Olympic Skier

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Olympic Skier
Title image from the game
Game No. 351
Developer Shaun Southern
Company Mr. Chip Software
Musician Shaun Southern
HVSC-File /Musicians/S/Southern_Shaun/Olympic_Skier.sid
Release 1983
Platform C64, Plus/4, Atari 800XL/XE
Genre Sport, Ski, Multi-Event
Gamemode Single player
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}} C64-icon.png
Media Icon disk525.pngTape-icon.png
Language Language:english
Information Re-release with slight changes by Americana Software in 1986


Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
6.56 points at 16 votes (rank 523).
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C64Games 5 07th March 2010 - "satisfying" - 2023 downs
Lemon64 7,2 07th March 2010 - 31 votes
Kultboy.com 8 26th June 2011 - 2 votes


You take part in the Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo in 1984 as an athlete. There are altogether three disciplines. At Slalom you need to absolve the parcours error free as fast as possible. In Ski Jump the furthest jump with a standing landing wins. In the supreme discipline - Downhill - you have to reach the finish line without a crash within under 40 seconds. For each race there are points, that are added at the end. The computer evaluates the total score correspondingly. The player with the most points wins the game.


The game offers vertical scrolling. The graphics and sprites are kept simple. There is a title music and two intermediate tunes between the disciplines.

the helicopter, a permanent companion in downhill (Mr.Chip)
the highscore list (Mr.Chip)


With the key RESTORE  you can jump to the main menu at any time.


Slalom (Americana Software)

Joystick left and right steer
Joystick forwards brake
Joystick backwards accelerate


  • If you do not reach the finish line, you recieve (depending on the distance absolved) up to 99 points.
  • If you reach the finish line, you get with a time of 23.0 (or slower) exactly 100 points.
  • For each 1/10 second that you are faster, there are additional 2 points.
  • One of two possible gate misses cost each 3 penalty seconds (= 60 penalty points).
  • The maximum score is 300 points which you get with 13 seconds and below.


  • Go down with maximum speed!
  • Avoid missing gates!
  • If you pass a gate successfully an acoustic signal will ring.
  • No unnnecessary movements. --> The shortest way is also the fastest.
  • You should go over the finish line at the far left.

Ski jump[edit]

Ski jump (Americana Software)

press fire button raise speed (press fire button as often and fast as possible)
Joystick forwards jump and flying phase
Joystick backwards land

There are each 4 points per 65 meter. A maximum of 200 points (115m) are possible. When you crash your score is divided in half!


  • A high speed is already half the battle.
  • Jump as late as possible.
  • Only press the joystick (from the top) downwards when landing.


Downhill (Americana Software)

Joystick left and right Steer
Joystick forwards brake
Joystick backwards accelerate
press fire button jump


  • If you crash you get up to 199 points depending on the distance covered.
  • If you need more than 40 seconds this equals a crash.
  • If you reach the finish line, you get exactly 200 points when needing 40 seconds.
  • For each 1/10 second that you are faster you get 2 more points.
  • The maximum points are 500 points which you get with 25 seconds or below.


  • Watch the time limit! (40 seconds)
  • During a jump you cannot steer.
  • Study the map to find the simplest and fastest way.
  • Practice makes perfect!


How do you reach the maximum points (200) at Ski Jump?

  1. Hammer like a madman on the fire button in the start-up phase!
  2. At the edge of the jump-off platform push the joystick upwards and keep pushed.
  3. At the very last moment pull the joystick downwards to land smoothly.



Werner: "A simple and fast game which does not take two minutes to play and goes without loading. Therefore it can be played by several players one after the other. All the same, 7,5 points from me."

TheRyk: "Amazing but true, this 1983 game is one of the first multi event sports games ever - in a single filer. Maybe Shaun Southern made Downhill extra tricky to compensate for the fact that there are only 3 events of which Slalom and Downhill are quite similar. But better small, easy and great than long, complicated, boring or always the same as you often find in late 80s winter multi event games. Good game, 6 points!"

Kiki77: "When I had my new C64 a good colleague of mine came over with a cassette which contained Olympic Skier. It was really lots of fun in twos, but also only with one player. The graphics were kept simple, but the fun in the game was there many times over. For 1983 the graphics were still good. Therefore 8 big nostalgia points."


Evaluation table
Points Evaluation
000-049 hilarious
050-099 amusing
100-149 rubbish
150-199 awful
200-249 hopeless
250-299 lousy
300-349 poor
350-399 could be better
400-449 try again
450-499 average
500-549 promising
550-599 quite good
600-649 good
650-699 very good
700-749 terrific
750-799 formidable
800-849 brilliant
850-899 excellent
900-949 super skier
950-999 mega skier
1000 perfect


  • At Ski Jump there are differences in the score!
Version 1983 by Mr.Chip: 115 meter = 180 points
Version 1986 by Americana Software: 115 meter = 200 points
  • Also in the graphics (title screen, fuller trees in the Americana Software version, clouds) and sound there are differences.




Topscore of Tayo
  1. Tayo - 872 - excellent (20.03.2010)
  2. Werner - 583 - quite good (13.05.2010)
  3. TheRyk - 516 - promising (26.01.2014)
  4. FXXS - 393 - could do better (29.10.2013)

#2 Werner #3 TheRyk
#2 Werner #3 TheRyk

Olympic Winter Games 2010 in the Forum64 - individual results[edit]

  • played with the Mr.Chip version from 1983
further ranks
300 - Tayo
OS Highscore D1 Tajo.gif
266 - Werner
OS Highscore D1 TJ.png
264 - TheRyk, r242
OS Highscore D1 r242.png

5) 212 - Andsa
6) 210 - Löwe

Ski jump
200 - Werner
OS Highscore D2 TJ.png
196 - Andsa
OS Highscore D2 Andsa.png
188 - Tayo
OS Highscore D2 Tajo.gif

4) 174 - TheRyk
5) 172 - r242
6) 168 - Löwe

500 - Tayo
OS Highscore D3 Tajo.gif
438 - r242
OS Highscore D3 r242.png
426 - Werner
OS Highscore D3 TJ.png

4) 180 - Löwe
5) 153 - Andsa
6) 106 - TheRyk

Olympic Winter Games 2010 in the Forum64 - total results[edit]

further ranks
1) Tayo

2) Werner

3) r242


4) Andsa - 0/1/0
5) TheRyk - 0/0/1
6) Löwe - 0/0/0