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Title screen of the game
Game No. 483
Voting 6.08 points, 13 votes
Developer Rasmus Wernersson
Company Kingsoft
Publisher Kingsoft
Musician Sound Division (Thøger Wessel)
Release 1992
Platform C64, Amiga, ZX Spectrum
Genre Platformer (Scrolling Screen)
Gamemode Single player
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Media Icon disk525.png Tape-icon.png
Language Language German Language:english
Information aka Hagar - The Horrible (Hägar - Der Schreckliche Language German)


The general map.
At the beginning, Hägar (Hagar) is equipped with a sword, some additional weapons and four lives. The game's objective is to successfully completely eight levels, one after another. For this, you have to survive and complete the tasks Helga gives to Hägar,
The menu
After the title screen, a map showing eight islands is displayed. Every single one represents a level. The level is selected via joystick: you move the cursor (sword) onto an island press fire. The game starts with the Western island. It is the only island you can access without a password. After a level is successfully completed, the player gets a password for the next island. The levels succeed the first one clockwise around the map.

necessary items from level 1
The task
Before Hägar goes to the island, Helga gives him a task. The task consists of collecting the items Helga shows to Hägar in the level. These items cannot be bought at the shop.
The level
Apart from the actual playing area, each level also contains a shop and a tavern, which are entered via a door. After leaving a shop/ tavern, you are placed at the same spot from where you left the playing area. Hägar can defeat enemies, collect items, use doors or eat food items. Pay attention to water areas: as long as the water reaches as far as Hägar's chest, he can walk through it. Before a level can be left, the level boss has to be defeated. You can reach him via a door, as well.


Music is played in the intro and during the cutscenes. During the game there are only a few sound effects.
On the lower status bar you can see the score, the profit, the number of weapons (knifes, spears, axes), your health (length o the sword) and the number of fireballs, magic potions and food items.

Impressionens from the first level
Hägar should come home without presents!


The items
Items are divided into those requested by Helga and those for your own benefit. The objects for Helga's task must be collected, otherwise the level will not be considered completed successfully. The key is a special item. Doors can only be used after you have found it. Every object collected gives you money (profit) which can be spent at the shop or the tavern. Objects required by the task are excluded from this, however.
The doors
Doors can only be used with a key! You can enter a door by pushing the joystick down. Doors are divided into either doors leading to another door (secret passages), doors to a shop, doors to a tavern and the door to the level boss. Doors to a shop or a tavern are marked correspondingly.
The weapons
In order to defeat enemies and bosses, Hägar has got his sword which can be used by pressing fire. By holding down fire long enough, you can make the word turn into a "super sword" which deals about 8 times the damage. This condition is signaled by colouring the sword shown in the status bar red. Besides his sword Hägar also has some additional weapons in his basic equipment. These weapons can only be used once. Additional weapons can be bought at the shop. They are activated via the function keys
  • F1  Throw knife (about as weak as a normal strike with the sword)
  • F3  Throw spear (about half as powerful as a charged strike of the sword)
  • F5  Throw axe (about twice as powerful as a normal strike of the sword)
  • F7  Cast fireball (about as powerful as a charged strike of the sword)
  • SPACE  Magic potion (smart bomb)
the shop
The Shop
At the shop, Hägar can buy additional weapons or extra lives. The check mark is controlled via moving left or right with the joystick. Confirm your selection by pushing the joystick down. Pressing fire exits the shop.
Item Price Damage compared
Knife 50 (1/8) 400
Spear 100 (1/2) 200
Axe 50 (1/4) 200
Fireball 75 (1/1) 75
Magic potion 250 unlimited damage
Extra life 175
In relation to the amount of damage dealt, the fireball is the most cost-effetive weapon which can be thrown. However, it seems to be a bug that its price is only 75 profit points, and not, for example, 175. In conparison, knifes are far too expensive.
the tavern
Die Taverne
Hägar can bolster himself at the tarven. In the status bar, there is a book, which you can turn pages via pushing the joystick left or right. You make your selection by pressing fire. The choice is between turkey, beer and a game of dice. In order to exit the tavern, use slect the page showing "end".
  • Beer (50): Recovers your health.
  • Turkey (75): A packed lunch that can be consumed in the playing area by pressing RETURN . It restores our health to 100% again.
  • Game of dice (100): Increase/decrease your wealth; doublets = win twice your bet, 1 joker = get back your bet, 2 jokers = get 4 time your bet, everything else = loose your bet


It's done...
The game's objective
Find the four wanted items, collect the key and find the exit.
Level codes
Level Island Code
1 West 1992
2 North-West 0042
3 North 7913
4 North-East 1984
5 East 4830
6 South-East 3346
7 South-South-East 1974
8 South-South-West 2001


In the CSDb are cracks with trainer versions.


Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
6.08 points at 13 votes (rank 717).
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64er 3 Issue 3/93
C64Games 7 03. June 2011 - "Very Good" - 3092 downs
Lemon64 5,1 03. June 2011 - 14 votes
Ready64 5 16. March 2019 - 3 voti


Werner: "Durchschnittliches Jump&Run-Spiel mit ansprechender Grafik und fehlender Ingame-Musik. Die Punkte-Balance bei den gekauften Extras ist unausgewogen. Leider kann es manchmal zu ausweglosen Situationen kommen. (z.B. der Endgegner aus Level 2 läuft rechts aus dem Bild). Trotzdem vergebe ich noch 6 Punkte."

FXXS: "Generell viele Dinge bei der man als Spieler sich mehr Sorgfalt gewünscht hätte. Durch das wenig überzeugende Balancing bei Waffenkauf und Gegnerschaden macht es zum Beispiel spielerisch keinen Sinn Messer oder Äxte zu kaufen, weil man sowieso mehrere braucht um beliebige Gegner zu überwinden UND es ist dann pro Gegner sogar teurer. Unterm Strich "braucht" man so nur 4 von den 8 Statusanzeigen, wodurch es doppelt ärgerlich ist, das die Informationsbox ein Drittel des Bildschirms ausmacht und nicht anzeigt ob einen Souvenirs noch fehlen. Daneben spielt es sich auch etwas hakelig und es ist nicht immer nachvollziehbar, wie sich die Schadensabzüge ergeben. 6 Punkte trotz fehlender Highscore."



"Front cover German version 'Hägar'"
"Back cover German version 'Hägar'"

Disk Label[edit]

Disk label "Hägar"


Topscore of Werner
  1. Werner - 136.700 - Level 8 (19.07.2011)
  2. Equinoxe - 88.125 - Level 6 (17.07.2011)
  3. FXXS - 47.500 - Level 5 (15.10.2013)

#2 Equinoxe #3 FXXS
#2 Equinoxe #3 FXXS


Hägar - Der Schreckliche

Hagar - The Horrible