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Title screen
Developer Chris Yates
Publisher Palace Software
Release 1987
Licence Full version
Platform C64, Amiga, PC
Genre Game Construction Kit
Operation Keyboard, Joystick, Single player
, Single player
2 players (simultaneous)
Media Diskette
Language(s) Language:english, Language German

S.E.U.C.K (short for Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit) or SEUCK is a utility/application that can help people create their own shoot 'em up games, but with limitations. The editor allowed people to design their own players, enemies, sounds and also front end text. The players could even design the vertical scrolling maps and also create their own enemy attack waves and save a standalone game on to disk or tape.

Coding[edit | edit source]

The developer team: Jonathan Hare and Chris Yates (1988)

S.E.U.C.K. had many options, which includes:

  • EDIT SPRITES: Draw your own players, enemies, bullets etc with a limited selection of options.
  • EDIT OBJECTS: Insert sprites and edit the functions and animations of the players, bullets, enemies and deaths
  • EDIT BACKGROUND: Design your own background for your levels
  • EDIT SFX: Make your own sounds
  • EDIT PLAYER LIMITATIONS: Update the types of functions, lives, and limited areas for for the players
  • EDIT ATTACK WAVES: Get those enemies active and ready to get mean
  • EDIT LEVELS: Set the type of levels you would like and set the start and finish positions of those particular levels.
  • EDIT FRONT END: Update the front end character set, score sprites and make your own front end with either plain text or your own quick + easy designs.
  • TEST GAME: Play the game!
  • STORAGE: Load and save of data!

Cheats[edit | edit source]

Finished Game

A finished, self-running game can manpulated by using a reset.

  • SEUCK game load and run.
  • Make a reset.
  • POKE 19308,173 for unlimited lives (player 1). POKE 20092,173 (player 2).
  • POKE16550, x speed for player 1 ("8" for fast, "0" for low). POKE 16569, x for player 2.
  • POKE 16575,255: POKE 16556,255 no sprite background collosion.
  • POKE 16964,1 runs the SEUCK editor by pushing the Space  in a running SEUCK game.
  • SYS 16595 restart this SEUCK game.
  • SYS 24576 runs the SEUCK editor.

Solution[edit | edit source]

Not needed!

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Sideways SEUCK[edit | edit source]

"Sideways Seuck" title
A new dimension of flying

In 2008 Jon Wells enhanced SEUCK for horizontal scrolling, that is called "Sideways SEUCK".

Enhanced SEUCK[edit | edit source]

"Pour le Merite" Enhanced Intro
"Monster Mash" Enhanced Intro

If you are a good programmer, you can enhanced SEUCK with extra music or a modify lead (front end). Also you can endhanced your game with extra wappons.

Music with "Seuckbuster"[edit | edit source]

Seuckbuster by Richard Bayliss

Other options[edit | edit source]

Animation of enhanced SEUCK

Tools for SEUCK[edit | edit source]

SpritePad with SEUCK sprites
CharPad with SEUCK char set
  • With cross development is it easy to create with a Windows PC sprites, chars, graphics and backgrounds. The programs "SpritePad" and "CharPad" by Subchrist Software can loading and saving in SEUCK format.
  • "Secret of Seuckcess" disk contains listings for cracking and adding own highscore listings in SEUCK.
  • "Commodore Disk User" disk (issue March 1991): "SEUCK with Music" and "SEUCK Extension"
  • PDF "Shoot-Em-Up_Construction_Kit_(Outlaw)_Manual_+_Articles" at C64Games.de or Seuck-Vault

The included games[edit | edit source]

The original SEUCK includes four SEUCK games for demonstration:

Overview of good SEUCK games[edit | edit source]

Here are shown a few very good SEUCK games from the genres classical shooter, commando clones, action adevtures, logical, sport, pseudo 3D and enhanced games.

TNDs Seuck Competitions[edit | edit source]

Since a few years Richard Bayliss runs regulary compentitions for SEUCK programmers. Here are a few winners:

Sideways-Compo 2010: Pour le Merite and Vertical-Compo 2010: Il Mago

"Pour le Merite"
"Il mago"

Sideways-Compo 2011: Forgotten Forest and All-Seuck-Compo 2013: Sheer Earth Attack

"Forgotten Forest"
"Sheer Earth Attack"

Other versions[edit | edit source]

Seuck Amiga.jpg

Amiga version
Seuck PC.png

PC version

Later was published an Amiga version and an inofficial PC version.

Infos[edit | edit source]

  • The first idea for SEUCK was a "sprite machine".
  • Jonathan Hare (Sensible Software): The bonus sequence in Wizball was developed with SEUCK. Curios is, that this sequence scrolls horizontal.

Cover[edit | edit source]

Front cover (German version)
Back cover (German version)

A "Semi" original disk
An English original datasette

Advertisment[edit | edit source]

German advertisment ...

Highscore[edit | edit source]

No Highscore

Links[edit | edit source]

WP-W11.png Wikipedia: SEUCK
WP-W11.png Wikipedia: SEUCK Language German

Remark[edit | edit source]

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