Martin Galway

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Martin Galway
Birth Name: Martin Galway
Birth Year: 1966
Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland
Death Year:
Resting Place:
Nationality: Irish
Occupation: SID Musician
Known For: First Publish SID Sample
Q-Link Handle:
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Martin Galway is one of the best known composers of SID music. His works include Rambo: First Blood Part II, as well as the music used in the loader for the C64 version of Arkanoid.

Galway shares how he figured out how to play samples on the C64:

I figured out how samples were played by hacking into someone else's code… OK, I admit it… It was a drum synthesizer package called Digidrums, actually, so you could still say I was the first to include samples in a piece of music. I had no equipment for editing samples though, so my program synthesized the drums as a series of farts and burps! Later I was able to acquire some proper drum samples and by "Game Over" it got quite sophisticated.


  • "Well, legend's a fitting term, because I'm probably not what I'm cracked up to be, just like a legend isn't."

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