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Title image from the gmae
Game No. 209
Voting 7.50 points, 14 votes
Developer Peiselulli, Street Tuff, Yazoo
Publisher Werner Soft
Musician Linus
Release 2010
Platform C64, Vectrex
Genre Platformer (Scrolling Screen)
Gamemode Single player
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Media Icon disk525.pngCartridge-icon.png
Language Language:english



Our adorable and also a bit blue-eyed heroine Molly was kidnapped be the Evil Spud! You still hear her scream "Eek! Help, Spike!", when he takes her away. Only you as Spike can rescue her from the claws of this horrible Spud. Spike instantly enters the game area through the door and now you take over the controls.

In the game are there are three platform levels which can be connnected with a ladder. Its position can also be determined by you. Above the upper level you find the cell in which Molly is locked. To enable Spike to help her, you have to move him up to the uppermost level with the help of the ladder. For this you can make him move to the left or right and climb up or down the ladder with the joystick. To reach the uppermost level faster you can move the ladder (joystick backwards and fire). Additionally the cell key needs to be collected which appears randomly on any of the platform levels.

Bouncers and birds[edit]

After the first round Spud sends also his helpers, the "Bouncers". They will try everything to keep Spike from reaching the cell in which Molly is locked. In the third and the followng rounds also birds support the Bouncers. But Spike can defend himself by kicking with the foot (keep fire button pressed and joystick left or right), this also gets you bonus points. But Spike can not kick as long as he is standing on a ladder.

Rescueing Molly[edit]

As soon as Spike has the key to Molly's cell and reached the upper level of the game area, he has to stand below the cell and jump to rescue Molly. If Spike is touched by one of Spud's helpers or falls into a gap in the platform and below that is also a gap in the path or if he touches the border of the screen, this will cost a life and he has to restart from the lowest platform.
After the first round Molly's bow falls from the cell. If Spike catches it, all his enemies will be "frozen" for a short time, which of course makes life easier for him.

More difficult levels[edit]

After the first three rounds of the game Spud's helpers will move faster with every further level. Later also the movement of the platforms will change after each successful kick on a Bouncer or a bird. Spud will also participate and throw bombs. Spike starts with four lives and gets and extra life every 10.000 points.


... the start of the disaster, Spike's girlfriend gets abducted ...
... Spike during his dangerous rescue mission ...

A very nice and exact conversion of the Vectrex game with the same name. Also the speech output is well done. Furthermore there is a highscore list that is saved on disk (and can also be reset), a manual in the game and build-in cheats.



In the intro:

  • Joystick forwards joystick forward = pause scrolling
  • Joystick backwards joystick backward = scroll faster
  • press fire button fire button = start easy game
  • Space   Space key = start difficult game

In the game:

  • Spike is controlled by joystick in port 2:
  • Joystick left Joystick right joystick left/right = move Spike left/right
  • Joystick forwards Joystick backwards joystick forward/backward = climb ladder up/down
  • Joystick backwards and press fire button joystick backward + fire button = change the position of the ladder and the cage
  • Joystick left and press fire button Joystick right and press fire button keep fire button pressed then joystick left/right = kick to the left/right
  • Joystick left and press fire button Joystick right and press fire button joystick left/right then fire button = jump to the left/right


  • Pick up cell key = 500 points
  • Kick Bouncer = 100 points
  • Kick bird = 200 points
  • Kick Evil Spud = 250 points
  • Open cell door = 2000 points


  • Always remember: The position of the ladder can be changed by joystick backwards + fire...


  • In the version by TRSI (with intro) you find next to a highscore reseter also different trainers as unlimited lives, invulnerable, level selection and stage selection.


Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
7.50 points at 14 votes (rank 236).
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C64Games 4 22nd April 2010 - "acceptable" - 10 downs
CSDb 9,2 10th April 2010 - 14 votes


H.T.W: "An utterly lovingly conversion of this classic. The funny speech output, the comic-like graphics, the good controls let the retro-feeling really come up here. In addtion a highscore list that is saved. What is there left to wish? If you haven't played it yet, try it now! DARNIT!".

Sledgie: "The game is really great and his a high addictive potential! EEEK! HELP, SPIKE."

Camailleon: "The best proof that a game can be lots of fun without lavish graphics. The conversion for the C64 is very close to the original. For me a great and cuddly game with fair rising difficulty grade and very much motivation to try it again and again. Recommendable!"


  • The game is a Vectrex conversion, published as part of the Breakpoint 2010 and and came in second in the category "96k Game".


  • There was no official cover released for the C64 conversion of the game, therefore we display here the cover of the Vectrex original.

... Front cover of the Vectrex version ...
... Back cover of the Vectrex version ...


Topscore of Camailleon
  1. Camailleon - 66.250 - Level 3.4 (15.09.2013)
  2. Helmutx - 47.850 - Level 2.5 (25.10.2010)
  3. Werner - 42.250 - Level 2.5 (11.09.2010)
  4. Dehryen - 41.150 - Level 2.5 (17.05.2010)
  5. Sledgie - 24.200 - Level 1.8 (11.04.2010)
  6. Colt Seavers - 19.500 - Level 1.8 (09.04.2010)
  7. Wizard of Worms - 15.600 - Level 1.7 (08.04.2010)
  8. H.T.W - 14.400 - Level 1.6 (06.04.2010)

#2 Helmutx #3 Werner
#2 Helmutx #3 Werner


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