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Amazon Tales
Start screen of game
Game No. 485
Voting 7.60 points, 5 votes
Publisher The New Dimension (TND)
Musician Richard Bayliss
HVSC-File //MUSICIANS/B/Bayliss_Richard/Amazon_Tales.sid
Release 2019
Platform C64
Genre Actionadventure, Platformer (Scrolling Screen)
Gamemode Single player
Operation Icon Port2.png{{{Width}}} C64-icon.png
Media Icon disk525.png Tape-icon.png
Language Language:english
Information Release 2012 (75%-Version RGCD 16 KB Game Cartridge Competition)


In Amazon Tales, the goal is to find a runaway elephant and vaccinate it against a disease in order to bring it back to its home village. The vet Gemma Hunter takes over this task and has to master 7 levels in total. She has to defend herself against the many dangers of the jungle (dangerous animals, hostile tribes, temple guards and many other nasty surprises) either by dodging or by throwing stones. Helpful are Gemma glowing idol figures, which make her invulnerable for some time and holy treasure chests, which give her a life. In the beginning Gemma has 3 lives.


Level 1
Level 2

Level 3
Level 4

Level 5
Level 6

Level 7
Final: The saved Elephant

The background graphics in the game and the sprites were lovingly created according to the story. The intro and in-game music are composed to match the game.


Fast-moving animation of the game.


The game is played with a joystick in port 2:

  • Joystick forwards: Go up.
  • Joystick backwards: Go down.
  • Joystick left: Go backwards.
  • Joystick right: Go forward.
  • press fire button: Throw stones.
  • Key = CTRL : Pause game.
  • Key =  : Exit game.

There are points for shot down opponents.


There are two helpful items in the game that either protect for a short time (idols) or help to give you an extra life (treasure chests). If possible, collect the items.


Selection menu for cheat options

In the CSDb there is a crack with a trainermode, for example with unlimited life. [1]


Voting of the C64-Wiki-User (10=the best vote):
7.60 points at 5 votes (rank 203).
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C64Games 4 9. February 2020 - "reasonable" - 451 downs
CSDb 9,5 5. January 2020 - 234 downloads 8 Votes


Sledgie: "The completion of the missing 25% has been well done. Altogether a good game from the game collection of Richard Bayliss. I give the game 8 points."

Jodigi: "Very impressive what kind of game you can still develop for a C64 these days, even if the final completion took about 7 years...! So playing the C64 is fun again!"

FXXS: "Thanks to a generous number of extra-life treasure chests and fair starting levels even for beginners in the sidescroller genre fun and technically there is little to complain about. 8 points."



Directory diskette with TND logo

Video recording[edit]



Topscore of Ivanpaduano
  1. Ivanpaduano - 131700 - Level 7 (25.06.2020)
  2. FXXS - 126500 - 7 (25.06.2020)
  3. Sledgie - 53900 - Level 4 (19.01.2020)

#2 FXXS #3 Sledgie
#2 FXXS #3 Sledgie




  1. Amazon Tales + 5D [2019] Language:english