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Here the C64-Wiki rule book is in the making.

All topics, which should obviously be regulated and have been concludingly discussed in the C64-Wiki:Opinions, the C64-Wiki:Forum or the rule book are summarized here.

Authors[edit source]

In this section you can read the rules for the authors of articles:

  • Articles are not to be signed, as the authors name can be seen in the version history.
  • Discussion entries on the other hand need to be signed, so the communication is facilitated.
  • Discussion entries which are not signed are complemented by the means of the version history.
  • For unregistered users the IP-address with date and time is applied, provided there is no hint to the author in the entry itself.

(see C64-Wiki:Forum "Autor des Artikels") Language German

Categories[edit source]

Here the rules for the categories are written down.

  • Category titles are always in singular (see DE:C64-Wiki:Meinungsbilder/Kategorientitel Language German)
  • Numbers (e.g. 1985) as titles for categories, are reserved for categories regarding a particlular year. For instance, Category:1985 is for articles about soft- and hardware releases of that year, and about other significant events in the "community" around the C-64.

Wikipedia articles & the like[edit source]

To keep an own profile for the C64-Wiki, mere copies from of articles from other lexica are undesired. A link to the knowledge of other web sites to underpin facts is totally sufficient.

External and internal Links[edit source]

  • Links to other C64-Wiki articles - if it exists - are preferable external links.
  • The chapter "Links" is using for external links to similair thematics on other websites, but it isn't a link collection (of all external links in the article!).
  • External links to other languages websites are marked with ({{DE}}, {{ES}} etc.).
  • The link to the other language C64-Wiki projectsites (in the moment only C64-Wiki.de) is set with [[DE:(title)]].
  • Link to Wikipedia articles are insert at the end of an article with {{Wikipedia|Name}}.
  • Remarks a la "see links" in the article aren't useable. Alternative use: <ref>Eine Fußnoten-Referenz</ref> and <references/> for references.