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Start screen of game
Game No. 493
Voting 7.00 points, 4 votes
Developer DrMortalWombat
Release 2021
Platform C64
Genre Shoot'em Up
Gamemode Single player
2 players (in turns)
Operation Port 1Joystick
Media Download
Language Language:english
Information Homebrew version; Download Language:english

Description[edit | edit source]

In Plekthora a whole bunch of enemies are waiting for us...

Plekthora is a horizontal Shoot'em up in a classic space theme. The game consists of 20 levels in total. At the beginning of the game you can choose the number of lives as well as the starting level.


The game was programmed after 35 years of C64 abstinence by DrMortalWombat, whose goal was to experiment with a 32 Sprites multiplexer.

Design[edit | edit source]

The game's graphic design is simple but attractive. The homebrew title pays homage to the space shooters of the early or mid-1980s. The three-way parallax scrolling of the background graphics at the bottom of the screen is also well done. Each new level is introduced with a fly-through numbering and a small story description at the bottom of the screen.

Select start level, life and number of players...
The game is about to start...

Be careful of collisions with some elements...
In two-player mode, the game is twice as much fun...


Simple sound effects can be heard in the game. At the beginning of the game, a short starting melody is heard.

Hints[edit | edit source]

Shot of a Protector Drone...

Start of game[edit | edit source]

You can set the following to start the game:

  • The starting level (Level): 1 to 9.
  • The number of players: 1 to 2.
  • And the number of lives (Lives): 1 to 6.

Controls[edit | edit source]

  • SPACE   or RUN/STOP : Pause and resume game.
  • press fire button: Move spaceship / navigate in the start menu.
  • Joystick forwards: Shoot.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

You can collect extras at various spots in the game. The letter in the extra container indicates what type of upgrade you will receive.

  • B - Bonus: One extra life.
  • D - Drone: The protective drone orbits the ship, stopping one hit before it is destroyed.
  • L - Laser: A long, pulsing blast of energy to destroy enemies.
  • M - Missile: Search missiles fly directly at approaching enemies.
  • S - Shield: A force field that can withstand one hit.
  • P - Plasma: This weapon can be charged and causes devastating destruction.
  • U - Speed Up: Makes the ship faster.
  • W - Weapon Upgrade: Increases the firepower of your weapon.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Not all extras can be combined!
  • For every 10,000 points, you get one extra life.
  • A maximum of 7 lives can be collected!
  • Shot down enemies leave behind stars. If you collect these, you can increase the multiplier and achieve very high scores.
  • You get continue options for completed levels.
  • The game ends after level 20.

Solution[edit | edit source]

Simply shoot at anything that moves, avoiding being hit yourself and also not colliding with the background.

Cheats[edit | edit source]

There are currently no known cheats. In the CSDb there are Cracks with a trainer function, e.g. from the group Excess with English instructions, level skip and infinite lives.

Voting[edit | edit source]

Voting of the C64-Wiki-User (10=the best vote):
7.00 points at 4 votes (rank 450).
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Reviews[edit | edit source]

Zore64: "A small shooter that is big fun. Nicely implemented, well-balanced and the continue function lowers the frustration factor. An awsome homebrew release. Seven to eight points from me!"

Jodigi: "A very nice to play space shooter for the C64 as a nice and challenging arcade game..."

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

There are no covers, promotional materials or media as this is a homebrew game that was offered as a name-your-own-price download via

Video[edit | edit source]

Review by Saberman

Emulator settings[edit | edit source]

The game is a PAL release. It can be emulated flawlessly in Vice, but also on modern hardware like TheC64, Ultimate II or Ultimate 64.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The developer has made the program code available uncompressed on and encourages modding or reverse engineering.

Highscore[edit | edit source]

We start with starting level 1 and 3 lives!

Topscore of Ivanpaduano
  1. Ivanpaduano - 24140 - 7 (23.07.2021)
  2. Zore64 - 3520 - 3 (21.07.2021)
  3. Nobody - 0 (

#2 Zore64 #3 Nobody
#2 Zore64 #3 Nobody

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