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Frogger (Sierra Online, Inc.)
Title image from the game
Game No. 230
Developer Chuck Benton
Company Sega Enterprises Inc.
Publisher Sierra, Vision
HVSC-File GAMES/A-F/Frogger.sid
Release 1983
Platform C64, Apple, Atari, Amiga, PC, Macintosh, VC20
Genre Jump & Run, Arcade
Gamemode Single player
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}} or C64-icon.png
Media Icon disk525.png,Tape-icon.png,Cartridge-icon.png
Language Language:english


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Frogger level 3

In the game Frogger you have to let frogs hop over a street with much traffic and over logs and turtles in a floating stream to one of the five free spaces at the upper rim of the screen. Dangers are always there: Cars drive over the frog and he does also not survive leaving the screen or jumping into water, and so on.

Each frog needs to reach its aim within a given time. The time that is left is added to your score. When all 5 places are occupied, the next level starts. In higher levels the traffice gets more. Crossing the stream is aggravated by missing logs, submerging turtles and other small scurvinesses as crocodiles, water snakes and beavers. Furthermore, the available time is shortened and the speed rises. There are bonus points when pinching flies and the toad.


The game takes place in a static screen design (so no scrolling or changing of the screen), in which animated cars move in the lower part and animated logs, turtles, crocodiles, water snakes, beavers in a stream and the frog itself move in the upper part. There are sound effects and a nice background music.


... Level1


  • You steer with the joystick in port 2 or the keyboard
  • The speed (Slow/Fast) and the keyboard controls need to be defined before the start of the game, after that this also works with the key F3 
  • F1  Start game
  • F5  Music on/off
  • F7  Pause / continue game


  • Forward jump: 10 points
  • Frog in the goal: 50 points
  • Frog in the goal with toad: 200 points
  • Frog in the goal with fly: 200 points
  • all 5 frogs in the goal: 1000 points
  • In the goal for each time unit left: 5 points


  • after each 5th level you get an extra life



  • Do not jump onto the mouth of an alligator (only on the back)!
  • Do not jump into a cave in which there is an alligator!
  • If you jump into a cave in which a fly sits, this gets you extra points (200 points).
  • Collecting and then "bringing home" a green female frog sitting on a log also gets you bonus points (200 points).



Robotron2084: "Frogger by Sierra-Online is, together with the version by Parker Bros, the most successful conversion of this icon from the early video game history. Simple graphics, happy melodies and a good playability make a real Golden Oldie. Both ports (also very nice: Frogger II - Threeedeep) are always fun for me and therefore deserve from me 7 out of 10 points."

Werner: "I basically agree with Robotron. The joystick controls (port2) are also there, therefore 8/10."

Shakermaker303: "What a cute game. I think the Sierra version is definitely the best. The melody, the sounds, the hopping of the frog with the long legs - just cute. Puts a smile on my face again and again. 9 out of 10 points for this hustle and bustle on the screen."

Guybrush: "I found this very cute as a kid. However, thanks to Frogger I thought for a long time that frogs in real life also die when they jump into water. :o) 8 points for this classic."



"Cover (Atari XL)"


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  1. PAT - 62.800 (07.04.2015)
  2. Werner - 36.445 (03.10.2010)
  3. Jodigi - 31.750 (02.08.2008)
  4. Camailleon - 26.760 (23.10.2011)
  5. Blubarju - 21.800 (30.10.2010)
  6. Helmutx - 19.415 (08.08.2010)
  7. Sledgie - 15.555 (28.08.2010)
  8. Keule - 13.320 (30.12.2012)
  9. Dehryen - 11.305 (22.08.2010)

#2 Werner #3 Jodigi
#2 Werner #3 Jodigi


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Due to the high popularity , there were different versions of Frogger: