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EasyFlash Cartridge
Device Name: EasyFlash
Media Type:
Storage Capacity:
Release Price:
Released: 2009
Data Bus:
Data Connector: 44-pin Expansion Port
Power Requirements:
Power Connector:
License: Proprietary
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Successor: {{{Successor}}}
Info: Follower: EasyFlash³

The cartridge EasyFlash is connected to the expansion port of the C64. It has 1 MiB of flash-ROM, which can be programmed with a collection emulation-files of the ".crt" type. Writing the cartridge images into the flash-ROM of the EasyFlash can be done directly from the C64 with the software EasyProg.

Features[edit | edit source]

Platine V1.5.0 Rev. A
  • Single CRT-files can run as an original cartridge by starting up the C64 without selection in the start menu.
  • Several 8/16 KiB large cartridges or Ultimax-cartridges can be compiled with EasyCrtMaker and started over an own start menu.
  • CRT files of Ocean cartridges, as e.g. Shadow of the Beast, Terminator 2, Navy Seals, can be run from the cartridge.
  • Larger cartridges are asl compatible by the use of patches for bankswitching.
  • Own software can be developed for the cartridge.
  • The cartridge can be emulated in VICE.
  • It has a large 8 KiB SRAM module of which only 256 Bytes ( IO area $DF00-$DFFF ...) are available.

Software[edit | edit source]

  • EasyProg: to program the flash-ROMs. Writes image files of cartridges (CRTs), with EasySplit divided files as well as xbank files.
  • EasySplit: for spliting a 1 MiB big file into smaller files for real 1541-disks, needed if you don't have an SD2IEC device.
  • EasyCrtMaker Language German, to create collections — at the moment a terminal and PHP is needed, but a version with GUI is planned. "Normal" cartridges, an Ocean-type-1 cartridge and xbank cartridges as well as single file programs are supported.
  • With EasyLoader you can choose and start a program for collections. It is contained in the EasyCrtMaker.
  • Disk2EasyFlash Language German to write D64/M2I image files into the flash memory. The program is at the moment still very limited.
  • EasyFlash Multicart Creator (DCM) - Supported programs, normal cartridges (4KiB, 8KiB, 16KiB, Ultimax) and multibank cartridges (Ocean Typ 1 and Alex's xbank-Format). Java 1.6 requiered.

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