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Title image from the game
Game No. 135
Developer John Hutchinson
Company Jetsoft
Publisher Ocean Software
HVSC-File /GAMES/A-F/Cavelon.sid
Release 1984
Platform Arcade, C64, ZX Spectrum
Genre Arcade, Miscellaneous
Gamemode Single player
2 players (in turns)
Operation {{{Width}}}
Media Tape-icon.png
Language Language:english Language:Italian


Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
7.07 points at 15 votes (rank 358).
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C64Games 8 11th July 2009 - "super" 2406 downs
Lemon64 7,2 11th July 2009 - 21 votes
Rombachs C64-Spieleführer 8 September 1984 - "Vote 2"


While you ride along unsuspectingly passing a castle you suddenly hear a cry for help and see a young lady on a tower that wants to be rescued. (As you are knight by profession you do not hesitat for long and enter the castle (such odds and ends are what you as a knight are paid for!). However, you now realite that you have to go up six floors fill of knights and archers and that each of the floors corresponds to a labyrinth that is secured by a gate. Each gate can only be opened, when all parts of it have been found. And you remember (as an older person it can happen that you forget one thing or another) that in the 6th floor resides the really horrible wizard with his black magic. But in this castle it is said that there is a weapon named "Excalibur", which is said the make the bearer invulnerable for a certain time...


... an animation from level 2 ...
... the last steps and the wizard with his black magic ...

The game Cavelon is a conversion of the machine with the same name. The graphics correspond to the topic and the knight figures look similiar to the ones in dungeon games (Telengard, Dunzlin, etc.). Music and sound effects are plenty in the game.


  • The aim of the game is to collect all 7 parts of the gate (no matter in what order) in each of the 6 labyrinth-like levels that scroll to the left and the right, to get to the next level.
  • After the sixth level (which is guarded by the wizard) follows the end sequence and after that you start again with level 1.
  • You start with 3 lives and 2 Excalibur (Zaps).
  • Hostile knights need to be hit 1x, archers 2x.
  • Items that are no door parts get you points when they are collected.

F1   = 1 player
F3   = 2 player (in turns)

in the game:
In all directions = the knight follows the joystick movements
In all directions and press fire button = throw weapon in walking direction
F5   = release Excalibur (Zaps) (invulnerable fpr approx. 10 sec.)

100 points for knights
100 points for archers per hit
800 points for part of the gate
??? points for other items
??? points for Excalibur (+1 Zap = 1x 10 sec invulnerable)


... and another dainty maiden was rescued from the clutches of a really horrible wizard ...


  • When pressing the keys D F R T I K L  at the same time, the text "HI CHRIS, WHAT DO YOU WANT?" appears and you can choose the level with the keys 1-6. (not tested)
  • The version by "Hokuto Force" contains next to different cheats (unlimited lives, invulnerable, unlimited Excalibur) also the manual.


Rombachs C64-Spieleführer: "With the dungeon games has Cavelon only the saga background in common, action fans get their money's worth, has you really have to work hard to get on. A very good dungeon action. Vote: 2."

Robotron2084: "A wonderful trashy labyrinth game from Oceans days as a child. If one wants to give himself a full load of retro, he should turn the volume to the maximum in this game. You really must have heard that...ugh! 5.5 out of 10 points!"





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#2 Robotron2084 #3 TheRyk