The Games – Winter Edition

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The Games - Winter Edition
Titleimage from the game
Game No. 380
Voting 7.15 points, 26 votes
Company Epyx
Publisher U.S. Gold (Europe), Rushware (Germany), Epyx (USA)
Musician Chris Grigg, Chris Ebert
HVSC-File MUSICIANS/G/Grigg_Chris/Games_Winter_Edition.sid
Release 1988
Platform Amstrad CPC, Atari 800/2600/7800/XE/XL, C64
Genre Sports
Gamemode Single player
up to 8 players (in turns)
2 players (simultaneous)
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}}
Media Icon disk525 2.png Tape-icon.png
Language Language:english
Information Forerunner: Winter Games



The Games - Winter Edition is the follower of Winter Games. Epyx has chosen a new selection of events. Some events were already available in Winter Games, while others are new in The Games. Together with the Winter Games is The Games a nice collection of Olympic disciplines. As it was common with sports games of that time, there are some disciplines that call on the player to destroy the joystick by jolting it too much.

The game is designed for up to 8 players. The players receive points for successfully ending a discipline. For each gold medal you get 5 points, for each silver medal 3 points and one point for each bronze medal. The player with the most points wins the game.

Epyx has secured a license from the Olympic Commitee of the United States for The Games - Winter Edition and The Games - Summer Edition.

The disciplines are partially divided into several sections in which the player has to do another action with the joystick.



In Luge the runner needs to cross the ice canal as quickly as possible.

Controls for the start:

  • press fire button and keep it pressed
  • joystick up or down: initiate starting movement (2-3 times)
  • let go fire button: start
  • Now press the fire button quickly 3-4 times to push yourself off from the ice with the gloves.

Controls in the ice canal:

  • Joystick left/right: steering movement


  • The fastest luger wins the race.


  • If you start ideally and then leave the joystick in a neutral position until you reach the finish line, you will have an easy time of about 24,3.
  • Keep the luge as centrally as possible in the ice canal with movements to the right and left. By this you are additionaly 2-3 seconds faster.

Cross Country[edit]

Cross Country

In Cross Country you need to lead the character over a previously defined distance with rhythmic joystick movements.


  • Fire button: start
  • Joystick left/right: ski movement (gliding phase)

Controls uphill:

  • Fire button + left/right: speed up

Controls downhill:

  • Fire button + left/right: push with both sticks


  • The fastest skier wins the race.


  • You start with the left.
  • NOTE: If two human players compete against each other in the split screen, then the times of the two players are swapped due to a bug. To get the correct time, you should drive for the other player in the split screen. Until now there is no version where the problem was solved - this is also the case with some original versions!

Figure Skating[edit]

Figure Skating

The aim in figure skating is to get the dream mark of "6.0" from the jury.


1.) Choose the music
The player chooses one of the seven available music titles with the joystick.
(slow rock, fast rock, jazz, rhythm, new wave, romantic, medium rock)

2.) Choreography of the movements
Here, a maximum of fourteen elements fitting the music are rehearsed with the joystick.
If you want to change your choreography again, quickly press the joystick upwards twice.
3.) The performance
The figure skater can be moved and respectively accelerated with joystick right/left. In the green field (lower left) you see the element that currently needs to be executed. The yellow and red field show the following figures. At the lower right the time bar is shown. If the triangle of this display gets green, you need to do the element according to the following table synchronously to the music:

Name Controls
TGWE Eislaufen Fig1.gif Axel jump Jump: Joystick upwards for a short time
TGWE Eislaufen Fig2.gif Double axel Jump: Joystick upwards for a longer time
Landing: Joystick downwards
TGWE Eislaufen Fig3.gif Triple axel Jump: Joystick upwards for an even longer time
Landing: Joystick downwards
TGWE Eislaufen Fig4.gif Scratch spin Joystick upwards for approx. 2-3 seconds
TGWE Eislaufen Fig5.gif Layback spin Joystick upwards for approx. 2-3 seconds
TGWE Eislaufen Fig6.gif Camel spin Joystick upwards for approx. 2-3 seconds
TGWE Eislaufen Fig7.gif Sit spin Joystick upwards for approx. 2-3 seconds
TGWE Eislaufen Fig8.gif Waltz jump Joystick up for a short time and instantly down again


  • The average of the technical and artistic mark makes the total mark. The player with the highest total mark wins this discipline.


  • To get a high score you need to present eight different and at least ten elements.
  • The higher the compliance of performance and choreography, the more points you get.
  • To successfully do the jumps, the speed needs to be high!

Ski Jump[edit]

Ski Jump

This discipline was taken over from Winter Games. At Ski Jump you first go down the ramp as fast as possible. After the jump, the player needs to keep the jumper as long in the air as possible and finally land him smoothly.


  • Total score = 3 * distance + points for performance

Controls for inrun and jump

  • With the fire button you push the character off the beam.
  • Joystick left/right: make corrective movements during the inrun
  • Joystick upwards: speed up
  • Fire button: jump

Controls during flight and landing

  • Joystick left/right: vary angle of the upper part of the body
  • Joystick up/down: extend/contract arms
  • Fire button: telemark landing

Tips for a safe jump

  • Go down as centrally as possible on the inrun (left/right)
  • Press the fire button already approx. 3-4 seconds before the edge and keep it pressed.
  • After the take-off make the character lean extremely forwards (right)
  • Start the landing early. (Joystick left until the upper body makes an approx. 45° angle to the points of the skiers)
  • Press fire button (telemark position) and keep it pressed until the landing is done.



Slalom is one of the simpler disciplines. You only need to pass the gates. If the skier hooks a gate, touches the border of the track or approaches a gate from the wrong side, he will ge disqualified.


  • The track distance (350m/400m) and the gate size can be set before the start.


  • Joystick up or left: move to the right (from the skier's point of view)
  • Joystick down or right: move to the left (from the skier's point of view)
  • Fire button: start and accelerate


  • The fastest skier wins the race.


  • The first gate always needs to be passed from the top
  • The skier can be accelerated by pressing the fire button.
  • The narrower the tracks, the faster is the skier.
  • On the easier tracks you should keep the fire button pressed for acceleration.

Speed Skating[edit]

Speed Skating

This discipline was taken over from Winter Games. Here you need to guide the character over the ice by rhythmical joystick movements. The distance can be set. (1km, 3km, 5km, 10km)


  • Fire button: start and getting up after a fall
  • Joystick rhythmically left/right: move (gliding phase)

Controls lane change:

  • Joystick rhythmically left/right + up: change to outer lane
  • Joystick rhythmically left/right + down: change to inner lane


  • The fastest ice skater wins the race.


  • The rhythm is crucial
  • Watch out for your opponent during a lane change



Downhill is one of the more difficult disciplines. You play both in the side and in the first-person perspective.


  • The fire button starts the race and accelerates and the beginning by using the sticks.
  • Joystick left/right: steer
  • Joystick up: accelerate
  • Joystick up: break


  • For training, just make only one push with the sticks at the beginning, it is easy to go too fast.
  • Concerning the question about the camera position, simply press fire only once, then the whole race stays in the first-person perspective and is less confusing...
  • Another possibility is, to position the cameras in front of the finish line, so that you are spared the passage and you only can give more swing.


  • If you crash with the maximum speed, you will slide out of the screen. The you will suddenly go on with full speed, as if nothing has happened! (see video)



Concerning the graphics, Epyx has again exerted themselves to offer an optically pleasing game. The disciplines that were already available in Winter Games were created completely anew. The animations of the characters are realised very pleasantly and in detail. This game shows the graphical top form of Epyx. At the beginning you are introduced by a nice animation, that serves as Opening Ceremony. Concerning the appearance of the menues the game is, however, not as excitingly done as The Games - Summer Edition.


  • Playing the national anthem faster is possible by pressing the fire button!

Version: Stadium 64 /[edit]

This version (see Links - Stadium 64, see Links - (choose "Originaldisk" here) is the first choice when playing with the emulator: Settings for VICE: (True Drive Emulation = on; Virtual device traps = off)

pro stable
pro saving the highscore list works
pro empty highscore list
pro 3 disk sides
contra copy protection

Version: Eaglesoft/LightCircle/HTW[edit]

This version (see Links - is the first choice when playing on the C64.

pro no copy protection
pro saving the highscore list works (after reset, use the programme "SAVEHI")
pro highscore list can easily be set back to value that is easily outperformed (use the programme "NEWHI")
neutral almost stable (crashes are possible after figure skating)
neutral 4 disk sides

Other versions[edit]

  • You should avoid other versions as the saving of the highscore list does not work properly.


How do you jump over 90 meters ?

  • In the first part of the inrun phase stay as centrally as possible in the middle with left/right.
  • In no case should you correct (left/right) and accelerate (up) at the same time.
  • In the second inrun phase, push the joystick upwards for approx. 2 seconds to accelerate.
  • Then keep the fire button pressed until the take-off.
  • Instantly after the take-off press the joystick to the right (extreme front position).
  • Then stretch out the arms as quickly as possible (joystick up), to offer more bearing surface.
  • Stay in this optimal flying position as long as possible.
  • When the skis at the latest virtually touch the mountain top, then take the arms fully to the body. (Joystick down)
  • Then instantly pull the joystick to the left until the upper body has an approx. angle of 45° to the tip of the skiers.
  • Then keep the fire button pressed until the landing is done.


  • Except for the "bug" in Downhill described above, there are none known.


Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
7.15 points at 26 votes (rank 362).
You need to be logged in to cast a vote.
C64Games 9 08th January 2007 - "Top" 9300 downs
Lemon64 7,23 08th January 2007 - 22 votes 6,50 15th October 2010 - 4 votes
Happy Computer 62% Games Special 6/88
ZZap64 76% Issue 8/88


FXXS: "Somehow I have the feeling that the game was released before it was done... it is nice that you can choose the track for some disciplines, but for this you pay with long loading times. I only really liked the "Downhill" (it is probably rather a giant slalom, in downhill you usually have jumps and drawn-out curves...), the rest is already available in a similar manner in the forerunner Winter Games and/or simply only mediocre. 6 points."

TheRyk: "Actually a quite proper game, although some of the disciplines offer hardly anything new but are mostly the same as in the predecessor. However, the range of 4 disk sides without a fast loader is not really justifiable if you look at the game. The original version is only recommendable for emulator players or people who like a break every now and then. Figure skating is a totally unplayable disaster in my opinion. But since the overall design is well-done and the other disciplines (once they are loaded) are really kind of fun, I can also rate this one 6 out of 10 points."

Gangsterkater: "The game should go as Winter Games II! That is at least what I though at that time and I was thrilled when I got it. And this also over four disk sides! But already when playing it for the first time I got disappointed! The graphics is okay for that time, but the fun in the game leaves a lot to be desired! While the disciplines "Luge" and "Cross Country" are relatively much fun, this subsides quickly in "Slalom" and "Speed Skating". There is less and less enthusiasm if you manage to get over the finish line fast in "Downhill" but somehow you always get disqualified because you have crashed too often.... And only the gods themselves know what the programmers have thought when creating the disciplines "Ski Jump" and "Figure Skating"! While "Ski Jump" was a highlight in "Winter Games", it is really bad in this game! Controls are difficult and the motivation goes downhill very quickly... There is no motivation arising at all during the totally unplayable "Figure Skating". A total botch (as already in the forerunner Winter Games imho!)!!! :-( But as I am a fan of Epyx games, I like the graphics and there is the one or other discipline that is fun, I at least give 6 out of 10 points!

Werner: "The opening sequence looks more promising than in Winter Games. The loading times for the cassette version are almost unbearable. But in the 3-sided original disk version they are within sensible limits. Now my impressions about the single disciplines:

  • Luge: Great discipline with nicely animated start sequence. It is fun - no question. I like that better than Bobsled in W.G.
  • Cross Country: So so! Biathlon in "Winter Games" is definitely better.
  • Figure Skating: no comment
  • Ski Jump: my personal favourite discipline that offers many technical subtleties.
  • Slalom: soundly realised, not that bad.
  • Speed Skating: well. When falling, frustration arises fast.
  • Downhill: one of the better events.

Four disciplines (Luge, Ski Jump, Slalom, Downhill) were quite fun for me. 8 points!


  • In the discipline "Figure Skating" Chris Grigg obviously was too lazy or out of time to newly compose each of the available music pieces. Maybe it was also meant as a joke, that after choosing the drum symbol the Half Pipe music from the game California Games which was released one year ago, is sounding in a minimal varied version - skating is only skating…
  • Even in the original version there is the bug, that when playing the Cross Country event with two or more players, that in the display of the end result the players are swapped.




Tgwe Highscore Werner.png
  1. Werner - 6/0/0
  2. TheRyk - 1/3/2
  3. FXXS - 0/1/2
  4. Gangsterkater - 0/1/1
  5. Magnum - 0/1/0
  6. Spider J. - 0/1/0
  7. Rockford - 0/0/1
  8. Spaceball - 0/0/0 (4.)
Discipline Gold Silver Bronze further places
LUGE 21,70 - Werner
Tgwe mex luge v3.png
22,27 - Magnum
Tgwe gdr luge v3.jpg
22,32 - TheRyk
Tgwe luge den v3.jpg

4) 23,17 - G.Kater
5) 23,72 - Spider J.
6) 25,19 - Spaceball
7) 25,59 - Rockford

CROSS COUNTRY 9,0 - Werner
Tgwe mex cross v3.png
9,3 - TheRyk
Cross ryk v2.jpg
9,7 - Gangsterkater
Tgwe cross usr.jpg

4) 10,2 - Magnum
5) 10,5 - Rockford
6) 11,4 - Spaceball
7) 12,6 - Spider J.
8) 15,2 - FXXS

Tgwe mex figure v3.png
0,0 - Gangsterkater
SKI JUMP 280,3 - Werner
Tgwe mex jump v3.png
252,9 - The Ryk
Tgwe jump den v3.jpg
231,7 - FXXS
Tgwe nor jump.png

4) 189,8 - Spaceball
5) 186,9 - Rockford

SLALOM 29,00 - Werner
Tgwe mex slalom v1.png
29,20 - TheRyk
Tgwe slalom ryk v3.jpg
29,90 - FXXS
Tgwe slalom nor.png

4) 31,18 - Spaceball
5) 33,73 - Spider J.
6) 33,90 - Rockford

SPEED SKATING 23,54 - TheRyk
Tgwe speed ryk v1.jpg
23,85 - Spider J.
Tgwe speedskating-v1-spiderj.png
24,94 - Rockford
Tgwe Speed Skating Rock.png

4) 25,40 - Magnum
4) 25,40 - Werner
6) 28,00 - Gangsterkater

DOWNHILL 41,14 - Werner
Tgwe mex downhill v3.png
43,00 - FXXS
Tgwe nor down.png
52,15 - TheRyk
Tgwe down den.jpg

4) 62,68 - Spider J.
5) 70,35 - Rockford