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Out Run (US)
Title screen from the game
Game No. 418
Developer Martin Webb, Dennis Webb, Chris Oberth, Lou Haehn
Publisher Mindscape, Inc. (USA)
Musician Jason C. Brooke
HVSC-File MUSICIANS/ B/ Brooke_Jason/ Out_Run.sid
Release 1988
Platform Amiga, Atari ST, C64, CPC, DOS, MSX, SMS, Spectrum
Genre Racing - Cars
Gamemode Single player
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Media Icon disk525.png
Language Language:english
Information Followers:
Turbo Out Run
Out Run Europa


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Out Run, also known as Outrun, is an arcade game by Sega. The game was published as a console conversion of almost every famous platform of the late 80s.
The aim of Out Run is to race on a track in the shortest time possible with a fast car bristling with PS and a co-driver fitting the luxury limousine. However, the track is not a racing track but a normal US American street. Other cars as further road users make for natural obstacles for our fast car. In the course of the game the track changes several times. There are tracks in towns, rural tracks and even desert tracks.
If the player reaches the next checkpoint before the time has run out, the rest of the time will be added to the time he has to get to the next checkpoint. If he does not make it, the race is over. When driving through the checkpoint the track changes.
Collisions with other cars or objects at the roadside break the car and cost much time. If you whoosh into an object with a too high speed it can happen that the car overturns and driver and co-driver will be sitting on the street.


... 2nd title screen of the US version ...
... screen for choosing the tracks in the US version ...

The US version has in contrast to the EU version a second title screen (that tells you to turn the disk) and a track selection screen instead of a menu. The car graphics are a bit "racier" and the scrolling is very smooth and jittery-free. Unfortunately, the highscore list is not saved in this original version (available at C64-Games.de).



in the menu for choosing the track
A  to E  = choose track

Choose music (before the start of the game)
Joystick left / do not move joystick / Joystick right = Magical Sound Shower / Splash Wave / Music off
press fire button = start game

in the game
Joystick left / Joystick right = steer left/right
Joystick forwards / Joystick backwards = accelerate / break
press fire button = change gears (1/2)

Space   = pause on / off
Restore   = abort race and restart the game

in the highscore list
Joystick left / Joystick right = choose letter (maximum 3)
press fire button = Confirm


... the routeing ...

NTSC standard on PAL systems[edit]

For the calculation of the time that runs down raster bars are used or respectively frames are counted. As there are more raster bars on PAL systems than there are on systems with the NTSC standard that was usual at that time, the game seems to be rather easy on a PAL computer in comparison to the European version of the game, because the time runs down more slowly and this noticeably. If you feel that the US version is too easy, it is recommended to test in the emulator how the game runs with the NTSC standard for which it was designed.



  • The first gear is actually only needed at the start and after a total crash. As the time limit for the section is relatively tight, always try to drive in the second gear.
  • When in narrow corners the car tends to drift off the street, do not brake but just stop accelerating for a second (the speed drops).
  • The opposing cars can only get overtaken but not overtake, i.e. after the passing manoeuvre or after a crash you do not need to fear that something approaches from behind.
  • While you should avoid colliding with objects at the kerb or even overturn, you can occasionally use the "bumper kissing" of the cars in front of you to brake, but do not exaggerate or it will cost too much time.


  • The version by "Nostalgia" offers next to the highscore list that is saved on disk also a cheat option for unlimited time.


H.T.W: "The arcade machine was really fantastic at that time: Very fast graphics, great sound, built upon a hydraulic system and with it the check points with the selectable junctions. This version is a bit closer to the original but very reduced in all aspects. Nevertheless, this game is worth playing again and again and as the highscore is saved in the version by "Nostalgia", you have again and again the motivation to reach a higher score".

TheRyk: "I have never played the Arcade version. However, I agree that the graphics are rather crude - apart from the spectacular crash including bitching girlfriend. The idea of the rolling rasters as underground remindes me of Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom but a scrolling medial strip would also have done and maybe even looked better. The color palettes might aim at inspriring your imagination (dark blue/brown= swampy road in the Florida Everglades?), but are also a pain in the eye at times. Speaking about ugly visuals, the rear views of the other cars are also kind of ugly, apart from the VW Beetle I would not have recognized any other model. But visuals ain't everything. No matter if you play EU or US version, what is frustrating for beginners, is challenging for racing gamers, i.e. the game has got a tough time limit, so you're not allowed to make many mistakes. This plus the great music keeps me playing this game time and again. So, although according to 1988 standards, the graphics are a little disappointing, this is still very good, which I rate 7 out of 10 points."

FXXS: "Well, the collision query is not always quite as you expect, which applies also to the missing air resistance from 250km/h onwards. I do not find the ground pattern too bad, except for the combination blue/yellow in level E5, this does hurt the eyes... As I am nevertheless still motivated after hours of playing, I give 7 points."

ThunderBlade: "Despite the improvements as e.g. the track selection screen I cannot really quite embrace the US version. As it is originally supposed to run in NTSC and thus with a higher refresh rate, they have changed the 'raster bars' so that the colours are only changed every second 'line'. Probably fast enough for NTSC, but on a PAL system the game now seems to be too slow for me and the feeling of speed from the EU version does not quite arise. Furthermore, it is too easy, because the time is miscalculated on PAL systems."


  • The original version (.g64) needs to be started in the emulator with the following settings:
    • Vice:: Options - True drive emulation = ON (checked), Options - Virtual device traps = OFF (not checked), Options - Video standard - Old NTSC-M = ON (checked)
    • CCS64:: True-Drive-Emu = ON - (Shift+Alt+8 - EmulationMode = NORMAL), System = NTSC (64x262) - (Shift+O - System = NTSC (64x262))


  • The cars that you meet are:
    • 1972 Volkswagen Beetle
    • 1971 Chevrolet Corvette
    • 1985 Porsche 911
    • 1985 BMW 325i Cabriolet E30
  • In Europe this game was released by U.S. Gold and developed by Amazing Products. In the USA the same game was published, Out Run (US), but in a revised version by Mindscape, Inc. The game was designed more modernly for the US market. So are e.g. the clouds in the background more detailled than in the EU version.
  • Although the player's car can in every version uniquely be identified as a Ferrari Testarossa Cabriolet and the other road users also have recognizable cars, Sega has never bought a licence of these cars. Only Out Run 2, which was released in 2002, had a licence from Ferrari.
  • The EU version of the game included in the first release (double cassette pack) a cassette with the music of the original arcade machine.
  • In the arcade version and some console versions the player can freely pick a track during the race, because the track forks at one Checkpoint. In the version for the C64 you can choose one from five fixed tracks before the start.


... Front cover of the US version ...
... Back cover of the US version ...


Video of the US version


It is allowed to post scores that were achieved on PAL systems or with PAL emulation.
  1. FXXS - 3/0/2
  2. Helmutx - 1/3/1
  3. TheRyk - 1/1/3
  4. Soldier - 0/0/0/1
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