Gold Quest II

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Gold Quest II
Titelimage of Gold Quest II
Game No. 29
Voting 5.56 points, 16 votes
Developer Sledgie, Richard Bayliss
Musician Richard Bayliss
HVSC-File /MUSICIANS/B/Bayliss_Richard/
Release 2006
Platform C64
Genre Actionadventure, S.E.U.C.K-Game
Gamemode Single player
2 players (simultaneous)
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}}
Media Icon disk525.png
Language Language:english


Gold Quest II - The Dwarves of Doom is the sequel to Gold Quest. After the three-headed king of dwarves was defeated by Sledgie, he was hit by his curse. Sledgie has to enter the realm of the dead dwarves, to free himself from the curse. There he has to cross 6 new levels, to finally fight against the ghost of the dead dwarf king in the bonus level. Only after he has destroyed the 3 brains, the adventure is solved.

The path to the aim is very difficult. In Gold Quest II also gold and jewels are helpful. This time you cannot only find them on the ground, but also in treasure chests. In the first level Hell of Gold Sledige reaches the realm of the dead. It stretches over two more levels Wizard of Gold and Maze of Gold. From the 4th level Body of Gold you enter the body of the keeper of the underworld. Using the bloodstream in the 5th level Blood of Gold Sledgie finally reaches the brains of the keeper: Brain of Gold. There in the Bonus-level he has to erase the memories to reach his goal.


... an animation from level 1 ...
... end boss from level 1 ...
... an animation from level 1 ... ... end boss from level 1...
... image from the level "Wizard of Gold" ...
... the Wizard of Gold ...
... The 2nd level Wizard of Gold contains elements from the
game Wizard of Wor. The game area and the sprites are
designed similarly ...
... The final boss of this level is an own creation by the
developer: the so-called Wizard of Gold (or magician in a
sweat suit) ...
... The king of the realm of the dead ...
... The end boss of the 4th level Body of Gold appears right
at the beginning of the level: through his face the way leads into
his brain. ...

Uni- and multi-coloured moving sprites on a simple background graphic in all colours of the C64. When moving the pawn, the screen scrolls from bottom to the top. In the 5th level Blood of Gold, the screen scrolls only for the display of the flowing of the blood. The intro and the music were created by Richard Bayliss.



  • "Dave" and "Sledgie" follow the joystick movements, when pressing fire they shoot into the moving direction.
  • "Dave" (blue) starts with 3 lives, "Sledgie" (green) starts with 5 lives. At the start of the game you need to choose by pressing the fire button on joystick 1 or 2.
  • Shots can also pervade walls.
  • Intermediate bosses do not necessarily need to be defeated, you can also go around them.
  • Unfortunately there is no highscore list, final evaluation or a proper ending in this game.



  • As in every S.E.U.C.K. game with push-up scrolling the same goes for this game:
    • If necessary only go forwards step by step
    • With this the enemies appear possibly only one after the other and not at the same time
    • Do not shoot all the enemies, but also only avoid some
    • The enemies always react the same at the same point in the game


Richard Bayliss has integrated a trainer mode in Gold Quest II. It can be activated as follows:

  1. LOAD "*",8 from disk
  2. Move the cursor to the upper left corner an type "PUB".
  3. Then start the game some lines below with RUN.

... enter "PUB" in the upper left corner ...
... from now on both players have an endless number of lives ...


Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
5.56 points at 16 votes (rank 822).
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C64Games 6 25th August 2009 - "good" 295 downs
CSDb 7 25th August 2009 - 396 downloads at 1 vote


FXXS: "Solid action for in between... I only miss a highscore list and different tunes per level would be nice... all the same 7 points..."

H.T.W: "Not bad for a SEUCK game. But as already mentioned, a highscore list is obligatory for a shooter."




Cover of the collecion Gold Quest - Trilogy of the dwarfs with all parts of the Gold Quest - saga (incl. bilingual instructions).


See also: detail page for the remix
The recent version of the remix (320KBPS version) can be downloaded for free on
Gold Quest II Remix - 10,7 MB 4:40 minutes 2337 downloads (26.9.2008)
  • Ic3m4n released Gold Quest 2 (Tanzen Mix) on July 7th 2008 with a new remix for the Gold Quest saga.
See also: detail page for the remix
The recent version of the remix (320KBPS version) can be downloaded for free on
Gold Quest 2 (Tanzen Mix) - 7,8 MB 4:15 minutes 1573 downloads (26.9.2008)



Colour 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
blue Topscore by Sledgie
Sledgie – 153.040 (03.04.2006)
2nd place by Stefan Egger
Stefan Egger – 152.090 (18.04.2006)
3rd place by Empty
Empty – (
green Topscore by Sledgie
Sledgie – 150.880 (02.04.2006)
2nd place by Nobody
Nobody – (
3rd place by Empty
Empty – (
  • Scores with the "blue man Dave" count more than the ones with the "green man Sledgie". Explanation: the blue man starts with only 3 lives, the green with 5 lives.