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Project Stealth Fighter
Startscreen of game
Game No. 362
Developer Jim Synoski, Dan Chang, Gregg Tavares
Company Microprose
Publisher Microprose
Musician Ken Lagace
Release 1987
Platform C64, ZX Spectrum
Genre Simulation
Gamemode Single player
Operation Icon Port2.png{{{Width}}} C64-icon.png
Media Icon disk525.png
Language Language:english
Information Later name F-19 Stealth Fighter


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Select your mission
Start up check at day
Start up check at night

Project: Stealth Fighter is a simulation game from Microprose. The player can select from 4 campaingns: Lybia, North Cape, Persian Gulf, and Central Europe. Mission types depend on the conflict level selected (Cold War, Limited War and Conventional War). The player selects the type of equipment/weapons for the type of mission to be flown. Examples: A recon mission would require a camera and possibly extra fuel. A bombing mission would need the type of bomb required to successfully accomplish the mission.


Start up checks and ammunitions
The operation


  • On a C128 the disk version starts automatically after booting your computer.

Control keys[edit]

Transporting after sucessful mission
Control keys and short user guide
Flight Controls - Speed
6  Engines On/Off
+  Increase throttle
-  Decrease throttle
5  Accelerated time
Flight Controls - Aerodynamics
{{{Width}}} Control stick
0  Speed brakes & Gear breaks
9  Flaps Extended/Retracted
8  Landing gear Up/Down
Shift  left Pilot ejection
Flight Controls - Visibillity & Navigation
ClrHome  Look ahead
£  Look left
InstDel  Look right
X  INS Set-mode On/Off
C  Switch INS waypoints
Y  Strategic map
B  Tactical map
Combat Systems Controls - Tracking
Shift  Right Change threat display scale
N  Switch tracking mode
M  ID Target
Space  Switch targets
<  Display weapons
Combat Systems Controls - Arming & Firing
F1  Weaponbay 1 armed
F3  Weaponbay 2 armed
F5  Weaponbay 3 armed
F7  Weaponbay 4 armed
Cursor Up/Down  20mm Canon armed
Fire button  Fire/Launch/Drop weapon
Return  ENCOM Weapons shutdown
Combat Systems Controls - Defenses
2  Drop Decoy
1  IR Jammer On/Off
  Radar Jammer On/Off
4  Bay doors Open/Close
>  Display systems status
Simulation option before & after mission
{{{Width}}} Controller
Fire button  Selection



Map of Central Europe Map of Lybia
Map of Central Europe (Mitteleuropa) Map of Libya
Map of North Cape Map of Persian Gulf
Map of North Cape Map of Persian Gulf




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