Rombachs C64-Spieleführer

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Rombachs C64-Spieleführer
Titel Cover
Language German
Author(s) Oswald Reim & Martin Scholer
Publisher Rombach
Year 1984
ISBN ISBN 3-7930-0486-4
Original price 14,80 DM
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Pages 408
Last Edition First Printing (1984)
Genre Game Guide
Information Part 2: Rombachs C64-Spieleführer Teil 2


The back cover of the book provides a synopsis of what the authors were trying to achieve. Translated from German reveals:

"The flood of programs for the home computer is becoming immense. This realisation gave us the incentive for our Game Guide. The authors - Oswald Reim and Martin Scholer - provide the game-playing owners of a C64, for the first time, with the essential overview of current game programs.
The manuscript was completed in late September 1984 and takes into account all major programs available at the time.
Whether adventure, action or fantasy role-playing games, whether wargames or chess programs - our Game Guide provides everything without missing any details. The authors were not influenced in any way - and that means the programs are shown without any advertising - the reviews are a critical examination.
Therefore this is true A to Z reference for every gamer who owns a C64."


  • Foreward
  • User Notes
  • Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • The "Crème de la Crème" - also Best of the Best
  • Interesting New Programs
  • Software Company Details

"Crème de la Crème"[edit]

The best twelve games of Rombachs C64-Spieleführer in 1984:

  1. Colossus Chess 2.0
  2. David's Midnight Magic
  3. Flightsimulator II
  4. Fort Apocalypse or Survivor
  5. Lode Runner
  6. Mule
  7. Murder on the Zinderneuf
  8. The Castles of Dr. Creep
  9. The Dallas Quest
  10. The Seven Cities of Gold
  11. Trains
  12. Ultima II

Game Ratings[edit]

The rating system is similar to dense ranking where 1 is the highest score and 10 is the lowest score. In order to create a comparative scoring system for games on the C64-Wiki, the bot User:Rombach is used. Unfortunately, with over 800 games rated by the book, this list is not yet complete:

  1. Abenteuer - Page 9 (Rating 3)
  2. Across England - Page 134 (Rating 3)
  3. Adventure Castle - Page 357
  4. Adventure Land - Page 357
  5. Aldebaran - Page 11 (Rating 4)
  6. Arcadia 64 - Page 18 (Rating 3)
  7. Archon - Page 19 (Rating 1)
  8. Aztec Challenge - Page 27 (Rating 2)
  1. Bandits - Page 30 (Rating 3)
  2. Battle through Time - Page 32/225 (Rating 2)
  3. Beamrider - Page 34 (Rating 3)
  4. Blue Print - Page 45 (Rating 2)
  5. Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom - Page 59 (Rating 3)
  6. Burnin Rubber - Page 61 (Rating 3)
  1. David's Midnight Magic - Page 128 (Rating 1)
  1. Miner 2049'er - Page 219 (Rating 3)
  1. Pacman - Page 251 (Rating 2)
  1. Snokie - Page 316 (Rating 3)
  2. Squish 'em - Page 333 (Rating 4)
  3. Sword of Fargoal - Page 350 (Rating 2)
  1. The Castles of Doctor Creep - Page 359 (Rating 1)


Page 210: (Manic Miner)

Manic Miner Software Projects Ltd.
Spielidee: Miner Willy ist durch zwanzig verschiedene Höhlen zu führen, in denen er Schlüssel oder andere Bonusobjekte einsammeln muß. Die einzelnen Höhlen enthalten jeweils mehrere Etagen, die von Willy springend gewechselt werden können. Natürlich wird die Spielfigur auch von Feinden bedroht, vor denen er sich unbedingt vorsehen soll.

Gestaltunq: Die einzelnen Bilder sind detailreich und mit viel Phantasie ausgearbeitet. Leider wird aber nicht das ganze Bildschirmformat benutzt, so daß die stellenweise überladene Graphik ziemlich klein ausfällt.

Bewertung: Ein ideenreich gemachtes Kletter- und Sammelspiel, bei dem die Spielfreude durch die klein gehaltene Darstellung getrübt wird.

  3          J       165         Masch.


Werner: "This book covers a big number of games. The quality of the printing is low, but the price on the other hand is really great."