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Founded 1984
Closed 27.12.2000
Headquarters Kaarst, Germany
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Sector Video and computer games
Information merged into THQ Entertainment GmbH

The German company Rushware was one of the great publishers in Europe in the 1980s. Next to software Rushware also sold hardware as the datasettes or input devices like joysticks and keypads under its own name.


Rushware Microhandelsgesellschaft mbH was founded as a software distribution department in 1984 by Rush Records. In 1986 Softgold was founded as subsidiary of Rushware. At the beginning of the 1990s the company Rainbow Arts was bought and integrated. In 1998 the Rushware Microhandelsgesellschaft mbH, and its subsidiaries were bought by THQ Inc. On December 27th 2000 the Rushware Microhandelsgesellschaft mbH was renamed into THQ Entertainment GmbH.

Epyx & LucasArts[edit]

Rushware published many games by Epyx and LucasArts in Germany. Rushware published the Epyx Games not only in the German-speaking region as their packings were bilingual. Rereleases were mostly published by Softgold. Later releases were mainly published by Softgold.