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Sensible Software Ltd.
Founded 1986
Closed 1999
Headquarters UK
Manager {{{Manager}}}
Employees 6 - 22
Key People (choice) Martin Galway
Turnover 1999
Sector Video and computer games
Information 1999: Acquisition by Codemasters

The British game company Sensible Software was founded by the school friends Chris Yates and John Hare for publishing software for the ZX Spectrum in 1986. Also was developed software for the homecomputers C64, Amiga, Atari ST, PC and video consoles. At the beginning of the 1990s years their company was very successful. In 1999 Sensible Software was sold by the game company Codemasters and after that closed.

C64 games (Selection)[edit | edit source]

Start screen of "Microprose Soccer".
Start screen of "Wizball".
Start screen of "S.E.U.C.K.

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