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Alias: CZ-Tunes
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Nationality: German
  • Musician
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CZ-Tunes is a German musician and founder of both the German Remix Group and the project Nerds and Geeks. CZ-Tunes is especially known for his Retro-Remixes among the retro scene, which is producing since the year 2000 already.

CZ-Tunes about himself...[edit | edit source]

"My first console was the Atari VCS 2600. This was a big deal back then. A little bit later I also go my first computer, the Atari 800XL. From that point on I was fascinated by the music in games. All of the melodies just wouldn't go out of my head. When a colleague of mine got a C64 and showed some games to me, this was incredible. The music of these was better by far. So I had to have a C64, and I recorded al of the musical tracks on tape to listen them on a Walkman when I was on my way. Of course, everyone just shook their head, when I would let them listen for a short time, but it was the top of it all for me.

At one I point, I visited a colleague, who had something new all of a sudden. It was an Amiga 500. When he showed me then Giana Sisters and Shadow of the Beast, I almost collapsed. The almost authentic samples within the music tracks were out of this world. Naturally, I had to get hold of an Amiga, as well, and I was lucky that another colleague had sold his. I stumbled eventually upon a program called SOUND FX, which enabled you to produce music yourself. This was the foundation to compose music for me. Shortly after, I discovered Noisetracker and Startracker. I started to reproduce some game music on my own.

Many of my colleagues asked me then, how I had loaded the music from the game into the program. When I told them that I simply that I simply reproduced it they just could not believe it. And so I also began to write my own music.

When I had my first PC, years later, I got hold of the first Fasttracker and I continue to make music. Later, I used Madtracker and I also purchased some real instrument. a Korg Keyboard and a Fender Stratocaster E-Guitar. I started to reproduce old game music and then replacing some instruments with better sounding instruments. The first remix came to be this way. But since I thought that the original sounds from the C64 games should be audible, I simply embed them into the remix.

I eventually found a website (RKO) and released my remix there. I got many positive reactions and therefore made a lot of remixes from a variety of games, up to Sacred Stone (Gold Quest III Remix), which is the most recent title at the moment.

Apart from that I of course did not only produce remixes, but also wrote a lot of pieces on my own. Some inquiries if I could make some music for this game or that game came up, as well. At the moment, I'm still working on T2002 Underearth. This is a Turrican game for PC. Bronko created a few levels and I am currently composing the music for some of the levels.

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