Nibbly '92

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Nibbly '92
Title image from the gamel
Game No. 128
Developer Hannes Sommer
Company Cosmos Designs
Publisher CP Verlag
Musician Thomas Mogensen
HVSC-File /DRAX/Nibbly_92.sid
Release 1992
Platform C64
Genre Arcade, Worm/Snake
Gamemode Single player
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Media Icon disk525.png
Language Language:english
Information Game On 2/92


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7.06 points at 16 votes (rank 330).
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C64Games 7 6th October 2006 - "very good" - 2197 downs


Nibbly 92 is a new edition of the classic Nibbler, which - together with games as Pacman and Space Invaders - marked the entrance into the world beyond the screen for thousands of computer freaks a long time ago. In this game you control the worm Nibbly and need to eat all drops in the round. But with every drop Nibbly gets longer and you neither are allowed to crawl backwards nor touch you own body. When all drops are eaten you get into the next level. Super Nibbly is a sequel to this game, which was also released by the CP Verlag 2 years later.


The worm Nibbly is animated well and fluently. Every level is completely shown on the screen (no scrolling). In the background plays fast music and the sound is appropriate for the game. Unfortunately, the highscore list is not saved in the original version (but see the version by "Dytec" or "Enigma").

... a short animation from the game ...
... this trophy can be won ...


  • Nibbly follows the movements of the joystick. The fire button is needed to start a level.
  • The time limit for each level is 2 minutes. If the time limit is exceeded, Nibbly will lose a life.
  • The time, that is left after a level has been solved, is added to the points.
  • Every 10.000 points there is an extra life.
  • Starting from round 17 the levels repeat themselves, only the snake gets longer and at the latest level 34 (same as level 2) is unsolvable due to the additional snake length...



  • You should start with the middle of the field, as this carries the greatest peril to block your own way.
  • Apart from that you should rather do an "empty" round more often and follow your own tail, to then make yourself more space by using additional loop ways at a suitable place.
  • The ominous level 14 solved with the version by "Dytec"
... Level 14 (version Dytec) with time cheat ...



Sledgie: "The game Nibbly '92 is lots of fun because of its simple game principle. Due to the very good conversion it gets the best vote from me."

FXXS: "By the appropriate music it is a good game for in between, it probably doesn't knock anyone's socks off, but has an own appeal. Unfortunately, there are only 16 different levels and the repetitions are not balanced any more. Therefore 7 points... but the first 10 levels are a good training for Super_Nibbly."

Shmendric: "Game On hardly released any appealing titles at that time, once they even promoted the game "Tic-Tac-Toe" as eighth wonder of the world in the magazine part of the disk magazine (I think in the 3/92). The graphical and musical design of the enclosed programmes were mostly more or less appealing, it seemed as if increasingly more skilled demo coders and less game experienced programmers gave their creations to the CP-Verlag... Nibbly '92 broke with this trend and came along with simple graphics and a well-tried game principle, one could definitely hold a few sessions with this."


  • In both versions, "Dytec" ( and "Enigma" (Gamebase64) the level 14 is in opposition to a prevailing opinion solvable and also the highscore list is saved on disk.




Topscore of Werner
  1. Werner - 33.525 points - Round 20 (02.06.2011)
  2. FXXS - 24.465 points - Round 15 (24.10.2006)
  3. Blubarju - 16.805 points - Round 10 (12.01.2010)
  4. TheRyk - 15.230 points - Round 9 (11.11.2010)
  5. Sledgie - 9.050 points - Round 6 (19.10.2005)

#2 FXXS #3 Blubarju
#2 FXXS #3 Blubarju