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Thomas Heinrich, circa 2014[1]

Thomas Heinrich (of X-ample Architectures) was a Graphic Artist from 1986 until 1995 for the (C64 & Amiga) and from 1995 until now for PC & game consoles.

Credited Work[edit | edit source]

C64 Demo Graphics:

C64 Game Graphics:

Non-C64 Game Graphics:

  • Sony Game
  • Graverace
  • The Yawn
  • Ikkiuchi
  • The Show
  • Familien Duell
  • Hopp oder Topp
  • Heli ein starker Typ
  • Dings da, Bingo
  • Abenteuer Atlantis
  • Karamalz Cup
  • The Return of Medusa

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References[edit | edit source]

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