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Donkey Kong
Titleimage from Donkey Kong
Game No. 119
Voting 7.25 points, 44 votes
Developer Douglas D. Dragin
Company Nintendo
Musician Douglas D. Dragin
HVSC-File /GAMES/A-F/Donkey_Kong_1983.sid
Release 1983
Platform Arcade, Konsolen, C64, VIC-20, Atari 800XL,
Genre Arcade, Platformer (Single Screen)
Operation Icon Port1.pngJoystick
Media CartridgeDiskette Datassette
Language Language:english
Information Re-Release 1986 under Ocean
Follower:Donkey Kong 2

Description[edit | edit source]

In this game hall classic by Nintendo you play Mario, who worked as a carpenter at the time of the release of the machine (1981) (he became a plumber only in the manual for "Mario Bros"). Donkey Kong has kidnapped your girlfriend Pauline, which he keeps captured on a scaffold. In the first level Donkey Kong throws barrels after you. You need to jump over them or smash them with the famous hammer. Shortly before Mario reaches his girlfriend, Donkey Kong grabs the beloved and climbs upwards with her. In the second part Mario can bring about the monkey's downfall and through this rescue his beloved. The first stage is done!

Design[edit | edit source]

The game offers 2D single screen, many moving sprites and nice sound effects. In the upper left the number of lives, the current score, and in the upper right the time bonus and below that the current level are shown.

the start of the game
here Mario can bring about the monkey's downfall ...

Hints[edit | edit source]

the 2nd level

Controls[edit | edit source]

The game is controlled completely by joystick in port 1 of the C64. Left and right makes Mario walk into the corresponding direction. A jump is done by pressing the fire button. If Mario jumps while walking, he can jump further and thus overcome obstables more safely. With a vertical joystic movement Mario can move up or down a ladder.

Hammer[edit | edit source]

The hammer automatically goes up and down. It is very effective to destroy everything, but you also lose time (bonus points), as climbing is not possible while beating with the hammer. So only use it in emergencies. The end of the hammer sequence is shwon by a blinking of the hammer.

Points[edit | edit source]

There are points for the following items and enemies:

  • Hammer: 10 seconds to destroy sand piles, barrels or fire balls for 300 to 800 points
  • Rivets: 100 points when crossing
  • Springs: 100 points per jump
  • Barrels: jump over them - 100 points; jump over two barrels - 300 points; more than two - 800 points
  • Sand piles: destroy with the hammer gets you 100, 300 or 800 points
  • Fire ball: destroy with the hammer gets you 100, 300 or 800 points
  • Girlfriend's items as hat, bag and umbrella from 300 to 800 points

Bonus[edit | edit source]

The bonus counter goes down by 200 points every 2 seconds. When the bonus is zero the player loses a life.

Start values of the bonus counter:

  • 5000 points in level 1
  • 6000 points in level 2
  • 7000 points in level 3
  • 8000 points in level 4 or higher

Versions[edit | edit source]

Different circulating versions are re-cracks of the 1103 version, this can be easily recognised by Pauline calling "1103!" instead of "HELP!". An exception is the version by Mayday, which also offers a saveable highscore list.

Solution[edit | edit source]

Cheats[edit | edit source]

  • Unlimited lives: POKE 12118,234, POKE 12118,238, POKE 16761,238 or POKE 39624,173
  • The Robin Hood version offers unlimited lives and/or invulnerability as a trainer, whereby the game crashes if you touch the uppermost lift.
  • The version by Mayday offers altogether five seperately selectable trainers.

Voting[edit | edit source]

Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
7.25 points at 44 votes (rank 346).
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C64Games 10 17th October 2005 - "highlight" 9331 downs
Lemon64 7,45 6th October 2006 - 38 votes
Gamebase64 10 May 2005 - "Classic!"
Rombachs C64-Spieleführer 8 September 1984 - "Vote 2" 8,74 28th July 2008 - 8 votes
Happy Computer 65% Games Special 2/87
ZZap64 60% Issue 1/87

Reviews[edit | edit source]

Sledgie: "Very good conversion of the game hall classic Donkey Kong. Amongst the other versions of this arcade game, that are available for the C64, is this one by Nintendo in my opinion one of the best."

Robotron2084: "It is kind of strange, that for the C64 there is no really good Donkey Kong! To my taste the graphics are here to much streched horizontally to fit the dimensions of a normal TV, because the machine had an upright screen. Furthermore the collision query is really top-miserable and the game itself is chewy and slow. However, Donkey Kong stays of course grand cult and in the end could Ocean Software not provide anything better with its '86 remake. 6 out of 10 points."

Shakermaker303: "A classic that probably everyone knows. The controls of Mario is so-so and the monkey looks a bit too "apish". If you get the hang of it, it is quite fun to play. I think 8 out of 10 points ok."

pj64: "In the 80's this game would probably have blown kids away with its close reproduction of the classic arcade game's graphics, colors, sounds, and game play. But the character's movement is a bit awkward."

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]



Highscore[edit | edit source]

Topscore of Ivanpaduano
  1. Ivanpaduano - 195.400 - 7 (04.06.2019)
  2. PAT - 187.600 (24.07.2015)
  3. Equinoxe - 128.100 (08.10.2011)
  4. Robotron2084 - 119.500 (01.03.2008)
  5. TheRyk - 46.800 (11.06.2014)
  6. Werner - 40.700 (19.07.2011)
  7. Keule - 28.200 (20.10.2012)
  8. Sledgie - 23.900 (23.01.2004)
  9. Volker Hengst - 19.800 (19.05.2012)
  10. Equinoxe Junior - 19.500 (07.10.2011)

#2 PAT #3 Equinoxe
#2 PAT #3 Equinoxe

Links[edit | edit source]

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