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Founded 1986
Closed 1999
Headquarters Kaarst, Germany
Manager Hans Rabe, Juergen Goeldner
Key People (choice) Teut Weidemann
Sector Video and computer games
Information Merged into THQ Entertainment GmbH
Label: Top Shots

Softgold was a German publisher of video and computer games. The comapny was founded by Hans Rabe and Juergen Goeldner in Kaarst in 1986. It was subsidiary of Rushware, whose former publishing company Eurogold was now becoming Softgold. In Germany, the company was mostly known for publishing titles from Lucasfilm games, and for their parent company Rushware buying Rainbow Arts. Softgold was bought by THQ in 1999 and subsequently dissolved and merged into the German subsidiary of THQ.

The marketing of Rainbow Arts' games also made use of labels like Time Warp and Golden Goblins.

At the end of the 1980s, the low budget label Top Shots war created. However, not only C64 were published under the Top Shots label.

C64 games (Excerpt)[edit | edit source]

Scene from the game "Operation Hongkong".
Slideshow from the game "Turrican".

Game Compilations (Excerpt)[edit | edit source]

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