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Nemesis (British Software)
Title screen from the game
Game No. 461
Developer K. Weller, D. Turner, Micro Art
Company British Software
Publisher British Software, Ariolasoft
Musician Note-Oriety
Release 1985 (British Software) or 1986 (Ariolasoft)
Platform C64
Genre Shoot'em Up
Gamemode Single player
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}}
Media Tape-icon.png
Language Language:english
Information subtitle "Escape from Euboea"


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The start screen of the British Software version with untouched highscore list

In a far away galaxy the planet Silenus was subdued to the Pterelaus federation by evil invaders and insulated from the rest of the universe with a force field. The surviving Silenianer retreated back to the subterranean city Euboea.

The player's mision is to escape from Euboea to destroy the mothership of the Pterelaus. The way leads through the Caves of Dicte, the Plains of Tegea and the Hills of Brauron. The goddess Nemesis backs the brave space fighters in their mission and lends the game her name.

Something like that is written in the short manual for the game.


After a very imaginative, but technically mediocre title screen, which has only little connection to the course of the game, you get to a start screen with grid effect which is at the same the the highscore list.

The first part resembles much to titles as Phantoms of the Asteroid or Airwolf, which are again seen as a clone of Fort Apocalypse. You manoeuvre carefully through a cave system , shoot what gets in front of your laser and you need to open some barriers to finally get out. Graphically not that bad, but also not an eye-candy. The player sprite is sometimes compared with a pancake (level 1 plum butter filling, level 2 raspberry jam) or an oyster, it is actually a rather strange egg.

Level 1 - Fort Airwolf killer watt... Yawn.
Level 2 - Very orange Buck Rogers for the poor.

Euboea does actually lie far away from Sparta on the Greek map, but also the second part looks rather spartan and seems to be an imitation of Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom, and is supposed to be playing on some plains on the planet's surface and be about finding the window out of the force field.

Except for the rather limited and soom unnerving SFX the game has nothing to offer acoustically.


Tips for the game[edit]

  • The glimmering objects bring back used energy.
  • With Space  you can make a break.
  • You can shoot the blue walls and some other obstacles into pieces and fly through them, whereby you theoretically only habe to remove 1 tile to fit through, but at many places you better choose 2 or 3 tiles to be able to manoeuvre better.
  • Shot enemies appear anew after a short time.


Unbelievably many versions circulating are re-cracks of the Teesside Cracking Service version. The boldest can be recognized by being able to read "CRACKED BY STEVE OF THE T C S" from top to bottom.


Contrary to the short story in the manual is the second part also at the same time the last part, a bit disappointing, you simple fly away and the game starts again from the beginning.


Many versions offer cheats as invincibility, unlimited lives and unlimited time.


TheRyk: "There are less frustrating sudden death situations than in Airwolf by the generous distribution of shield refreshments. Also there's a second level but no music. Absoulutely average, 5 points.

FXXS: "Half as many lives but in return twice the time limit is what would rather have me motivated to occupy myself longer with the game, even though it looks a bit dull for 85/86... 5 points



The tape cover contains the hint "Coming soon... Nemesis II, Armageddon". As far as it is known, this announced follower was never realised.


Video by Dan Warren on Youtube, at least without invincibility cheat, but with the time stopped.


Tape cover


Cassette of the British-Soft release from 1985


Topscore of TheRyk
  1. TheRyk - 11.110 - 1 (18.06.2016)
  2. FXXS - 9.990 - 1 (15.01.2017)
  3. Empty - 0 (

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#2 FXXS #3 Empty