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Hi C64 Fans!

I am one of the C64-wiki admins. Though I am not a native speaker of English either, I regard proof-reading of translations from the German C64-wiki as my main objective, since my English should be reasonably accurate for professional reasons.

About Me[edit | edit source]

I was born in 1975 in a lovely German sea-side town and got in touch with computers already in the early 80s due to the fact that my father was working in the IT sector then. It started with arcade games and the video console Atari 2600. Then an Atari 800 XL with a tape drive followed. Since there were a great deal more games released for the C64, my brother and I convinced my father that we needed such a machine with a 1541 floppy drive urgently. Father Christmas answered our wishes in 1987.

So I got my C64 when the whole 8 bit hype was already decaying. Nonetheless, I even started programming a little in BASIC and Comal. With the former I built my own rather crappy and seldomly finished simulation games, with the latter I programmed the turtle to create fancy three-dimensional objects. For a while a schoolmate and I exchanged messages created with the Shadow Writer, unimaginable in our e-mail age, but very funny then. Of course, 99% of my occupation with the C64 was gaming. I had no favourite genre, but played whatever I could grab.

In the (evil) 90s I lost interest in the C64 and even gave my whole stuffe away for free, since it had some minor flaws already caused by rather careless treatment. But a decade later I discovered emulators such as VICE and tasted blood again immediately. I purchased a C64, two floppy drives and several shabby joysticks by auction for 10 or 20 EUR altogether. And my collection has grown to an unimaginable extent, since family and friends (who know of my hobby) every now and then just want to get rid of their Commodore stuff and give it to me instead of dumping or selling it.

I hope you enjoy the C64-wiki,
have fun!

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Coding[edit | edit source]

  • DEF (BASIC Command)
  • FN (BASIC Command)
  • GET# (BASIC Command)
  • INPUT# (BASIC Command)
  • PRINT# (BASIC Command)

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To-Do-List[edit | edit source]

There's always enough work, so don't hesitate to pick something from my To-Do pile :)