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Title screen of the game
Game No. 836
Voting 7.83 points, 6 votes
Company X-ample Architectures
Publisher Kingsoft
Musician Thomas Detert
HVSC-File /MUSICIANS/D/Detert_Thomas/Eon.sid
Release 1993
Platform C64
Genre Shoot'em Up
Gamemode Single player
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}} C64-icon.png
Media Icon disk525.png
Language Language:english
Information Supports Sega-Gamepads


Eon is a shoot'em up by X-ample Architectures, which scrolls in both directions horizontally. It was released by Kingsoft in 1993.

The Story

In the year 2010, a giant asteroid draws near to earth and circles around it. As it turns out, there are five caves inside the asteroid where aliens store valuable artifacts. However the caves are protected by a security system. A pilot in NASA's most modern spaceship is sent to explore the asteroid and solve the mystery of the fifth cave. On his journey, the pilot must destroy the reactors and fight the boss of the first four caves.


It begins.
...a bunch of enemies...
a reactor and two communication towers...

In the intro as well as during gameplay, the game plays music. Additionally, the game plays Soundeffects. Optionally, the music can be deactivated. There is an intro and end sequence with 5 levels in between. In the original version, highscores are not saved.



  • press fire button: Move ship.
  • press fire button: Fire weapon.
  • press fire button + Joystick in flight direction: 180 degree turn.
  • F1 : Activates the Laser (standard weapon).
  • F3 : Activates laser beam (slower and stronger).
  • F5 : Activates disintegration shield.
  • F7 : Activates reactor bombs (required to destroy enemy reactors).
  • SPACE : Smart Bomb
  • F2 : Pause
  • F4 : Smart Bomb
  • F6 : Music off.
  • F8 : Music on.



  • 1 = Dialogue screen
  • 2 = Energy reserve
  • 3 = Weapons display
  • 4 = Reincarnation rate
  • 5 = Number of remaining rectors to destroy
  • 6+7 = Blinking lights which indicate the direction to the nearest generator


  • To reach the boss, all reactors in the current Level must be destroyed in a provided order.
  • the blinking white light at the left or right border of the display points out the direction in which you will find the next reactor. Once the reactor has been reached, the game displays "REAKTOR !!" on the score display.
  • The reactors can only be destroyed using reactor bombs which cannot harm other enemies.
  • In order to get to the next level, the final boss of the current level must be beaten. He will show up once all reactors are destroyed.
  • There are five levels (approach and four caves), after which the end sequence starts


Boss of level 1
Boss of level 2
Boss of level 3
Boss of level 4
Boss of level 5
  • Bei der Zerstörung von Kommunikations-Türmen (mit Reaktorbomben) wird Energie frei, die die Energie des eigenen Gleiters auffüllt.
  • When destroying communcation towers (with reactor bombs) energy is released that will recharge your ship.
  • When reactors explode, radiation is released that strengthens your laser and recharges your shields.
  • Reactor count per level: Level 1: 4, Level 2: 8, Level 3: 8, Level 4: 8, Level 5: 7


There are several cracks. The version by "Airwolf-Team" has 3 trainers, and aside from that a highscore saver, as well. The version by RSI (Red Sector Inc) has got more than 5 trainers. Both allow a full playthrough.


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7.83 points at 6 votes (rank 131).
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C64Games 7 15. Juli 2018 - 20121 downs
Lemon64 7,1 15. Juli 2018 - 14 votes
64'er 8/10 October 1992


64'er (Issue October 1992): "The graphics designers and musicians must be praised in particular, for their work is spectacular and delights the player. The background images of each level, the enemies, as well as the spaceship are very well designed. The intro music and the music during gameplay are of finest quality and satisfy. Even so, the player might have some problems. One can only distinguish after some training which rock fragments are obstacles and damage the ship. At the same time one must have a quick finger on the trigger as the enemies are numerous. Therefore this game is for advanced players who have sufficient experience and practice." (Jörn-Erik Burkert)





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