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Title image from the game
Game No. 264
Developer Roy Gibson
Company Ocean Software
Publisher Ocean Software
Musician Martin Galway
HVSC-File /MUSICIANS/G/Galway_Martin/Highlander.sid
Release 1986
Platform C64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum
Genre Action, Fighting
Gamemode Single player
2 players (simultaneous)
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}}
Media Icon disk525.png Tape-icon.png
Language Language German Language:english Language:French
Information The game was indexed until 30.11.2012.


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Zzap!64 30% Issue 2/87
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Happy Computer 25% Issue 1/87
Kultboy 1.77 20th May 2012 - 18 votes


In 1986 one could see the fantasy characters Connor MacLeod, Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, Iman Fasil and Kurgan in spectacular sword fights on the movie screen. In the movie Highlander, which in the meantime has reached cult status, they fight about the Essence (the energy) that can only be received by beheading the opponent. The aim is to unite all powers of the immortals in oneself and with this to rule the world.
Although the fantasy movie had not started very successfully at the beginning of 1986, the immortal sword fighters should however find their way to the home computer, in the shape of a fighting game. This games was realised by the software manufacturer Ocean Software.

Story & aim of the game

From the original manual:
Battle through time, develop the skills of sword play and learn from Ramirez, your first opponent, the arts of defence and attack, timing and position. When you have defeated him move in time to the present and encounter Fasil, an ancient and more skillful opponent in modern day New York. Here you must hone your skills and sharpen your reactions for upon his demise you reach the final battle with the mighty Kurgen. High above the city streets on a deserted rooftop the last act of this deadly quest is fought. A dual which can only be won by supreme exponant.


In the game two crude-pixely sword fighters face each other, whose courses of motions and hitting techniques were realised very lovelessly. E.g. you do not recognize here if an opponent has been hit. Because no matter what happens, he merrily goes on swinging his sword. No horizontally scrolling is possible and with this you fight in a small arena, which also seems optically very cheap. There are altogether 3 rounds which also represent the difficutly grade. All 3 rounds take place at sites that can also be seen in the movie. In the lower part of the screen the current energy of the fighters in the shape of a bar is shown which is divided into the colours of traffic lights:

  • Green - enough energy, attack possible at any time.
  • Yellow - you have lost vitality, be careful!
  • Red - your reserve is dangerously low, take a break or flight to go on fighting later.

To the left of the screen there is a sword visible, but it is only decoration. In the menu you hear the music piece from the soundtrack "It's a Kind of Magic" by Martin Galway.

Level 1[edit]

Highlander Level1.gif

The level leads to the year 1541 and you learn the sword fight against Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez.

Level 2[edit]

Highlander Level2.gif

The second fight carries us to the year 1985 and we fight against Iman Fasil in the underground car park of Madison Square Garden.

Level 3[edit]

Highlander Level3.gif

In level 3 the showdown on the roof of the Silvercup Studios against Kurgan will take place.



Joystick 1

                                        while standing                      while kneeling
                                             strike                              defend
            stand                   defend   down    hit in the                  head    hit on
              |                 head     \     |     / neck                        |     / the body
              |                            \   |   /                               |   /
go            |          go        defend    \ | /     hit on the      defend      | /
backwards ----+------ forwards      body ------+------ head            neck -------+------- kick at the body
              |                              / | \                                 | \      
              |                            /   |   \                               |   \
              |                    kick  /     |     \ kick at the                 |     \ kick at the legs
            kneel              at the feet  kick at     neck                      defend     
                                            the body                              feet 
   do not press button                  press button                         press button

Joystick 2

                                       while standing                          while kneeling
                                              strike                               defend
             stand                hit in the   down     defend           hit at     head
               |                      neck \     |     / head          the body \     |
               |                             \   |   /                            \   |
     go        |          go       hit on the  \ | /     defend      kick at        \ |        defend 
forwards ------+------ backwards      head ------+------ body         the body -------+------- neck
               |                               / | \                                / |
               |                             /   |   \                            /   |
               |              kick in the  /     |     \ kick at       kick at  /     |
             kneel                 neck        kick at    the feet       the legs     defend
                                              the body                               feet
      do not press button                  press button                           press button


  1. You can directly load the desired level, there is no need to win the previous fight.
  2. If you are outacted, some of the hits cannot be made any more.


  • There is no special solution for this game, as each of the three parts can be loaded any time.
  • As long as you do not get hit, the energy bar will regenerate.
  • Only one attack is conducted per joystick movement. So first move the joystick into neutral position before doing the next attack. The fire button can be kept pressed.


  • No cheats are known for Highlander.


Wecky: "Highlander was my first game I bought blindly in Kaufhof and I believe it is one of the worst games you could buy. There is not more to be seen in this game than the three shown animations. The fighting is also very terrible and no fun. The only positive point is the music by Martin Galway. Therefore a clear favourite for the FLOP-100. I would give 0 points, but there is no 0 to pick, so I have to give 1 point."



Cover cassette




No highscore possible!


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