal (by pressing the key T  ) or to the information screen (by pressing the key *  ). Any press on a key that has no special function brings you back to action.

Whizbang Enterprises. We accompany you at every turn. Only valid within the country borders.

The computer terminal[edit | edit source]

... the status display
... The tactical map

The computer terminal, the small screen which is at the right of the cockpit, is switched on by pressing the key T  . Then, a list of weapons appears and two additional categories for the update of the status. By pressing a key without any specific function you get back to the cockpit view. If your computer system was destroyed by hostile shots, then the cockpit terminal appears in black and you have no access. The weapon storage appears in the shape of LED bar charts which give the
M = missiles
F = flares
C = chaff
that are left. Press the key 1   or 2   to get status information avout the helicopter or to check your tactical map.

1. Status display
This tells you the status of your Gizmo. When you suffered damages, the image of the Gizmo at the top of the screen is covered with visible circles at the place where damage has been done, accompanied by flashing text descriptions. Below that are the displays for the leftover missiles, flares and chaff. The ammunition for the cannons is unlimited. By pressing the key Space   you return to the main terminal screen.

2. Tactical map
On the screen there is a small computer screen with a digital display. The number value is your calculated ADF frequency. (more details see Communications). The big raster map below that is the tactical map of the country. Your position is shown by a flashing ball with a shadow beneath it. The distance between the ball and the shadow is your height. When you have programmed the ADF a small flag also appears on the map. This is your destination. The display can be used to determine your relative position to the destianation at any time during your mission. To return to the main terminal, press the key Space  .

Johnny "Jimbo Baby" McGibbits says: "If you mull the mission, you can forget the fim rights.

Communications[edit | edit source]

The Whizbang Gizmo'TM' DHX-1 is equipped with a highly developed radio communication unit which is often required for accomplishing a mission. By pressing the key *   on the keyboard you get from the cockpit display to the radio terminal. (Which is to the left of the cockpit screen). Be careful - this equipment can be destroyed by hostile fire. It is used as follows:

Press key A   to programme the Automatic Direction Finder (ADF). Enter the three numbers from the tactical display but without the decimal comma. Your ADF is now programmed. You do not need to reprogramme it, except when the entered numbers were wrong. Your ADF does not work properly when the numbers are wrong!

Press the key S   to switch into the sending mode. With this operating mode, you can send messages to other machines or to ground control stations. When you are in the operating mode "send", you can enter messages into the radio cell at the top of the screen.

To delete a letter, you need to use the key DEL  . By pressing the key RETURN   the message is either sent to another machine or to a ground control station. The blinking S or R show the corresponding state. S = send, R = receive . Press the key Space   to return to the cockput view.

Dweezil McGibbets (not related to the Infiltrator), President and Managing Director here at Whizbang, has to say the following about Whizbang Enterprises, the manufacturer of the new Gizmo'TM' DHX-1: "I had a hard time getting forwards in life. I inherited everything. Yes, yes, I can remember when my father founded the business, in 1939..."

Other machines[edit | edit source]

... Who is that ...

When you start with a mission by flying to the destination with your helicopter, you will meet other machines on the way. Some of them can be flown by other Infiltrators, who also try to muddle up the plans of the crazy scientist, while others support the crazy scientist and his evil aims. There are three different types: friends, enemies and lunatics.

When you meet other machines you need to find out whether it is a friend or a foe. As your machine does not carry identification either, other pilots will also try to determine to which side you belong and what purpose you follow by talking to you via radio (by sending and receiving messages).

You should aways try to make the first contact with an unknown machine. As soon as you see a machine for the first time, press the key *  . When you are on the radio screen, press the key S   to send a message. The only keywords that the radio units of other machines understand are:

INFILTRATOR (identity of a friend)
OVERLORD (identity of a foe)

After asking the identity of another machine, check the answer for a code name. With some experience you will be able to distinguish friendly code names from hostile ones. With this you have the necessary information to answer the question for identification correctly. Given the right identification to a machine allows you to continue your mission unobstructedly. When giving the wrong identity there will be a fight which lasts until one of the machines is destroyed.

By the way, the lunatics I mentioned above were not a joke. Some of the other infiltrator pilots have turned crazy due to the heavy stress and then it is actually of no importance which code you use in an answer. You will always get attacked and in this case you need to fight against a former friend which has turned to a deadly enemy.

Example for names of friends: Whipple, Haymish
Example for names of foes: Boomer, Scum
Example radio messages:
You: Request ID
other machine: Whipple requesting Identifikation
You: Infiltrator
other machine: Good Luck, Johnny
You: Request ID
other machine: Haymish requesting Identifikation
You: Overlord
Wrong code in the answer! The other machine attacks!

Landing[edit | edit source]

... rather many trees here ...

After arriving at the allocated destination you need to land to continue your mission. To land safely, you need to make sure that:

1. you have switched on the silent mode Whizbang Whisper'TM'.
2. your speed is 20 - 0 knots.
3. the altitude of the artificial horizon and that you are not inclined.
4. your descent rate has the lowest value.

After having sunk below 200 feet, you will hear the warning sound for low altitude. Set the descent speed to lowest value. Wait until the altitude has lowerd to zero, the Gizmo shakes and touches down on the ground noisily. When you landed at the correct destination as programmed with the ADF, the ADF pointer black/white will flash and turn like blazes. Remember that you must have switched to silent mode Whizbang Whisper'TM' for the enemy not to notice your landing. To start again, simply raise your altitude by pulling back the joystick and raise your flying speed. While you are on the ground, avoid declines, acceleration and turning, because otherwise the helicopter will get destroyed.

OK, we have not invented the helicopter. We are only humans. We are Whizbang Enterprises. Anything else??

How to crash[edit | edit source]

... that's not the way!

As an experienced pilot you know that flying a helicopter is very dangerous. Although we at Whizbang have tried to build in every imaginable security feature into your Whizbang Gizmo'TM' DHX-1 Attack Chopper, there are always certain situations where something unexpected can happen. So think of that and be careful. Due to advice from our lawyers every Gizmo'TM' DHX-1 is delievered with the following waiver declaration: Whizbang Enterprises and its directors guarantee NOTHING to the buyer or pilots except that your cheque has been cashed before delivery and that we are not liable for anything happening after the purchase (except when it is good, for what we are fully responsible and we reserve the right that our name appears in future advertisements).

Specific reasons for "premature retirement" are:

  • wrong start
  • wrong landing
  • too much damage
  • engine failures by hostiles shots
  • overheated oil (too heavy use of the turbo loader)
  • overheated battery (too high speed)
  • fuel shortage
  • when you do something really stupid (including the above mentioned points)!

Remember that when you crash (although we told you not to do so!) you start the same mission anew. When you abort the game after having successfully accomplised a mission, you can choose to start from the beginning or start a new unaccomplished mission when you load the game again. However, you cannot start a new mission before you have accomplished the previous one.

Dweezil McGibbits (not related to the Infiltrator) Vice President and CEO here at Whizbang, has to say the following about the new Gizmo 'TM' DHX-1: "Guarantee? mmh. . . you do not really need that. It is for cowards. I will show you the new passenger seat belts..."

Ground installation infiltration[edit | edit source]

When landing[edit | edit source]

... successful landing
... mission accomplished
... status screen
... keep a low profile
... ammunition

After having landed, your view changes. Now you look downwards onto you and see yourself standing next to your familiar Gizmo. You need to imagine that you are on guard, the same as you need to imagine during flight that you were an enemy. To avoid the enemy is the most important ground mission.

The aim is to accomplish the mission as described in the information without getting captured, blown up and without running out of time. The game consists of three missions which get more and more difficult. After you have accomplished one mission you will get the next task.

Mission accomplished and leaving the game
After successfully accomplishing your ground mission, go back to the helicopter. When the cockpit appears on the screen again you are in the helicopter again, so you can fly home.

When you have not accomplished your mission you cannot enter the helicopter. You can check whether you have accomplished your mission by going through the screen for your weapon supplies. When you have finished your task a message appears, so that you know that you can hop off.

Ground control and inventory list[edit | edit source]

You are the small dark grey person on the screen. You have limited time and can use several useful items (your weapon supply), that help you to accomplish your mission. By pushing the joystick you move into the corresponding direction, except for when you are occupied with an item, that is currently active. An active item is an item from your weapon list that was chosen for the mission. Please note that at the start of your mission your papers are already set as an active item.

Fire button
Press fire button to switch on the active item. The corresponding, active item is always shown at the bottom of the main screen. Independent from the activated item you may not be able to move until you are done.

With the space key you can pause the game and continue again.

Johnny "Jimbo Baby" McGibbits says: "Remember, boys and girls, never search what belongs to others, at least not as long as they are looking!"

With the inventory screen you can change the active items and show important information. You can choose an item by moving the cursor. Press the space key again (or any key without special function), to return to the main screen. The newly chosen item is active and this is shown at the bottom of the screen. After returning from the inventory screen, the chosen item is activated by a press on the fire button. Furthermore, important items that you have found during your search appear in a text line at the bottom of the inventory screen. These items are activated when needed without a need to select them first. (see "Disturbance of the mission" and "Hostile bases" which gives details about the search for items and the activation of items). You inventory includes:

Sleeping gas Sleeping gas
You have a hidden can in your jacket, which contans a colourless, scentless sleeping gas. Everyone that is sprayed with it, will sleep for several seconds and forget what happened. By pressing the fire button the gas is spread. Due to a special treatment you are immune against the gas.

Papers Papers
These are your fake ID papers. You should activate you papers when a guard asks you for them. When this happens instantly move towards the guards. If you do not have your papers ready, quickly switch to the inventory screen and choose them. Then return to the main screen and press the fire button When you show your papers the guard will decide whether they are "ok" or not. If they are ok, you can go on working as undiscovered Infiltrator. If they are not ok, you have a short time span to set the guard to sleep or run away, before it tries to arrest you. Be warned that if you run away the guard will alarm the whole complex! (see Disturbance of the mission).

Camera Camera
The camera is used to photograph important documents. To use it properly, stand in front of the respective documents and press the fire button. Only one image per rooom is allowed.

Gas grenade Gas grenade
This grenade has the same effect as the sleeping gas, except that is has a greater reach. If it is used in a room, all guards in this room will be set to sleep.

Johnny "Jimbo Baby" McGibbits says: "I do not go anywhere without my McGibbits Trim-Fit'TM' bullet-proof super jeans. Timeless style, seamless fit and safe against close shots - everything for a reasonable price."
Mine searcher Mine searcher
It is used to search for mines. After selecting the mine searcher on the status screen, it can be used by pressing the fire button while you move on hostile ground. You can hear how the mine searcher works. If you tread on a mine and the searcher is switched on, the mine will be harmless and it will be found. If you step on a mine without the searcher switched in, this will be deadly - and dumb.

Explosive Explosives
Explosives are made active by choosing the explosive symbol on the status screen, and are then put down below the main operating panel in the control room or below the table in the lab by pushing the joystick upwards. Only one bomb per room is allowed. After putting down your last bomb an automatic timer with countdown starts. Then you have approx. 20 sec. to leave the building before all bombs explode. If you cannot escape during this time, then 'never to be seen again', (That's it, Jimbo Baby).

Current information
At the bottom of the status screen there are four diagrammes that update the following objects:
Spray - how much sleeping gas you have left
Grenades - the number of sleeping gas grenades that are left
Explosives - how many loads of explosives you have left
Film - how many pictures you still can take

Keyboard controls
By pressing the following keys while you are on the main screen, the same effects happen as when using the cursor on the status screen to choose an item:
S   Sleeping gas
P   Papers
G   Gas grenade
M   Mine searcher
E   Explosives
C   Camera

Disturbances of the mission[edit | edit source]

The hostile guards in the complex are fanatically loyal to the crazy scientist. They have the task to control certain areas of the complex. They are impeccable in fulfilling their task. If one of the guards catches you, he will ask you for your papers. If you do not show them, he will give the alarm and you will be chased by the guards in the whole complex. Within the building of the complex an electronic key temporarily switches off the alarm, but this does only work once in every mission. When you search for the electronic key, a text line on the status screen will show that you have found it. Then find the alarm control unit. As soon as you stand in front of the card slot, press the joystick forwards. The card is pushed in and the alarm is switched off.

Outside the building complex a talking guard will turn red (from dark grey). You need to follow the instructions that the guard gives you or otherweise you will risk to be found out. If you run away from the guard that talks to you, he will switch on the alarm. The things the guards say appear on the bottom of the screen.

Mines are normally scattered in the forest, at narrow places to avoid exactly what you are doing - infiltrating. Mines can be found with the mine searcher. If you tread on a mine without the mine searcher switched on, then you will lose amongst others your life.

During the ground mission the timer is always present on the screen. When the timer runs out, you have thrown away your chances: You mission ends and you need to start from the very beginning. Very bad!

(Remark by H.t.W.: "This is really very bad, because in this programme there is a mean bug!! The programme 'randomly' crashes with a blue screen and a succinct READY at another try to finish the mission - does not need to happen, but is very probable. What helps is - reload the game and start the mission anew.")

Johnny "Jimbo Baby" McGibbets says: "Never give unkown pills to someone. He could disappear in front of you!"

Hostile premises
In the building you can search chests and closets for gas grenades, security cards and other useful and not so useful items. With the lift you can reach different floors of a building. Sometimes it helps when you dress up. If you want to swap your clothes stand directly in front of a uniform that hangs on a hanger. Press the joystick forwards until you are done with dressing. A tone and a corresponding text show when you are done.

Card reader
While you are in a building of the complex, a mini map appears at the bottom of the screen. The room in which you are is shown as a flashing box in the map screen. All rooms are shown as boxes, the doors are marked. Every time you enter a new room it is shown on the map. The rooms have the following colours:
Red - an important room (prison, control room...)
Green - building entrance or lift
Blue - room with special meaning

Searching chests
You can search all chests (only at the top at the wall at the back - chests at the side walls seem to be empty...). This is for every room. You search by standing in front of the cheast and pushing the joystick upwards until you find what is in the chest - or what is not in it.

Doors and security room
Locked doors need to be unlocked before you can enter the corresponding rooms. To unlock all rooms in the hostile complex you first need to find the security card (search for it). After you have found it, there is a text line at the bottom of the screen that says that you own it. Now look for the security rooom. It is the room with the status display light "lock" at the wall and a slot for the security card directly beneath it. To unlock the doors, stand directly in front of the security card slot and press the joystick upwards. With this, the security card is thrown into the slot without having to activate it (you cannot choose this item as active item). The status light is red when the doors in the complex are locked and green when the doors are open.

Johnny "Jimbo Baby" McGibbits says: "Each missions is only over after I have received something for my efforts. Hm.., I always wanted the small island in the Pacific..."

Solution[edit | edit source]

Some tips[edit | edit source]

  • The aim of the game: The player needs to hinder MAD LEADER from destroying the world.
  • Always try to communicate with unknown jets. These are then forced to give their identity.
  • It is wise to be careful when the pilot's name sounds silly.
  • You should only attack the enemy when you really have a clear line of fire. Otherwise you will be shot yourself.
  • Always fly at approx. 200 feet altitude. This way the enemies need longer to find you.
  • Use the turbo as often as possible. This way, the fuel is used up best. However, you should closely watch the oil display. When the oil gets too warm, then switch off the turbo until it has cooled down again.
  • The best weapons are the heat-seeking missiles. These should not be waisted. Wait until a hostile jet is in front of you and then press fire. Then you have one problem less!!
  • Always use the ADF. You best programme it right after taking off.
  • A grey room should be searched thoroughly. Here you will definitely find important things.
  • With an electronic key, the alarm can be switched off.
  • To get the scientist away from the base in the second mission, he needs to be invisible. For this you need a pill that can be found in that laboratory. Give him this pill and he will disappear.
  • From mission 2 onwards, absolutely switch on the mine searcher before you leave or enter the landing area of the helicopter.
  • In mission 3 do not waste any time and always place the last bomb near the exit and escape fast.

Maps[edit | edit source]

... Maps for mission 1
... Maps for mission 2
... Maps for mission 3

  • You can find the maps with higher resolution on the C64-Games web page In the game under "Lösung" (solution).
(btw. they were created with GeoPaint and further edited with GeoPublish)

The missions[edit | edit source]

Mission 1

... Mission 1 - Photograph five documents
  • ADF: Outgoing flight = 72,8 return flight = 40,2
  • Go into building 5, there you can find the hostile uniform. Put it on. There you can also find a "Security Passcard". Take it with you.
  • Go as quickly as possible to building 4 and throw in the "Security Passcard"
  • Now go to building 3 and photograph the document there.
  • Then go to building 2 and take a photo of the document there.
  • And finally go to building 1 and take a photo of the last three documents there.
  • Back to the helicopter and your own base.

Mission 2

... Mission 2 - Free Phineas
  • ADF: Outgoing flight = 17,5 return flight = 40,2
  • Go into building 4, there again dress in the hostile uniform (camouflage). Find the "Security Card" and take it with you.
  • Go into building 2 and throw in the "Security Card".
  • Go to building 1 and take the invisibility pill in the laboratory.
  • Give "Phineas" in building 3 the pill.
  • To the helicopter and goodbye.

Mission 3

... Mission 3 - lay seven bombs
  • ADF: Outgoing flight = 26,3 return flight = 40,2
  • Change in building 1 (camouflage).
  • In building 2 get the "Security Card" and also throw it in there.
  • Put down one bomb in building 3.
  • Put down four bombs in building 4.
  • Put down one bomb in building 5.
  • And finally put down one bomb in building 1.
  • To the helicopter and pray that you survive the flight home!

Jimbo Baby, You have saved the World !!

The End[edit | edit source]

... and once again the world was rescued...

Cheats[edit | edit source]

Voting[edit | edit source]

Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
7.94 points at 17 votes (rank 107).
You need to be logged in to cast a vote.
C64Games 8 30th November 2008 - "super" - 4228 downs
Lemon64 8,3 30th November 2008 - 43 votes 7,5 26th June 2011 - 2 votes
Happy Computer 70% Issue 8/86
ZZap64 92% Issue 86/08

Reviews[edit | edit source]

H.T.W: "This game has cost me some nerves a long time ago. The extreme bug (partially crash of the game in the ground mission) which mostly appears shortly before you have made the level, makes you want to bite into the joystick sometimes. Because the loading times are extremely long and you need to manage to finish the flying part again to get to the same location, you have played for nothing for an hour. Otherwise, I need to say that the game has nevertheless fascinated me again and again, because it is not that easy to get through the flying levels and the sneaking by of the guards, the option to dress up, the possiblity to switch off the alarm when you have found the code card, etc. were realised really well. The tension stays until the end. And you still have to fly back...".
Addition: Fascinating! The three keys "B", "S", "I" (in this order) to start the helicopter have burnt themselves into my brain so much that I have automatically typed them in yesterday (after 20 years!!!) without having to look them up...

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Bug!![edit | edit source]

There is a mean bug in this programme! (Also in the original!). The programme 'randomly' crashes with a blue screen and a succinct READY after you are caught in the ground mission once and you are during one of another tries to fulfill it - it does not have to happen, but it is very probable. Solution: none - load game anew and restart mission.

Emulator settings[edit | edit source]

  • for Vice:
Options - True drive emulation = ON (checked)
Options - Virtual device traps = OFF (not checked)
  • for CCS64:
True-Drive-Emu = ON - (Shift+Alt+8 - EmulationMode = NORMAL)

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Highscore[edit | edit source]

No highscore possible.

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