Street Sports Basketball

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Street Sports Basketball
Title screen
Game No. 407
Developer  ???
Company Epyx
Publisher Epyx
Musician ???
HVSC-File /GAMES/S-Z/Street_Sports_Basketball.sid
Release 1987
Platform C64, MSX, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, PC
Genre Sport, Basketball
Gamemode Single player
2 players (simultaneous)
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}}
Media Icon disk525.png Tape-icon.png
Language Language:english
Information Other games from the
"Street Sports" series:


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Choosing the field

The game was released in 1987 in the rather popular "Street Sports" series from Epyx, in which the different sports baseball, basketball, football and soccer were taken from the big stadiums and brought into the neighbourhood of average teenagers.

After having decided for one of the four fields, you can choose between a human opponent or the CPU. Then you choose your team - always consisting of three players - from ten kids in turns with the opponent. A throw of a coin decides who will start to choose. For each player you get shown a short info about the person, which should facilitate the choice. In contrast to Street Sports Baseball no random formation of a team is possible and you can also not save a buildup.

A characteristic of the "Street Sports" series is that all players do not only differ optically but also concerning how they play. Each player has his/her advantages and disadvantages. Some can throw well but run slower etc.

The features of the fields are also taken into account. The ball might rebound from the kerb or a player slips in an oil puddle.


In the alley
In the city
In school

In the suburbs

Graphically very pleasing. The animations of the players are fluent and in the background you can find many loving details. The players are not that easy to distinguish as they do not wear their normal clothes, but green or blue jerseys.

Sound-technically the game stays elegantly in the background and offers during the partie only sporadical background noises. Only in the title screen you can hear music.

New Kids on the Block

The cool sharp shooter
The average
The high jumper

The dribble artist
The one with strong nerves
The half professional

The super brain
The hot-blooded
The whirlwind

The stodger


Controls for the attacking team[edit]

  • Button: Throw the ball into the viewing direction of the player
  • Joystick: Walk into the desired direction
  • Joystick and button: Throw the ball into the desired direction

Controls for the defending team[edit]

  • Keeping the button pressed for approx. 1 sec. changes the active player
  • Button: jump/block
  • Joystick: Walk into the desired direction
  • Joystick and button: Jump into the desired direction or foul an opponent (don't worry, it will not be punished)



  • Magic and Julie are a good choice for the own team. Magic has a sharp an exact throw and is also a fast runner. Julie has strong nerves, does not lose her calm by anything and keeps track of the field.



Rockford: "Also this part offers a charming atmosphere. The course of the game is a bit too slow, also the controls are, although simplest, occasionally notchy. In contrast to Street Sports Baseball it is more interesting for single players. And it is not baseball. 8 points from me."

TheRyk: "This part of the Street Sports series just works out much better than the others. Everything contributes to the "cool kids doing sports" atmosphere, the music, the team-picking scene, but also the info about the different kids. The choice of field is also more significant than in other parts due to the individual obstacles and their number. If the school yard is too boring, meet in the alley after school. Tackling is almost bigger fun than scoring, especially if next to a puddle of oil all 6 players are lying on the street, while the ball has bounced somewhere else already. A thoroughly done game, the only shortcoming might be the somewhat incalculabe controls when shooting. 8 out of 10 for this super game. Multiplayer mode is always to be preferred, as the AI is not really a challenge in the long run, unless you pick the worst players and leave the AI the cracks."



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Front cover ...
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Front cover ...


  • No highscore possible


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